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Kentucky's The Last Origin are no group to chicken around with. Twelve Thirtyfour is their latest single and if you are one for the folky vibes, poppy riffs and warm vocals, the team has you covered quite well. 12:34 is a dreamy soundtrack to being in the moment, of letting the fomo-angst fade for once, wrapped in jangly guitars and a unique feel for tempo and songwriting. The piece comes off their second album All We Have is Rock and Roll and then We Die which came out in March, and sounds great in the summer sun.

Swedish South African producer Julia Jonas just received her masters degree at Stockholm's Royal College of Music, and to celebrate the occasion released a remix EP of her Spilling single from last year. On the ticket are illustrious names from JRSS and Marcus Sjöberg to old mate Summer Heart, whose dreamy take on her delicate, spheric, vocals driven track is attached below. Pure moods.

Mellow beats and soothing vocals coming in from UK's own producer, singer and origami swan Tony Njoku, via up and coming power house Silent Kid Records. As We Danced is possibly his most romantic piece yet, as he says, "it’s a poem of love, passion, grandeur and on into manipulation and finally emancipation". A dreamy 2:20 joyride through beats and layers, out now on Silent Kid Records.

Copenhagen producer and eye in the sky Abalone has just released his debut EP titled Beginnings, drawing on influences from "weather and British club culture". At six tracks and a running time of 24 minutes, it is well positioned to serve as joyeux soundtrack to a range of activities, both weather related and not.

Attached below is Avery, a more forward track on the album slash EP. It gets dreamier, it gets dancier, too. Beginnings is a great listen from first to last, and out now.

Photo credits go to Jadzia Grzywacz.

Canadian powerhouse and one man Drive soundtrack Germany Germany has been putting out perfectly produced electronic indie pop music for the better part of the last decade, like a Swiss watch. Juneau then, is his latest album, from March this year, cooking up synths, piano, guitar and old mate Roland to a perfect harmony. Today, he released the new video to his single Ghost - directed and edited by Derek Janzen.

Ghost is a dreamy, Roland-heavy track featuring Germany Germany's trademark vocals and synth work, a perfect soundtrack to your average night time drive down lonely highways. And if you are into people staring, awkwardly not blinking, smoke, neon lights and great angles the video will take you right up and out - naturally attached below, at your convenience. Check his rich catalogue over at mighty bandcamp, all the way down to his first works from 2010.

What’s probably the best showcase festival in Europe happened last weekend in Aarhus, Denmark‘s second city. SPOT Festival traditionally hosts the latest and hottest talents the Kingdom has to offer, alongside selected newcomers from neighboring countries, all orchestrated around the city‘s music school. On the ticket over the four days were more than 300 concerts, including headline performances by When Saints Go Machine, Iris Gold, Nelson Can, Anya, and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

Team Poule, naturally, was drawn to the smaller acts and stages. [click to continue…]