morceau du jour: Manfred Kidd – Lights

by poule on December 15, 2014

manfred_kiddVery enjoyable indie pop coming in from Swedish duo Manfred Kidd. This track Lights has actually been around for most of the year and must have slipped the radar. Lights is taken off their great EP titled Where Were You When You Were Us. Look out for their debut album to drop soon.


french-indie-electro-playlistLovers of a good playlist - here is something that will tickle your fancy. Swedish indie label Sommarhjärta has a rather inspiring playlist project going on where they team up with friends and fellow music enthusiasts for curating the best indie playlist. They already have a rather popular one up on Spotify with the best indie tracks from this year. Now they teamed up with fellow music supporter and all around French expert Manon Joly Sibuet to create a joy ride of the best French indie electro tracks that 2014 had to offer. Attached below is the truly wonderful collection of songs that go so well together it give you the goose bumps. Some familiar names and loads of unknowns at least for Team Poule.

Remember when the Kitsuné compilations used to be these great mixtapes and exciting sources of good music? Sommarhjärta and Manon created just that. And it doesn't stop there. The playlist will be updated every week with the best French tunes out there. Make sure to follow - and hit play on the Spotify playlist below and lose yourself in the grace and glamour that is French indie slash electro. Too good - new poule favorites include Kuage, Paradis, Midori and Tahiti 80.

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premiere du jour: Torkelsen – Nattbuss

by poule on December 9, 2014

torkelsenA world exclusive this one: Norwegian's delicious indie label Sellout Music are celebrating their 10 year anniversary and they are honouring themselves with a beautiful compilation album titled Northern Reexposure for which the fine names on their roster sampled tracks that were on the very first Sellout release a decade ago: Kenneth Ishak's Northern Exposure. Team Poule is proud to be hosting the premiere of beat wizard Torkelsen's take on Nattbuss.

Northern Reexposure features tracks by Torkelsen, Snasen, Pandreas, Benjamin Finger, Texten, Violet Dream and Safariari and it will be out digitally on December 19th, 2014. A family record and ace Christmas present by Team Poule standards. Hit play and swoon in the marvelous catchiness that is Torkelsen.


astro_zuAlmost too smooth this one. Old pals Pin Tweaks return to the scene with a feature on this massive Astro Zu track. Pin Tweaks' perfect vocals and Astro Zu's nimble production create a piece of perfection. A soft and serene yet very forward and elevated track. Sounds like a very enjoyable ghost town. Electrodub?


morceau du jour: William Arcane – Reckless

by poule on December 6, 2014

william_arcaneMeant to have this one up aaages ago - this really is as good as it gets. William Arcane serves the perfect soundtrack for a reckless weekend, regardless of month and weather. A good song is a good song is a good song.


morceau du jour: Sekuoia – Waves

by poule on December 4, 2014

Sekuoia_Presspic_2014_newArguably one of the hottest names of the past twelve months and surely one not to miss next year: Sekuoia. A perfect melding of visuals and sounds, hip hop'esque beats and smooth electronica. Memorable performances this year include Roskilde Festival, Spot Festival and Hamburg's own Reeperbahn Festival. Sekouia has just signed with one of Team Poule's favorite labels out there: the fine Humming Records in Berlin.

And with it comes a new single titled Waves, attached here for your convenience.


Rad & New: P I Z Z A B O Y S – Angst EP

by poule on December 1, 2014

pizzaboysHere goes an EP that has been a solid favorite at Camp Poule for the last couple of weeks. P I Z Z A B O Y S released his debut titled Angst last month. Five tracks of dreamy guitar-driven palm pop that make you want to shake your chicken legs. At a running time of 13 minutes the EP has the perfect length to soundtrack a whole range of activities: from waiting at the bus stop or doing laundry to a quick day dream, gobbling down a delicious cheesy pizza or even writing a whole blog post! Angst is five slices of happiness making it both rad and new.

Angst is out now on bandcamp for a mere 4 dollars - which is the equivalent of 2.54 pounds or 3 euros and 21 cents or a double cheese burger and fries. What would you rather have? Attached below is Sharing, with Pizzaboys doing what he does best.


morceau du jour: Still Parade – Hunter

by poule on November 30, 2014

still-paradeThe amazing Still Parade return with a new song just in time for the Christmas season. Pop this track in when you are all cozy and warm at home and ready to leave it all behind. Hunter is out now, as a free download.