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In times like these, one needs to be ready to avert any disaster, at any time. Get your tinfoil hats, and stick to protocol. While not losing sight of the positive vibes, naturally. Enter Von Sell out of the creative hub that is New York City. His funky sunny dreamer Scene Of A Crime premiered over at Ones To Watch last week and calls to the good times to be had, especially at the dark times in history, with no beacon lighting up.

The song then arrives as a rather flawless disco track, carried by David’s precise vocals and guarded by a wall of synths, leaving you lifted up, into the sunset, on the roller coaster that is life. And as days get shorter and nights extend, the piece gets a visual counterpart, by way of the talented Cutsdatflo, exclusively attached below. All part of his upcoming EP Digital Sleep, due 2019.

The Franco American, steak frites turned humans duo of Freedom Fry let a new single fly last week in Yeah You, with this lovely gem titled Zombie Love b-siding along, just in time for the pumpkin season that is Halloween and the annual parades that come with it. The track is naturally attached below and serves as a timely reminder of late summer vibes, a breezy tease under the moonlight. Never gonna let go, they say, hey.

Their uplifting debut album Classic came out in June this year, via AWAL and Caveman Arts Society, and made it through the summer months alright, much like their billboard on Melrose. Have a piece of that pie, over at Spotify or elsewhere, for those inclined.

The tax haven that is Ireland not only shelters international corporations, but also manages to produce a fine blend of pop music, exhibit A here in the form of Delosrentos. The Dublin-based four piece just released not their debut but 5th studio album, mind you, in True Surrender. Islands comes as an upbeat summery tune about friendship and leading the way, with the marked video by Mike Donnelly and Alex Gill attached below.

The group is about to touchdown in Hamburg for an evening of riffs and croons at mighty Prinzenbar, next Thursday, Oct. 18th. Team Poule managed to secure a pair of tickets for the occasion, which can be yours. Just slam an email into our inbox at music@pouledor.com – and keep your eyes peeled. The lucky one will be picked Wednesday 17th, 12pm sharp.

Photo credits above go to main man Gar Byrne.

More deep tunes by way of Liverpool’s François, who adds a pearl titled Tell Me to his growing chain of smooth and driving singles. This piece neatly expands his catalogue of spheric electronic productions, carried by his on-point vocals, delivering just the lush type of sounds for the long shadows of this time of the year.

Photo credits to main man Balint Marjai.

This just in from Denmark, J.Bruno with another gem, premiered over at Clash. So much so, Lose Yourself comes via Copenhagen’s power house Møs Møs, as a grand yet delicate pop song, carried by J.Bruno’s vocals and flawless 80s vibe, tinted in the colours of the season. Not too many details on a long player to be up for release, but after a solid string of singles it may well be a possibility. Sudden and majestic, like Federer playing serve and volley.

Photo courtesy of @jbrunomusic.

What a time to be alive. Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival just keeps growing and getting ever more diverse and multi-faceted. This year’s edition saw more than 45.000 people trying to get into big and small venues around the former (mostly) red light district on and around Reeperbahn street. Venues ranging from your average concert halls to centuries old churches, coffee shops, travel agencies, and river boats. And it was all a labour of love, after all, with France being partner country this year, sending well over 50 bands and musicians over to Hamburg. [click to continue…]