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Everybody's favorite Los Angeles duo Freedom Fry have squeezed out a new little gem, a Wild Child. Marie and Bruce are really bringing their folk-fused spin of indie pop to perfection with this one. Driving riffs, hazy vocals and that spring time warmth of the Los Angeles skies. Team Poule says, right on the spot.

Icelandic smooth talkers Vök have been teasing everyone for the past four years with their carefully diffused drops of tracks and EPs, a steady stream of hazy electronics, warm vocals and clear sense for rhythm and melody. Figure will be their new full length release, out April 28th. For the occasion, the group has put together a handy line of shows taking them on an adventure across the European plains.

April 27th will see them stopping by at fair old Uebel & Gefährlich in Hamburg, presented by local radio station 917xfm, German event aggregator app Ask Helmut, and yours truly Team Poule. If you find yourself interested in that kind of event, paste you name and a few words of wisdom below into the comment section and with a little bit of luck you will be calling one of two pairs of tickets for Uebel & Gefährlich yours. Winners gonna be picked April 26th.

Further dates include Amsterdam April 22nd, Eindhoven after that, Rotterdam, April 25th, Cologne May 2nd, Gent May 3rd, Berlin May 5th, Kattowice, Poznan, Warsaw and Prague next, Paris on May 15h, London May 17th and really a whole lot more. Find them all, nicely listed, here.

Attached below then is Show Me, the quartets current single and latest piece of work. Carried by those delicate vocals and careful production, the track gently takes you on a ride across the Icelandic country side. Team Poule says, show me.

Did you know that the companies of Tokai, Roland, Kawai and Yamaha all hail from the same Japanese city of Hamamatsu, about 300 km West of Tokyo, right on the Pacific Ocean? Hamamatsu is dubbed city of music and is home to one of the largest museums of musical instruments in the world. The tallest building and landmark of Hamamatsu is a harmonica shaped hotel and congress center. What a place.

A few miles further West, across the globe then, in Sweden, ÆRHEART got his instruments in place and produced away on them. The first in a series of 12 is Lost Tapes 01, attached below. Wonderfully dreamy and vast piece of electronica, an ode to the engineers of Hamamatsu, if you will. Team Poule says, miles deep this one.

Apple is a company that leaves no aspect of user experience to chance really. So I wonder if they spent months and years carefully studying distances between sockets and the average comfortable position for people on every continent and then very deliberately left the charging cables for their shiny products about twenty centimeters short, leaving you stretched, crouched and bent in awkward, even alert postures. Hideous. Much less awkward then, come the great Danes of CHINAH along who have unleashed a hot air balloon ride of an EP last month. Hints came out in March on the great Humming Records and has sent the trio on a tour across Europe.

Next Tuesdays April 18th will see them make a stop at the prestigious stages of Hamburgs Häkken. Team Poule managed to get their vernal feathers on not one but 2x2 tickets for the occasion. All you need to do to pop your hat into the ring is leave your name and a few words of wisdom below. The winners will be picked at random on Monday April 17th, 6pm CET sharp. Huzzah!

Chinah though, on the new EP, Fine's vocals flanked by production by the two Simons create a vast and grand harmony of modern electronic sounds and a distinct Scandinavian pop vibe that serve as your wonderful soundtrack to this fair time of the year. Attached below is the banging All Your Words, track two off Hints.  Make sure to also catch the three of them in Copenhagen April 14, Berlin April 19, Cologne April 20, Dalston April 26 and Leeds April 29. Team Poule says, gonna be hard to resist this.

You know this feeling when nobody told you there would be a pool and you obviously didn't think of bringing your trunks? Well, hah. Gents there certainly look like their playing with an idea though. As a mere fact then comes the arrival of their debut album About Time by the end of this week, on April 7 via The Big Oil Recording Company. Attached below is Brother, the latest and total treat by Gents. After their stellar EP Embrace The Future from 2015, their new tunes sounds even more balanced, and have just the right sense for tempo and rhythms. The infectious 80s spin of pop music and those driving baritone vocals are just that drop of delight you need on those crystal evenings April is known for.

The two just returned to Denmark from a larger European line of shows that saw them play on stages in London and Berlin. Furthermore, the team will be part of a pre-party for SPOT Festival in Aarhus next month. Setting the stage on May 4th alongside Liss, First Hate, and more at the Radar venue. May 5th will see them play Pumpehuset in Copenhagen. Team Poule says, got you proper hooked this one.

Stockholm quartet Melby produce a charming blend of straight forward indie pop paired with kind of folksy attitudes on their new track Cross - and all without being too foresty folky you know. The floral elements of life seem to be more up the groups alleys and Melby's tunes certainly carry those blooming spring vibes, enough to send you over the edge. Cross is their latest piece out on the great Rama Lama Records who will also put forth their debut EP in May. Also catch singer Matilda Wiezell sharing her powerful vocals on fellow Rama Lamas' Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes' track. Team Poule says, cheers to that.