freedom_fryFreedom Fry - your favorite American French combo since steak frites returns with a beautiful summer single. The Wilder Mile is tambourine-fused happiness carefully dispensed over 202 seconds. Inspiring, the perfect soundtrack for a little twilight ride on your bicycle on a hot summer evening. Not sure if steak frites does actually qualify as an American French dish though.


about_girlsIt's Monday. It's July. It's hottt outside and you are probably in between two festivals casually checking up on your favorite feathered website. So this smoothness of a song is Sweden's About Girls latest offering, dripping. Yet another remix after doing Rick Astley, and NONONO the honour, among others.

So Sportsman is like next Swedish R&B thing. Now, Team Poule is anything but an expert on R&B, let alone Swedish. But this is some talented and quite Sportsman-like conduct going on here. Anyway, About Girls are it, the talk of the city. They used to be a duo, now operating as a solo - which can be a healthy way to do things. Hit play, your Monday hasn't been this smooth yet.


morceau du jour: Luka – Cult

by poule on July 24, 2014


Hamburg based lo-fi ambient electro rock star Luka is set to release his debut EP titled The Nest on July 28th. And if you are in Hamburg this Friday, head out to Uebel & Gefährlich for the release party that will be the talk of the city for weeks to come. Doors at 23.00.

Attached below is the smooth Cult.


palace_winterHere is a summer night banger for you. Palace Winter is made up of Australian country singer Carl Coleman and Danish super producer Caspar Hesselager, who you should know by now. What's great about this is the perfect harmony of how voice and music just fit, it just sounds very good. A thing of beaut. And the two are trying to market their first song as a summer-driving song that is perfect for road trips, and while usually Team Poule likes to come up with their own blurb, I couldn't agree more. What a driver song this is. Get me into a car, now.


morceau du jour: Kotomi – Vocode You

by poule on July 21, 2014

kotomiEeek - Los Angeles' Kotomi doesn't want to do a solo, she just wants to be John and Yoko. Pure gold, this track taken from her debut Over Our Heads that just came out. Kotomi might ring a bell, lending her vocals and production skills more than once to fellow super-producer Germany Germany. Now, this track below, Vocode You really is just that. And over the course of the six tracks on her debut album, Kotomi effortlessly shows off a whole range of her talents. From the piano-driven synth ballad to the an almost indie-pop'ish 80s love song. Over Our Heads is out for free and with lines like that Yoko one a release you shouldn't miss, grab it.


morceau du jour: FEWS – The Zoo

by poule on July 17, 2014

fewsSummer is heeeeere - and Swedish American uber-duo FEWS dropped another hot one. The Zoo is all about those hot summer nights when the sun went down but the heat remains and it's pressing right in your face. Grab a cold Cider but not the sweet one and hit play.


Rad & New: Champions League – Ebiza EP

by poule on July 10, 2014

champions_leagueThis one is massive. Champions League surfaced on Team Poule's radar some time last year and the Parisian duo has been a constant source of rising heart rates since. They were nice enough to share their excellent song Ebiza for the 12th compilation of this website, still up for grabs here. So now, time has come, the duo released their debut EP also titled Ebiza last week via 25 Years and Running. And oh my, four songs that just make you want to dance slash give you this feeling that only walking down Pigalle with a drink in your hand manages to achieve.

Flaco, This Could Be Real, Ebiza and My Hero are easily among the best songs that crossed Team Poule's headquarters this year. Attached below is Flaco, the tropical opener. Get the EP on vinyl, limited edition.


morceau du jour: JYLDA – Brainchild

by poule on July 7, 2014

jyldaNow this one has been a constant in Team Poule's personal playlist for a long time. Berlin's three-piece JYLDA released a fantastic EP earlier this year, a beautiful mix of sort of 80s electro and modern dream pop topped with strong vocals. Attached is Brainchild, the melodic opener of their self-titled debut EP, one of their quieter songs. Hard picking one out of the five, as they really work well with each other. The EP is out on bandcamp.