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A grand pop rock banger of a track coming in by way of abbrev. champs and social media connoisseurs PBSM here out of Copenhagen. Rainbow Girl is their latest Great American Dream piece of songwriting, and comes with a slick video by South Korean longboarder and internet sensation Jin, both exhibits attached below.

The track couldn’t sport a more liberal and open frame of mind and is out now via the infamous Møs Møs recording studios, again out of ever so charming Copenhagen. From Denmark to Seoul, right on the spot.

click through for Jin longboard stunts

Photo-Interview #16: Mayes

The excited group of people above goes by the stage name of Mayes, with operations run out of Germany’s second city, Hamburg. The team has been at it for some time, after forming around singer Sam Mayes, and produced a rather enlightening line of singles and videos last year. Icing is their latest exhibit of work, and neatly showcases their divine talent for driving melodies and precise riffs, all carried by Sam’s confiding vocals. Hit play.

Now, 2019 will be the year of good vibes and good vibes only and will see them tour the greater plains of the Teutonic lands, with Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg and more on the ticket in May of all months. Find the dates nicely listed here. Reason enough for the Team Poule to reach out and see what the fine people of Mayes are all about. The four of them really had a good go at it, using the most advanced technologies of the decade. They’re on to something.

Mayes, how did it all start?

What happened so far? [continue reading…]

Far Caspian, the smooth trio out Leeds, nicely arranged above, is eager to chat you up. Conversations is their latest piece of production and it couldn’t be more dreamy and detached, like hazy memories of Christmas in February. The group had an exciting EP out last year, and is just tightening the final screws on a follow-up to be release in time to listen to going to your favorite summer getaway.

In the meantime, they pearled up a nice line of dates throughout the UK, with Hull, Manchester, London and Southampton penciled down for April, and Leeds Festival and Hit The North Festival in May. Be advised.

All photo credits above go to Jeff Barnett, and Jeff Barnett only.

The British bangers of Black Midi graduated from Dan Carey’s Speedy Wunderground university last year and have been spring breaking through the greater midlands since. This month will be see them taking the stages across the old continent and Team Poule managed to wrap its feathers around a fresh pair of tickets to their stint at Hamburg’s Aalhaus on Feb. 21. All you need to do to throw your hat in the ring for a chance to call them yours is pop an email over at music@pouledor.com and hope for the best. The lucky winner will be drawn at random on Tuesday, Feb 19th, 8pm CET straight.

In the meantime, bathe yourself in the raw melodies of Black Midi, with their pure live studio piece attached below.

British power house Modern Pleasure struck with a new single last week, offering Downtown and a warm promise of more to come. The group had been silent for a good year or two, but apparently just to enjoy some seclusion of Japanese onsens and return with a fresh mind and a fresh approach to handling their affairs.

Downtown is a grand twilight dreamer of song, driven by pure rhythms, raw drums and winding road type of vibe that just makes you want to hop into your rental car and zoom off into the desert, chasing the stars.

A refreshing wave of 90s flavoured tunes coming in by way of Carolina out of Hamburg‘s hotbed that is Eimsbüttel. Carolina has been at it for more than a decade, as a studied jazz singer touring with the big bands, as well as teaching herself, while producing her own catalogue of music. Her debut EP is titled Everything and just came out in the rush of dark December, just before Christmas.

Four tracks strong, the EP induces a flashback of late 90s greats, while maintaining a firm step in this decade, driven by vast synths and carried by her ever expanding vocals. Exhibit A, and the first single off the EP, He/She is attached below at your convenience. The track comes with mad visuals too, pasted below, too. That’s all reason enough for Team Poule to investigate and hear from Carolina herself what it’s all about.

How did it all start?

Consciously: with Michael Jackson. Thriller. Loved the song like crazy, but when Michael turned into a zombie it scared the shit out of me. Unconsciously: with my parents. Putting me to sleep, dancing and singing to either Bolivian or Greek music. I guess this is why music has always had a huge impact on me.

Is that the kind of music you grew up on?

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