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Atlanta’s finest and all around lover of blue and hah Faye Webster sat down with your favorite Team Poule for this very special piece of reporting and 20th installment of the prized photo-interview series. If you are into visuals and a fair bit of palmy riffs and tiki-type vibes, you might just be in luck!

Faye Webster just released her fourth solo album I Know I’m Funny haha via the mighty Secretly Canadian: 11 tracks neatly combining a pure sense of optimism and observational precision with the timeless feeling of a sunny afternoon spent by the pool, chasing the stars across the random aquatic surface. All wrapped into mellow chords and vocals that seem to know what they are talking about.

Her current single A Dream With a Baseball Player is attached below, at your convenience. Faye just spent some time at the infamous Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village recording for a Spotify special, so look out for that. In the meantime, hit play below and enjoy the visual replies by the one and only Faye Webster.

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Copenhagen’s The New Investors are at it again, fueled by the natural force of compound interest. In preparation for their third album comes this fine piece of pandemic recordings: Don’t Be Yourself is out today, a dreamy track about going the extra mile, of leaving your own fears and prejudices behind sometimes and break out onto new paths, outgrowing yourself. And growth and return surely are more than bullet points on this group’s slide deck.

Give the track a spin and enjoy nothing but smooth sailing along the curvy coastlines of Denmark with this Poule d’Or premiere. The new album is set for release in October, in the meantime check your local programmings for live shows – it may happen sooner than you think.

Naturally you can find this track on our ever updated Spotify playlist at pouledor.com/spotify

As we quickly approach the longest days of the northerns hemisphere, Los Angeles’ own Always You serve their enlightening Black City Nights on a floral platter. The track nicely wraps a 1970s ease of being and hazy feel of possibilities, paths and avenues to take in a melodic drive of riffs and a healthy dose of reverb.

The set of twin brothers are a true allstar pairing having previous shared their skills in The Pain Of Being Pure At Heart and Beach Fossils, true vintage stuff. This fine track is off their upcoming album Bloom Off The Rose, out July 16 via Shelflife and Discos de Kirlian. Naturally you can find this track as part of our ever updated Spotify playlist at pouledor.com/spotify.

Photo credits go the legend, the one and only Michael Tyrone Delaney and him only.

Photo-Interview #19: Wallners

Vienna’s royal ensemble Wallners have been slowly climbing the stairs of success, rising and pushing the boundaries for a while now – strudel’ing their way up if you will. The charming group just released their debut EP, auspiciously titled Prolog I. The family quartet creates a lovely dreamy melange of mellow riffs, carefully orchestrated drums and badly needed reassuring vocals at this phase of the pandemic. The EP features five really rather brilliant tracks, smoothly produced and flawlessly recorded. Kind of makes you wish for those live shows again. Attached below is the skillfully shot video to All Again.

Now, while all this is very intriguing, Team Poule wanted to know more as we do, and asked the four of them to share a few personal insights into their inner workings and methods in another edition of the photo-interview. So, here you go, take away.


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This one comes flying in on effortless pace and mild riffs, calling for less social distance in certain situations – a wish that is all too relevant for the old continent these days. Vain Pursuit out of Long Island doesn’t discount on the good stuff. While Be With You is his latest gem, the track forms part of a larger discography that is rich in tasteful melodies, lush vocals, and just right amount of reverb – pure bliss.

You can find the track on our weekly updated Spotify playlist over here: www.pouledor.com/spotify – and while you’re at it, find a fair download of most of Vain Pursuits collected works over at Bandcamp, too.