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Photo-Interview #28: VILDE

VILDE here is about to release his 8th studio album in the form of a collection of songs wrapped under the mantle of Hope. Across its 8 tracks his songwriting and electronic production neatly light the different angles of the flakey subject. Reason enough for Team Poule to inquire in a new edition of our prized photo-interview series capturing the visual hope if you will of Thomas Savage, the man behind the moniker.

Having moved countries eight times in the past 12 years, taking him from Australia as far as Sweden, Germany, England, and lately Scotland, his musical style nicely keeps evolving, too. His latest album is a clean cut anthem that was more than two years in the making. And if you picture the green hills of Scotland, and the North Sea steadily fighting its way with the rocky cliffs, you can hear the rhythm of the waves crashing on almost every song. Something very secluded but warm and optimistic about his music shines right through.

Time has been always played a crucial part in his works, for example with a lovely project that saw him write, produce and release a song every month for a full year, culminating the album Study / Dance in September 2017. About his new album Hope he said: “As an impatient person with no attention span, I gave it patience and attention. When I couldn’t do so, I walked away.” Glad he did not walk away from this photo interview – so hit play on the latest single Piñata below and enjoy! Hope is out August 18, planet wide.

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The lovely dressed up people above have been making stellar tunes as Alexandria for some time, and just had an amazing set of live session titled Silver Session out on YouTube. If you are into music and art and life in general, do not sleep on this.

Meanwhile, they are also busy working on an EP that will be out later this summer. Attached below is the first product of their creative break, titled Explicit Engravings. If you happen to be in Stockholm, May 19th, go see them play at Patricia and they will be live at LIVS restaurant on May 25th.

Find this wonderful tune and many more on the official Poule d’Or playlist on Spotify.

Nothing really beats the joy and excitement of listening to something good for the first time, and realizing it, and then listen again, witnessing your own senses evolve around it. Surprise Chef here out of Melbourne produce this kind of music. The five of them create a wonderful mix of influences and styles, opening up spaces for your ears to dive into at ease.

They released three great albums since 2020 and have a new EP lined up for launch on June 2nd via Big Crown Records, titled Friendship. To celebrate the occasion, they are touring relevant parts of Europe right now, making stops in Leipzig tomorrow, May 16, Thursday 18th in Berlin, Friday 19th in Hamburg, Saturday in Amsterdam and Sunday in Cologne before taking on Bruges, Paris, Lille, Manchester and London and then a number of dates in the US and Canada all the way through August. Find all dates nicely listed here, in order of Surprise Chef’s appearance.

Talent Stick off their upcoming EP is attached below at your convenience.

Title photo credits go to Izzie Austin, and Izzie Austin only.

Malmö’s Talking Flowers here is busy keeping an eye on all things backyard – and also just signed with Sweden’s wonderful Rama Lama Records to release a flowing stream of singles and albums. Her first and latest track is titled Storytelling and evolves around a 60s-fused sense of haze and mystery: a dreamy combination of charismatic vocals and playful melodies enveloped by fuzzy layers of synthesizers. One of those first class tunes that lure you right in and take care of the rest. It’s all been strung together quite beautifully by Tambourine Studios’ Joar Sylvan.

Avid followers of Poule d’Or will probably have heard the single in our revolving rotation on Spotify over here. The excitement is real and was reason enough for the young Buddhas at Poule headquarters to reach out to her and hear/see what makes up the system that is Talking Flowers, in another edition of our prized Photo-Interview series.

So hit play below, and dive in.

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Iceland’s superstars extraordinaire VÖK returned with new material last fall, with an album carrying their own name. The trio is now getting ready to leave their Atlantic home and take their tunes on a tour across the mainland, Europe.

The German-leg of the tour is co-presented by your friends at Poule d’Or and it’s your chance to win big and get your hand on a pair of tickets to the shows in Hamburg or Berlin:

March 5, Berlin Zenner | March 7, Hamburg Molotow

Hit us up at win-big@pouledor.com with your name and desired location – the winner will be picked at random, on March 1st at 12pm noon CET sharp, and be notified immediately with adequate time to prepare for the occasion. In the meantime, find their wafting single Cold attached below at your convenience.

All credits for the title image go to Dóra Dúna only.