morceau du jour: Katacoma – Lost For Words

by poule on October 24, 2014

katacomaNow who's up for some tropical flavours in this November'esque October weather? Katacoma are a five-piece hailing from the land down underrr and their new EP is a brilliant collection of vocal melodies, sun drenched riffs and pinching cymbals.

Attached below is the first taste, Lost For Words. A song that starts off at the beach with sand underneath your feet and slowly takes you away from the shore and into the nightly streets, hazy.


morceau du jour: Wangel – Sun

by poule on October 23, 2014

wangelRed hot new this one by Copenhagen duo Wangel. Electronic beats that are miles deep and vocals that make a difference. Attached is their first and only offering Sun - which is what the week has been missing in this part of the world. So hit play, slap those winter tires on your fixie and lose yourself. Life.


A proper hit this one. French producer The Avener has this smooth piece of beat out and it's been hitting the charts, and quite heavily so. He sampled and remixed the sweet bejeezus out of Phoebe Killdeer and The Short Straws blues'y banger The Fade Out Line, so hat-tip to them. The man behind it, all around Nice guy Tristan, has been making electronic music for almost a decade, making his own music as well as producing for some big names - reason enough for Team Poule to get to the bottom of his recent success.



daniel amedeeTeam Poule's favorite husky voice and fire place soundtrack provider Daniel Amedee has released a rather fantastic live EP recorded on his recent tour through the US. This particular set has been taped at HotSpot in Waynesboro, Virginia. Attached is Let Love Out - and the introduction is given by the man himself, hit play.

The whole EP is up for free over at Bandcamp so snatch that for those winter nights. Catch him live in Athens, GA and Greenville, SC on Nov 1st and 2nd.


mystery-pillsMystery Pills has spent the majority of his life in Rapid City, South Dakota whose state slogan reads Great Faces, Great Places. And really, listening to his new single Age Of Isolation attached below, you get a sense of the natural beauty of the midwest. The single comes two years after his debut EP and marks the first offering of his soon to be released new album Old Gold Devils - a marvelous collection of drum machine fused lo-fi. Perfect soundtrack to the South Dakota time of the year.


morceau du jour: Wayward – Reverie

by poule on October 20, 2014

wayward_Whoa whoa whoa - shit just got serious. UK duo Wayward very unpretentiously released a great video for a brilliant song a couple weeks ago: Belize. And little do you know - it was only the first single of a spectacular EP to follow. The Ugetsu EP is out now and boom c'est quite le shock. Six tracks of balearic-fused electronic vibes that make you feel like anything and everything can and will happen. A really refreshing sound.

Attached is Reverie, the second track on the EP, that neatly showcases the abundant possibilities of the world. Lose yourself. Ugetsu is out now on Black Butter Records.


victories_at_seaLeaves are falling, the sun light has this weird angle and there is a distinct cold underneath the warm breeze. It's October and british outfit Victories at Sea have just released this new banger titled Florentine and they really make the prospect of autumn much more bearable.

A new EP is waiting to be released next year, so in the meantime catch a few of their all time greats in this handy playlist they put together. Furthermore the new single is up as a free download here. Success!


morceau du jour: Sunrise Device – Ocean Eyes

by poule on October 16, 2014

sunrise_deviceSunrise Device is a project from good old England and eeek this EP he has out on Soundcloud is among the smoothest and nicest things you will have listened to today. Sounds like something that's out on Cascine - except it isn't. Attached is the uber sweet Ocean Eyes. What a beaut. Also check the latest gem Rebecca, split in three parts.