New swag coming in from main man BLVTH - pictured above. This time putting his magic touches on Sia's iconic Elastic Heart, turning the straight pop track into a deep and vast synth masterpiece. Absolutely superb. And look at the jacket on this guy, he means business.


Freedom_FryTwo of Team Poule's favorite people walking the surface on this planet have a new single out. Freedom Fry's Shaky Ground is as light as a feather and as catchy as Na Na Na. Now, reportedly, the two simply started stomping on furniture and this is the result. So, chances are you will find yourself throwing fist bumps on tables and sofas listening to this. A feel good positive piece of harmonies - is all you need.


hannes_fischerRemember Hope? And remember Hannes Fischer - the Berlin-based deep beat machine? The two of them linked up for this total extravaganza of a remix. Hannes Fischer putting a proper beat on this is like Sebastian Vettel driving your getaway Ferrari. Hit it.


morceau du jour: Magic Island – So Tender

by poule on January 19, 2015

magic_islandAnother hot tip from Berlin. Magic Island this one and really, with her debut Wasted Dawn lined up for release Feb 6, she really promises to be that magical island in the midst of winter. The silver linings, a month from spring. At five songs the EP is quite a good companion to whatever activity, a perfect dreamy lo-fi pop floater that does actually remind of the very beginnings of this sort of chillwave'esque flow. Sensing a pinch of laid back Best Coast Boyfriend in here, a post-Best Coast Best Coast.

Attached is the first single So Tender - and it's just that. And everything will be fine, forever.


morceau du jour: Hope – Nude

by poule on January 16, 2015

HOPESoothing tunes coming in from Berlin's smooth folks Hope. Attached is their latest single Nude which came out last month. A soft and winteresque piece of music for the Sunday on the couch. Now, if you happen to be in Hamburg next Friday the 23rd - you are in for a real treat! The bunch is playing a secret gig at a yet to be disclosed location! It could be anywhere from a cozy living room to a little sea side beach pad. Word will be out through their facebook page. Hit play, and drift away.

They are also playing Berlin's LoopHole January 31.

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morceau du jour: Azedia – Kin

by poule on January 14, 2015

azediaHuzzah! Azedia is a very passionate duo from London that apparently has been at it since 2010. Kin is their latest offering: a feel good joint that is just the right soundtrack for the second Wednesday of the year. Love how this track - spoiler alert - changes pace mid way, so delicate. Just like the the whole vibe of a week changes on a Wednesday night. Huzzah!


CLEARLYWhoa whoa whoa. Not even half way into January and this already is one for the year-ends-lists. Sweden's Ira Sorokin going by the name of CLEARLY just released this absolute banger of a synth joyride. Success På Möllan actually is Swedish for The Next Big Thing and it couldn't be more on point.

Actually did make that up, but as soon as you hit play on this, swoon away and everything becomes possible. Even fluent Swedish. CLEARLY just signed with Stockholm's Sommarhjärta and this track is off their debut EP which coincidentally is out today and it's gorgeous.


morceau du jour: MK Grands – Visionary IX

by poule on January 6, 2015

mk-grandsDu neuf coming in from Sydney Australia for you croony-inclined electro beats lovers. MK Grands is a DJ from the land down under and after much critical acclaim for his debut Throne he has now coming up a carefully orchestrated release on the up and coming label Morpheme Records.

MK Grands sounds like someone who will be great to see on a big stage under a starry sky with massive Kanye-West-808s-style drums surrounding him, pre-Kim era.

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