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When life is grey and tries to get you down, lush riffs and dreamy reverb to the rescue! Canadian steamer Tropic Harbour delivers his latest single just in time then. Can't Pretend is an ode to letting it be a thing of the past, an ode to finding a new steady state, a new peace. Heavy stuff, even for the month of January. But when it comes wrapped in slow electronica, you just can't pretend. The track is out now on the great Noon Pacific. Team Poule says, January be like.

Photo credits go to main man Levi Manchak.

Danish Australian powerhouse Palace Winter has had a great 2017 and spent the better part of it working on new tunes and packaging those synths and chord lines into handy pop songs. They announced the product of which, their new album Nowadays with a delivery date for May the 4th (be with you) via the infamous Tambourhinoceros in Copenhagen.

With it comes their grand new single TakeShelter, attached below at your convenience. The track features their trademark keys and drums as well as their miles deep synth operations, opening a dark abyss of grief, confronting death and the shelters we build for ourselves, an abyss of fire and fury if you will. The good news doesn't end there. The group will take this bad boy on a tour throughout Europe this March, with Amsterdam, Brussels, Reading, London and Manchester on the itinerary. Team Poule says, what better way to start the day.

Photo credits go to Jasper Spanning for this one.

morceau du jour: Hope – Kingdom

Hope rose to indie fame a handful of winters ago, promoting a very uplifting and smooth way of life. Since then, somewhat of a dark shadow has cast over the team out of Berlin. Their self-titled album from last summer  has a dark, ambient and almost hyponotic flavour, and yet it is surprisingly enlightening, luring you in, for those inclined.

Only right then, that the first major festival of the year has placed them firmly in their line-up, taking the stage at Eurosonic in Groningen next weekend. On the back of that, the group embarks on a bit of a tour, playling in Hamburg January 20th at Hafenklang, and adding more German dates in March and April. Team Poule says, suspense.

First week of January, time to take a concluding look at the musical offerings of the last year, 2017. After thoroughly studying the year-end-lists by the likes of Gorilla vs. Bear, Paste Magazine, NME, Stereogum, Pitchfork and even Noisey, here now goes a list of 10 or so albums and EPs that we feel were somewhat overlooked in the mentioned rankings and yet really ruffled the Poule's feathers last year. Complete with Spotify links, and in no particular order: [click to continue…]

Bringing on that 2018 flow is CallumDr in the form of his newest track. Together combines a neat sense for layers and sampled vocals with a general funkyness that is hard to resist on these dark and grim January nights, straight out of the West Midlands' nest that is Wolverhampton. Team Poule says, a thing of beauty.

Boston duo Modesta picks 2018 up just where they left the old seventeen. January 12 ​will see them releasing their studio debut, the four-track EP VHS, blending both modern electronic musings and a refreshing dose of dreamy retro flavours. Attached above is their first treat, the title-lending VHS. Pure moods. Team Poule says, happy new year indeed.