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Time for a red hot exclusive straight out of Camp Poule! Better Days is the latest single by Swedish sunglasses CYAMO out of coastal Göteborg. The duo has dropped some sharp and shiny singles throughout the last couple of months but this one is off their debut album coming sometime in 2022 -next year that is.

Better Days neatly pursues a pure indie-disco vibe, carried by a funky bass-line and channeling the grand shadows of final summer days in the French capital, sometime in the late 2000s, when the cool breeze is already lurking but the light is just perfect.

Better Days is out today, and available practically worldwide and you can find the track handily attached below but also on the ever updated Poule d’Or Spotify playlist with nothing but the best tunes out there right now, so don’t miss

It’s September hey and you can feel summer waving so long with autumn lurking just underneath the longer shadows. Well, then it’s usually time for Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg – and time for a trip down south to the vast Italian coastline to soak up some of that Mediterranean light. You’re in luck this year, because the rising Better Things from Berlin have teamed up with Italia Music Export and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Amburgo and put together an all-Italian showcase in Hamburg, Sept. 23rd, as part of the rather exclusive 2021 Reeperbahn Festival.

They bring with them warm riffs and lush aperitivo vibes in the form of Bee Bee Sea out of Lombardy’s Castel Goffredo and their raw rocking and rolling vibe, HÅN and her dreamy scapes from the shores of Lago di Garda as well as regular Genoa All Stars Eugenia Post Meridiem. The latter produce a fine blend of dreamy pop songs and determined precision of singer songwriters.

The three of them get together for a La Festa evening in Hamburg’s Uwe location right on Reeperbahn on Thursday September 23rd, 7pm. Sign up here.

Eugenia Post Meridiem’s latest piece of bliss is titled Willpower and is attached below at your convenience – and also added to the ever updated Poule d’Or Spotify playlist, don’t miss.

Photo-Interview #21: John Moods

Main man John Moods has been producing lush tunes and pleasing aesthetics for more than a decade with his band Fenster. His solo efforts took off in a debut album in 2018 and he just released a killer of a sophomore album slash Speakerboxxx/The Love Below-style double release in So Sweet So Nice, just out via Berlin’s fine Mansions and Millions. A mad collection of dreamy pop music swung home by his delicate vocals, the brilliant title track is attached below, at your convenience.

Meanwhile, John Moods is set to return to the major indie stages of Germany this week, playing Mainz tomorrow (Aug 26), then Halle (Aug 27) and Berlin’s fine Pop-Kultur festival on Saturday, Aug 28, so get behind that.

Now this is all fun and games but at Poule d’Or, as you well know, we stand for thorough research and pointed questions which is why we are beyond excited that John Moods took some time out of his day to reply in spectacular fashion in an all new edition of our prized photo-interview series. So hit play below on this sweet steamer and scroll through his visual answers to life’s most urgent questions.

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Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. Always do. Enter, this effortless sunny mid-August summer vibe coming in by way of Los Angeles studio head and producer Caddy, Lone Ranger, caught on film, above. The track is Time, floating smoothly on jangly riffs, a very healthy dose of reverb and dreamy palmy air.

As he puts it, music to listen to sitting alone outside at someplace important to your younger self. Brilliant. He just released his senior debut EP titled Lone Ranger I on his own label, four tracks wrapped up and sounding just as good as this single, with a warm handshake and promise of live shows, more tracks and collaborations up his sleeve, ready to go. The quick and sleek piece Time then is attached below at your convenience and also added to the ever updated Poule d’Or Spotify playlist, don’t miss.

Atlanta’s finest and all around lover of blue and hah Faye Webster sat down with your favorite Team Poule for this very special piece of reporting and 20th installment of the prized photo-interview series. If you are into visuals and a fair bit of palmy riffs and tiki-type vibes, you might just be in luck!

Faye Webster just released her fourth solo album I Know I’m Funny haha via the mighty Secretly Canadian: 11 tracks neatly combining a pure sense of optimism and observational precision with the timeless feeling of a sunny afternoon spent by the pool, chasing the stars across the random aquatic surface. All wrapped into mellow chords and vocals that seem to know what they are talking about.

Her current single A Dream With a Baseball Player is attached below, at your convenience. Faye just spent some time at the infamous Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village recording for a Spotify special, so look out for that. In the meantime, hit play below and enjoy the visual replies by the one and only Faye Webster.

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Copenhagen’s The New Investors are at it again, fueled by the natural force of compound interest. In preparation for their third album comes this fine piece of pandemic recordings: Don’t Be Yourself is out today, a dreamy track about going the extra mile, of leaving your own fears and prejudices behind sometimes and break out onto new paths, outgrowing yourself. And growth and return surely are more than bullet points on this group’s slide deck.

Give the track a spin and enjoy nothing but smooth sailing along the curvy coastlines of Denmark with this Poule d’Or premiere. The new album is set for release in October, in the meantime check your local programmings for live shows – it may happen sooner than you think.

Naturally you can find this track on our ever updated Spotify playlist at pouledor.com/spotify