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Atlanta’s finest, the green and blue, the global phenomenon that is Faye Webster is ready to play a few dates in Europe and the UK this month! With her beautiful line of albums – and after an exclusive photo-interview with this website in 2021 – she has gained mainstream success and all the privileges and duties that come with it. Her distinct style and witty song writing have found new and broad audiences that are now eagerly awaiting her taking the actual center stage.

She is set to perform live in London tonight and tomorrow night, May 15/16. Next up are Brighton’s The Great Escape, Bristol, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Paris and finally Barcelona, all between now May 31, when she will head back into United States of America, for more shows. Some tickets are still available, check your local listings, or here.

Attached below is a breezy new track off her latest album Underdressed at the Symphony that came out in March, via Secretly Canadian. Go see her! If you want to.

Title photo by the one and only, by Michael Tyrone Delaney.

Photo-Interview #30: Jeshua

Poule d’Or’s prized photo-interview series celebrates its 30th edition today! Jeshua here out of Glasgow up in Scotland has been busy making some great music for years, combining warm and full riffs with a healthy dose of dreamy reverb. He released a wonderful debut album in 2021 and now announced new material for this calendar year.

The first single is cautiously titled Innocent and provides a neat companion to both evening walks and morning routines this time of the year, streamlining and developing his sound. Now, we here at Team Poule don’t know anything about the making of music or the structures and processes of songwriting, but this new track sounds absolutely marvelous, so pull out the proper headphones for this one.

You can find the track on the official Team Poule Spotify playlist and also more conveniently attached below. So hit play, and dive into the visual worlds of Jeshua.

Also – if you happen to be in the Glasgow metropolitan area on May 8, catch him live at Audio Glasgow in support of James Walsh of Starsailor.

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If you love living dangerously, both on and off the punky dancefloor, while profiting of some prime Canadian collateral, this might be something for you. Montreal’s own La Sécurité offer a nuanced brand of indie rock vibes while staying close (and safe) to the neat and crisp disco extravaganzas. The group released a cute raw album titled Stay Safe last summer via Mothland and are busy touring this side of the Atlantic, with Berlin, Hamburg, London, Manchester, Paris, Brussels, and so on, this April through June – the list does not end.

Team Poule luckily has got two pairs of tickets for their Hamburg gig at Goldener Salon, on the 2nd of May. All you need to do to win a pair, is send an email stating your name to win-big@pouledor.com before Tuesday, April 30, 12 pm CET sharp. It also doesn’t hurt to follow Team Poule on Instagram. The winners will be drawn at random and notified immediately.


Main man and certified electrician Flavien Berger is finally taking his luscious tunes on the road again – playing Hamburg and Berlin next month. After two albums Léviathan and Contre-Temps, he released the final part of his trilogy of electrically fused singer songwriter pop last fall: Dans cent ans. It was however dans this an that he released yet another sweet collection of songs that meander quite freely under the loose title contrebande 02 – le disque de l’été, off which the phenomenal Beta is attached below.

So, get ready for an eclectic show, when he plays Hamburg’s Bahnhof Pauli on Monday April 8, and Columbia Theater in Berlin, April 9. Team Poule has got its plumy extremities on two pairs of tickets for the occasions, with a face value of 27 euros each, no less. All you need to do to win a pair of those, is send an email stating your name and desired location to win-big@pouledor.com before Friday, April 5, 12 pm CET sharp.

It also doesn’t hurt to follow Team Poule on Instagram. The winners will be drawn at random and notified immediately.

Photo credit above go to Inès Ziouna and Inès only.

At some point in your extended lifetime as a music blog, you think you have heard it all, you are Neo in the Matrix, you know what’s coming next. And then boom a group like YĪN YĪN came along, in 2019, by way of Maastricht in the Netherlands, and challenge your very point of view, showing you how little and small your perceived window into the world really is.

The quartet produces a wild and juicy mix of all sorts of influences across the globe, from Japanese folk to Indonesian psychedelic, East African percussion and Tuareg guitars. They pick up whatever they can use, and prism it together into a fresh, new chunk of original sounds. YĪN YĪN just released their brilliant third studio album Mount Matsu and are currently touring the most relevant parts of Europe.

This week they pass through Germany, playing Leipzig on Tuesday March 12, Berlin on Wednesday March 13, Hamburg on Thursday March 14 before closing it all in Cologne (15) and Mannheim (16). Attached below is the phenomenal single Tokyo Disko. The album Mount Matsu is out on Glitterbeat Records, now.

Title photo by Jonas Loelmann, and Jonas Loelmann only.