darkstarLike the sound of that? Well, wonder no more. UK ensemble Darkstar have come a long way over the years and with their third studio album now out in the open, they are scheduled to come back to play a few songs on a Hamburg stage. Not just any stage, the shiny new stage at Häkken, Hamburg's latest venue and recently host to the Spotify newcomers at Reeperbahn Festival a couple of weeks ago.

Naturally, Team Poule has your back on this and we managed to get our feathery hands on not one but 2x2 tickets to the show on Friday next week, October 16th. All you have to do to win one of them is comment on this post and tell us which Darkstar song really gets your chakra going. The winners will be drawn on Thursday 15th at noon, 12pm CEST straight. 

Attached below is Stoke The Fire, the latest gem off Darkstars highly rated new album Foam Island, out now on Warp Records.


morceau du jour: First Hate – Trojan Horse

by poule on October 7, 2015

first-hateDanish drum machines First Hate dropped a new curve ball of a song. Trojan Horse comes with powerful beats and a dirty little secret inside. The latter isn't even true but kind of fun to write. As a matter of fact, they do come to Hamburg and Berlin respectively with their new songs very much out in the open. First Hate will play the Ja Ja Ja club nights in Hamburg (Oct. 7) and Berlin (Oct. 8) where they will be joined by fellow wonders of the nordic regions Astrid S and Manna. Afterwards they can be seen on stages in Paris and Copenhagen. All dates here.


Reeperbahn Festival 2015: Beaty Heart

by poule on September 22, 2015

beaty_heartMore than stoked to see these guys perform at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg this week. South London trio Beaty Heart dropped a hot ball of indie pop delight last year and have been riding waves of success and presumably glamour since. Their debut full-length goes by the name of Mixed Blessings and is a collection of actual genuine blessings. Attached is their stellar single Seafood.

Beaty Heart play mighty Prinzenbar on Thursday, 22h30.


Reeperbahn Festival 2015: Fine Times

by poule on September 21, 2015

finetimesHere is another one not to miss at this week's Reeperbahn Festival in good old Hamburg: Fine Times. Your new favorite happy go lucky duo out of the maple leaf country that is Canada. They are less than new though. The two of them have been going at it for the past five years and logically released their debut album three years ago. Singer Matthew is quoted saying he loves pop music and couldn't imagine making any other type of music. Always a plus in Team Poule's books.

Attached below is Not Dead off their upcoming new EP Bad::Better out October 9. Their new songs are tilted somewhat towards the new wave end of the musical spectrum and sport the type of easy-on-the-ears pop feeling that only the true talents manage to lay down.

Fine Tines are playing two shows on Thursday. First off at noon at kukuun, then at 9 at Pooca Bar.


morceau du jour: Kisses – The Nile

by poule on September 21, 2015

kisses_2015Wowsers. Fall is gonna be hot this year, so much new albums ready to roll out. First off: the highly anticipated third long play record by Los Angeles duo and married couple Kisses. They already squeezes out two great tracks off Rest In Paradise and here comes the latest gem: The Nile.

Which is nothing less than "An Ode to Rod Stewart" - that old Celt. Or as Jesse put it with Interview Magazine for the song's premiere: "I got deep into ‘Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?' and could not get over how much the production on that song mirrored some of my favorite more obscure disco favorites from the '70s...Both me and Zinzi are really interested in pop artists who 'went disco' — Paul McCartney, The Stones, Blondie, Rod Stewart, the list goes on. Putting these two worlds together was something we felt destined to do." Word. Worked out pretty darn good, Team Poule says.

Rest In Paradise is out October 9th on Hit City U.S.A.


Reeperbahn Festival 2015: Lea Porcelain

by poule on September 20, 2015

lea-porcelainThere is a good handful of German talent booked for this year's Reeperbahn Festival next week in Hamburg too. One of them are Lea Porcelain, a duo of of Frankfurt. They play a very dark, melancholic view of electronic pop and have little more than one song out. The piece goes though. Similar Familiar is a fast and shadow'y number featuring mighty drums and a nice build-up making it a promising scene to be watched on a proper stage and sound system. Attached below at your convenience.

Lea Porcelain are playing might Prinzenbar on Wednesday, September 23rd and Angie's Nightclub on Friday night.


Reeperbahn Festival 2015: Formation

by poule on September 18, 2015

formationDigital natives listen up. This week's Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg have close to 500 concerts in stores over its course of four days. Among them are London duo Formation. The twin brothers released their debut EP Young Ones earlier this year as a physical only release. Having played The Great Escape, Field Day and many gigs across Europe this year, the two are going to showcase their dreamy mix of funk and forward electro pop in Hamburg this week. Driven by warm organ tones and rhythmic snare, Formation will be one not to miss.

They are playing Prinzenbar on Friday night, 1h30 am.


Rad & New: Hibou – Hibou

by poule on September 16, 2015

hibouWeee! The darker months of the year have rarely been as exciting as this year and it's all because the list of exciting new albums waiting to be released just keeps growing and growing. Very high up on that list is half-man half-curtain and dream pop super star Hibou who is about to release his self titled debut September 18.

Attached below is Sunder in a newly recorded, speeded up version which makes it sound a bit more round and full, sort of. It has this properly produced fuzziness all over it. Legend. The whole album is up on SoundCloud and well worth a listen until the days start getting longer again. Hibou is out this Friday and comes loaded with sun-drenched, positive bangers making it both rad and new.

Hibou is out this week on Barsuk Records, check his US tour dates in October when he stops in New Orleans, Dallas, Asheville, Philadelphia, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and just about in every relevant city in between. All dates here.