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morceau du jour: Gatwick – The Sea (Kirrin Island remix)

kirrin_island_222Hold on to your wigs and keys – because Kirrin Island have dropped a new curve ball of a song, a remix. The equally great duo Gatwick are standing on the sidelines for this one, letting Kirrin Island 2.0 rifle the ball down field. The Sea has been remixed and reworked by what feels like a new version of Kirrin Island, the update, that with the permanent addition of Enna and her voice, has risen into new spheres of production and composition.

Speaking of spheres, Kirrin Island and their flying parade will be making a stop at Hamburg’s Häkken this Friday, sharing the stage with La Boum Fatale for a Sinnbus label night. Sounds like a proper way to start an Easter weekend. Team Poule says, get on your hind legs and don’t miss this.

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