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The Canadian trio of Eirik, Colton and Matthew naturally goes by the name of Teak Physique and had a jangly debut out in April on Resurrection Records, titled Living. Space. The whole piece has been more or less recorded live off the floor which adds a raw feeling to it all, smooth. It was recorded and mixed in Vancouver by Mint Records artist, Jay Arner, and resulted in four tracks of pure drums, driving guitars and folky vocals, with evidence in the shape of their new single Blond Wig attached below.

The group has a few shows lined up in Vancouver too, so catch them either at Stylus Records on July 21, Fortune Sound Club on July 25, or Black Lab July 27th. Quite the trifecta eh?

Pure and honest gaze coming in from the little indie hub that is Argentina. Ural Mountains has been around for a while and is said to be an expat Frenchman, yet still remains somewhat of a mystery. However, Hypnotic is his latest single and not just that, a dreamy, DIY type lo fi tune, ready to lose yourself in. Find matching visuals attached below, alongside the promise of an LP titled Blurry Pictures due this month.

The buzzing seaside resort that is Cabourg, in Normandy, played host to three action packed and sun drenched days of music and general vibe français last weekend for this year’s installment of Cabourg, Mon Amour. Two stages, nestled right on the sandy shore of the English Channel, and a cherry picked line-up of 20+ electro and indie artists, all eager to play their hearts out to more than 3.000 people each night. For the larger feel for it, check Team Poule’s exclusive Spotify playlist.

The festival kicked off in style on Friday with Lewis Ofman and his poppy electro tunes, bursting with late 80s optimism and a general sense to rhythm that had the audience right where he needed them: on the tip of their toes, getting into the funky disco vibe of this smooth production that clearly shows his roots as a drummer. Coming from soundtracking a few Paris Fashion Week shows last year, when he was 19, his latest single Flash offers a fresh view on that.

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Another steamer in the sizzling line up of Cabourg Mon Amour in the North of France this week will be floral Bruxas. The lovechild of Dutch headliner Jacco Gardner and the percussive tropical talents of Nic Mauskovic produces a mad balearic disco sound, melding 70s funk vibes and electronics with a Beat Konducta drive and Afrobeat. Pure and fresh.

They have a debut EP under their belt titled Más Profundo that came out last June via Amsterdam’s Dekmantel Records, with the title track attached below. They just released the drum infused single Sirocco last week.

Less than 10 days til Cabourg Mon Amour and three sun drenched days in the always sunny North of France. Fingers crossed. The festival sports a rich line up this year and one to keep eye on are local heros Mezzanine out of port city and Europe’s hidden gem that is Le Havre.

The quartet wrote their beginnings touristing Australia for a couple of months and you can hear the down under vibe right through. Will feel right at home at Cabourg beach. Sandy exhibits are attached below, in the form of Above The Sun, off their debut EP.

Photo credit go to the handy Rabin Lerolic.

Steaming next generation chillwave inspired tunes coming in by Florida’s own Firstworld. Attached below is Not Obvious, his second offering in preparation for a debut EP titled I’m Right Here.

The EP then sets out to be “a modern love story riddled with ambiguity and uncertainty. The story is chronicled through six songs, each one depicting a difficult and confusing stage in a relationship. In the pursuit of love, we often confuse or conflate the things we want with what we need at the moment, leaving us unfulfilled once the dust has settled.”

It all comes wrapped in an infectious lo-fi atmosphere, palmy air and a fuzzy gravitas that is hard to resist. I’m Right Here is scheduled for release, June 22nd.