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A flock of jangly guitars, alluring bleached out vocals and that feeling of a cold bottle sweating in the sun. Hobsons Bay Coast Guard out of the nest that is the planet’s most livable city, Melbourne put on offer Surf 1, their premium invitation to the glam shores of Hobsons Bay, a hand reaching out to take you on a journey. Don’t leave them hanging.

Mere hours until MS Dockville lowers its bridge for three action packed days of music and arts, all set on the buzzing river island of Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. The preceding month saw the vast area in between metal shipping containers and rustling trees turn into a proper art camp, with numerous larger than life installations and little details hiding in the shadows, reaching its climax Aug. 17-19 when international headliners as well as local names will be taking the stages across the exciting festival area.

A sure shot in your calendars should be the seducing Nilüfer Yanya and her pearly guitar. Her unique take on soul and rnb through an indie lens will be a proper start to Fridays’ action as she has been allotted on an afternoon slot, 15h40 on Friday, at Vorschot. Her banging hit single Baby Luv off her last EP is attached below, at your convenience.

Hertfordshire’s own Only Losers Win Happily (OLWH) isn’t shy to meddle with the elements, and produce a catchy melody. After his fair share of BBC fame he teamed up with Barcelona based artist Freak Slug and together they came up with a rather brilliant collection of songs in form the album Look of Love, which is out now.

The album covers an exciting range of styles and tempi, from hip hop and jazz to more psychedelically and guitar heavy numbers. Attached below is the title track, the jangly Look of Love, complete with Freak Slug’s vocals and OLWH’s production in perfect harmony. The album can be streamed in its entirety, over at the lovely chaps of Soundcloud.

By way of Canada’s freshwater shores comes one-man phenomenon Pekoe Cat. His new single Door Knockers just came out last week and kicks off as your regular folky electronic piece of music before pulling you down his trap door into the rainbow coloured worlds of the synthy upside down. A persuasive track this, red hot new after his album Digital Chaos form last year. Smooth.

MS Dockville 2018: Otzeki

Mid-August heat on a buzzing river island that is loaded with larger than life art installations, stages hidden in the bushes, tree houses and a main stage tinted into the orange sunset, MS Dockville is known for nothing of this. Kidding! MS Dockville is just that, and more even! August 17 to 19 will see no less than 12 stages hosting a carefully selected line-up of international hitters like Nick Murphy or Bonobo, Everything Everything or Cigarettes After Sex. As well as local floaters like Olli Schulz, Erobique or Mis-Shapes.

Naturally, Team Poule is out to find the smaller names on the line-up, the ones retreated into the tree houses or shipping containers or hiding in the bushes. Established bookings include The Soft Moon and their lush waves, Børns and his glam party, or Baths swinging his magic wand.

One not to be overlooked will be Otzeki and their energetic, physics defying set, scheduled for Friday, 21h50 at the Butterland stage, hugged by leaves and green, and the sun dipping into the Elbe river. The group plays a great industrial feeling spin of electro pop, and just released their debut album in spring titled Binary Childhood. Find their single Foreign Love, attached below. A few last tickets for Dockville are still left at the box office, get behind that.

A heatwave of climate changing proportions is enveloping large parts of the Northern hemisphere in a melody of blue skies and steamy nights. Enter, Sunbather out of the hotbed that is Durham, North Carolina, and his lush piece Old Soul, out now via Bandcamp.

The track comes beautifully carried by soaked guitars, a healthy dose of reverb and electronic spiels, creating and a general haziness that perfectly matches this time in history. The track comes off his new album Melancholy Daze, out Aug. 17.