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Canadian powerhouse and one man Drive soundtrack Germany Germany has been putting out perfectly produced electronic indie pop music for the better part of the last decade, like a Swiss watch. Juneau then, is his latest album, from March this year, cooking up synths, piano, guitar and old mate Roland to a perfect harmony. Today, he released the new video to his single Ghost - directed and edited by Derek Janzen.

Ghost is a dreamy, Roland-heavy track featuring Germany Germany's trademark vocals and synth work, a perfect soundtrack to your average night time drive down lonely highways. And if you are into people staring, awkwardly not blinking, smoke, neon lights and great angles the video will take you right up and out - naturally attached below, at your convenience. Check his rich catalogue over at mighty bandcamp, all the way down to his first works from 2010.

What’s probably the best showcase festival in Europe happened last weekend in Aarhus, Denmark‘s second city. SPOT Festival traditionally hosts the latest and hottest talents the Kingdom has to offer, alongside selected newcomers from neighboring countries, all orchestrated around the city‘s music school. On the ticket over the four days were more than 300 concerts, including headline performances by When Saints Go Machine, Iris Gold, Nelson Can, Anya, and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

Team Poule, naturally, was drawn to the smaller acts and stages. [click to continue…]

Danish supergroup Kalaha successfully blend electro and afro-jazzy vibes to create an altogether new dreamy perspective on life and times. Their last album Masala has just been crowned with a Danish Music Award in Jazz for 2017.

Now though, the quartet of producers Rumpistol and Spejderrobot, drummer Emil de Waal and guitarist Niclas Knudsen is ready to unleash a new electronic twist from their upcoming new album Mandala.

Dragon Jenny is their first single after taking home those awards and attached below, as a Team Poule exclusive. The track neatly combines their synth and kalimba skills with an aquatic drive that makes dolphins blush. It is being reported that the track was composed in Big Sur, California. And you can feel the power of unlimited opportunities and sunshine right through. A prudent statement of what's to come with the group having confirmed their first major festivals outside Denmark, including Boomtown Fair in England.

The video was directed and edited by William de Waal, with animation by Martin Stebbing and artwork beautifully designed by Zven Balslev.

Time to pack your sunglasses and hats for breezy SPOT Festival in Aarhus, starting today. Another gem on the lineup are Danish powerhouse Motorique. Their tropically fused spin of synth pop will make you shake your tailfeathers in an instant. Attached below is their latest video to I Love To Start A War. Pure grooves.

They will be playing the Aarhus Volume stage at Godsbanen on Saturday, 18h00.

Hamburg's own Ilgen-Nur and her flying circus will be a certain kink in your festival calendars at mighty SPOT Festival in Aarhus this week. Ilgen's music ranges from slacker rock to dreamy indie pop, carried by her voice and on-point lyrics, and the force of her live band.

She has a mad EP out titled No Emotion which is up for grabs over at bandcamp. She will be playing HeadQuarters on Saturday, 22h00, as part of the Music Cities Showcase. Her latest video A Matter Of Time, filmed by Constantin Timm, is attached below at your convenience.

Not only that, Team Ilgen has lined up a rolling list of festivals throughout the summer, hope that your destination has been selected. All dates, nicely listed, here.

Another cracker on SPOT Festival's line up in Aarhus next week comes in the form of German dreamy eyes Krakow Loves Adana. The duo has just released a banging new album sporting lush riffs, dreamy reverb and poetry to live by. The piece is titled Songs After The Blue and out now on Better Call Rob. Their smooth and forward hit single American Boy is attached below.

Krakow Loves Adana will be playing Katapult at Godsbanen on Friday, 20h45. Prior to that, on Wednesday 9th, they will also be playing Ideal Bar at Vega in Copenhagen, in support of Katie von Schleicher.