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POULEDOR-largePoule d’Or is an independent music blog with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and roots in Paris, France. Thank you for being here. We have been doing Poule stuff since 2010 and if you want to be featured or just reach out, simply get in touch here, share a submission on SubmitHub or just pop an email into our inbox on music@pouledor.com.


“There are thousands of blogs around the world, but few manage to put out compilations as consistently good as this.” – Matthew Britton, Pigeon Post

“Volume 4 is pretty great all the way, with a nice melding of big hitters and some fine new bits as well.” – Simon Singleton, Pure Groove

“Les compilations Kitsuné à côté, c’est du pipi de chat.” – Anh Phi, Anh Phi

“I’m loving this!” – Gerlin Heestermans, Coincidental Happenings

“Poule d’Or is the next Kitsuné” – Vicente Muñoz, M48V.com

“Poule d’Or is a well renowned tastemaker” – Thomas Byrne, Andy goes down to Chinatown

“And I am quietly listening at my desk. Quietly loving. One thing that makes me totally happy with Hendrik’s music choices is that I don’t know most of them. Some yes – but most no. So it’s like this wonderful sensorary experience, that I just don’t want to end in 14 songs.” – Lucy Jasper, Lucy vs. the Globe

“Si vous ne connaissez pas encore son blog je vous invite à le parcourir car ses choix musicaux et ses trouvailles sont tout simplement du petit pain béni pour nous amateurs de bonnes musique. ” – VLME, Voluume.fr

“Poule d’Or englobe tous les genres pour faire découvrir des artistes méconnus qui mériteraient bien plus de crédits. Le seul critère est que Hendrik aime le son. Et on aimerait bien avoir le même flair que lui.” – Alix Bourdelon, SURL Magazine


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