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Charming waves of professional groove coming in from palmy California. LA Story is the first single off Content, the debut solo EP by Jesse Kivel of Kisses and Mt. Si fame. LA Story came out yesterday and is attached below for your convenience - couldn't be a better companion for your average August afternoon.

Content has been in the making for the better part of the last three years, says Jesse, "I had a child, started a company, bought a home with a 2-car garage, and am in an ever-changing 11-year relationship. But am I content? My music has never taken longer to complete, but this new depth of time altered me. It slowed me. My mind calmed and my heart eased its pulse. I wanted to take snippets of jazz and fusion ("dad" music) and let the sounds inform my own songwriting. Playing and joking with the idea of what dads might listen to, in many ways, makes it easier to face my new reality. That I am not as young as I once was, and that the act of writing and recording is an endless process instead of one defined by the cycles of a tour or an album."

Jesse Kivel has been behind some of the smoothest tracks in what has been more than a decade, from the indie pop classics in Princeton, to the dreamy summer vibes in Kisses and lately the more electronically inclined Mt. Si. Him and his works have been a constant source of content at Poule headquarters. Content the EP then was made with the help of his close friends Jeff Brodsky (producing) and Andrew Maury (mastering). The EP is out October 6th on New Feelings/Rallye. Team Poule says, oh the joys of fatherhood.

Oh the joys of a few sunny days spent on the French coastline. Cabourg Mon Amour took over the small seaside resort that is Cabourg for three days and three nights, from July 28-30. For the most time of the year, Cabourg is a quiet little town in Normandy with mostly empty villas and hotels and a grand promenade clinging to the sea that comes and goes like clockwork. In summer though, the town's population rises from a good 4.000 to around 40.000 and the century old habitat comes to life.

For Cabourg Mon Amour then, a strip of about 800m on the beach is fenced off and two stages and a good handful of food stalls and bars are being set up in the sand. Now, with a grand total of 24 names over three days on the day time line-up, the festival does a proper job on the selecting end of things. So, Friday saw seven acts including two banging headline sets by local heroes Paradis and Jacques in the breezy late July air. [click to continue…]

Something real pleasing about this. Might be the slow motion cat, the amount of leg stretching or Sinah’s layers and dreamy vocals. London’s Sinah just dropped these 153 soundtracked seconds of a cat’s journey and it is like a mini vacation. Team Poule says, just a quick float.

Oh Mamma! It's August already and about time for some lush melodies. Here then comes a new selection by Team Poule, a Bright Clouds playlist of warm riffs, a decent amount of reverb and a general dreaminess that makes you smell the orange skies. So lean back, hit play, and pass that Courvoisier. The playlist is out now on Spotify and SoundCloud, at your convenience. [click to continue…]

Swedish smooth talker Summer Heart has stepped forward with a new single. Follow premiered last week on The 405 and is the third track off his new album 101 that is out in September. Follow tells the story of dreams, struggles and living in the moment, wrapped in lush drums and a poppy melody. Pure bliss. And furthermore, The Summer Hearts have confirmed shows in London (Sept 9), New York (Oct 18) and Los Angeles (Oct 23). Team Poule says, satisfaction, this.

Only a matter of days now until Cabourg Mon Amour launches for a 2017 edition in the cozy hub that is the Normandy beach town of Cabourg. July 28-30 will see a whole range of talents taking the sandy stages under skies. From your rather enjoyable Parisian techno to very pop and ambient electro, really a remarkable selection of people making music. The days kick off as a day at the beach should with a bit of a day party and from the afternoon the stages will host their artists. Really, a perfect excuse to spend some time in the North of France, and reason enough for Team Poule to peer through the line-up and produce a little playlist for the occasion. Stream away. Team Poule says, so ready for a bit of a splash.