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Less than 10 days til Cabourg Mon Amour and three sun drenched days in the always sunny North of France. Fingers crossed. The festival sports a rich line up this year and one to keep eye on are local heros Mezzanine out of port city and Europe’s hidden gem that is Le Havre.

The quartet wrote their beginnings touristing Australia for a couple of months and you can hear the down under vibe right through. Will feel right at home at Cabourg beach. Sandy exhibits are attached below, in the form of Above The Sun, off their debut EP.

Photo credit go to the handy Rabin Lerolic.

Steaming next generation chillwave inspired tunes coming in by Florida’s own Firstworld. Attached below is Not Obvious, his second offering in preparation for a debut EP titled I’m Right Here.

The EP then sets out to be “a modern love story riddled with ambiguity and uncertainty. The story is chronicled through six songs, each one depicting a difficult and confusing stage in a relationship. In the pursuit of love, we often confuse or conflate the things we want with what we need at the moment, leaving us unfulfilled once the dust has settled.”

It all comes wrapped in an infectious lo-fi atmosphere, palmy air and a fuzzy gravitas that is hard to resist. I’m Right Here is scheduled for release, June 22nd.

Danish rock vagabonds PBSM are going all-in on their latest single, covering the mighty Lana Del Rey for Blue Jeans. They pulled out the big guns for the video, which premiered on Pure Grain Audio and is, naturally, attached below. Complete with a motorcycle, costumes, and moody scenery, making Mr. West blush.

The track is heads-up to their next EP, due this fall, and comes weeks after the stellar Struck By Lightning, out via the one and only Møs Møs. Take it away.

Swedish crooners Kluster have been on a roll, pushing out pure and raw tunes for the last couple of years. Time now then to release a proper debut album. Which is exactly what will be happening tomorrow, June 15th, when their collected works Civic will see the day of light via the infamous Rama Lama Records.

Being a group of five, Kluster do not constrain themselves to a single sound though, rather producing a broad spectrum ranging from pop, punk, noise, lo-fi and indie to jazz. Exhibit A being attached below, in Afterglow, their latest offering.

Surfing right through the Mac-vibes with fuzzy riffs and a general ease attached is Matthew MacMillan, out of the creative hotbed that is East London. Embedded below is Boxset, a dreamy, lo-fi piece of songwriting taken from his second EP Staying In that came out in Spring. Sparse information on top of that, which may or may not be due to updated privacy policies.

Danish duo (sic) Mono Mono feels comfortable in the hypnotic and spheric parts of the musical spectrum, navigating it almost effortlessly. Their debut EP Natural that just came out on Copenhagen’s Back To Future, neatly showcases their talent for crisp beats, icy vocals and saxophones creating a deep and vast sound that seems to be luring you right in, even on a hot summer night, losing yourself. Smooth.