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Photo-Interview #14: Fishbach

French lady of the moment and modern day siren Fishbach has been luring everyone in with her dreamy vocals and deep riffs for better part of the past twelve month. Not to go for your life though, instead to just Be. Her debut album À Ta Merci neatly combines dark synths, pure drums and a healthy dose of reverb to create a somewhat fatal yet irresistible beauty.

Attached below is exhibit A, her latest single Éternité and its official visuals. The whole album came out in February and Team Fishbach spent the past months touring in the States and Europe, extensively. Reason enough to see what it's all about and consult Fishbach in a photo-interview.

Photo credits above go to main man Yann Morrison.

How did it all start?


Where do you draw inspiration from? [click to continue…]

Californian dreamer Foliage is packing his bags and suitcases to take his tunes for a trip around the State. The Other Day comes off his upcoming new album by the name of III with a scheduled delivery for April 20th - and serves as a brilliant soundtrack to your daily commute, watching trees cars people dogs go by or just to hang around on a rainy afternoon. Be sure to check his set, in Rialto, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as detailed below. Team Poule says, couldn't see this one coming.

4/17 Rialto, CA @ Rialto High
4/21 Los Angeles, CA @ The Moroccan Lounge
5/1 San Francisco, CA @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall

Danish vagabonds Hellas have stepped out of the woods with the second - and final - part of their POP single. Like on part I, the two of them play all the instruments live and in one sitting, without any editing, dubs or synths.

In this clip they share a very personal inside view on their process, their tricks and twists and a couple of impressive inside-the-piano shots, filmed again by William Wivel. Pure moods.

Pure and positives vibes coming in by way of LLORIENT, out of separate bedrooms in Melbourne, Australia. Complete with lush riffs, dreamy vocals and a general janglyness only the hazy and familiar atmosphere of bedrooms are able to produce. The track Same is their latest and attached below, coming off their red hot new EP Who? which is out now. Team Poule says, catching the waves.

A sad bit of beach vibes coming in from bedroom poppers and local grocery store trainees bdrmm out of the little nest that is Hull. Kare is attached below and is carried by dreamy but on-point riffs, with the heat of the April sun and the breezy cold of the early spring air underneath, smooth as silk, a pure and gazey beaut.

The team is about to play The Five Bells in London this Friday, Apr. 6th - before taking off for their first headline show in Hull, at The Polar Bear, Apr. 10th.

All photo credits go to power house Georgia Richards.

The charming and talented Krakow Loves Adana have set free not one but two new singles in support of their new album which comes with a release date for Friday this week, April 6th. The LP goes by the name of Songs After The Blue and features some of the duo's finest songwriting and lyrics to date. The game changer though, have to be Deniz' vocals who come to full bloom, wrapped in delicate drum machines, and rich warm riffs, making the Drive soundtrack blush. Consider for instance Hamburg, attached below, planning risks to take. The whole album though, is a treat, showcasing their great range of styles and sounds, of moods and rhythms.

The two have lined up an impressive range of dates to take their new album for a ride across the country, playing Hamburg's Molotow this Friday in celebration of the official release. Moving on then to Dresden, Jena, Hannover and Aachen before playing Poznan and Aarhus' mighty SPOT Festival in May. Songs After The Blue is out Friday via Better Call Rob and Rough Trade, physical releases include cassette and vinyl, and they are selling fast. Get behind that.