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morceau du jour: Muutes – Fever

Get out your oven gloves because this one comes in sizzling: lush vocals, on point electronic production and a spheric vibe that raises the roof. All this paired up with flawless looks and a seemingly unlimited supply of cables and devices and you got yourself Muutes. Attached below is Fever, b-side to their single Tush from last year. Still fresh as.

Naturally, it would be advisable to experience their chillwaves in the intimate setting of a concert. You’re in luck then because the duo has lined up a bit of mini tour, seeing them play Hamburg’s Barbarabar on May 3rd alongside Ducks for a Clubkinder Klanglabor session. After that, they will play the hot bed that is Oldenburg for Polyestival, May 26th. Also on the ticket for the occasion: Kirrin Island, A Thousand Vows and Billion One. Team Poule says, what a time to be alive.

Photo credits go to trigger man Gerhard Kühne.

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