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Swedish singer and songwriter Ingrid Witt has long been a driving force behind the scenes for other artists, and two years ago, finally, made her solo debut. Attached below is her latest offering, Killing Me. A story about a destructive relationship and the struggles to move on, all wrapped in a warm and multi-layered pop shell.

The track comes off her new EP Everything Has To Be True which has a release date for November 24th via her own label Oh Mama. Reason enough for Team Poule to get behind this and hear what Ingrid is all about.

Where are you from, where did you grow up?

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Danish smooth talkers J. Bruno have dropped a new sweat snack of a single. Do You Even? neatly follows their dreamy on-point production route to a steamy new high. Driving vocals, lush beats and poppy melody that takes life by its horns. Just what you need this time of the year, the single is out now on the great Møs Møs.

And if you happen to call the European Capital of Culture 2017, Aarhus, home these days - make sure to catch their show this Friday, November 24th, at mighty Radar in support of Masasolo. Team Poule says, so refreshing!

When "cool new world, jazz, and folk music" is on the ticket to Hamburg, it's time for Danish Vibes. The ensemble has made a name for themselves crafting talent-packed evenings with the finest our neighbor to the North has to offer. This week, on November 23rd, no less than five Danish bands are scheduled to play at Hamburg's kukuun and Häkken. Debre Damo Dining Orchestra and their funky afro-jazz, singer and saxophonist Mads Mathias, singer-songwriters Ida Wenøe and Mirja Klippel and the banging electronically fused jazz of supergroup Kalaha.

Now, as frequent visitors to Team Poule you are once again in luck. We managed to get our filthy feathers on not one but two tickets for the occasion waiting for one lucky winner. All you need to do is hit the comment section below and share a word of wisdom - the winner will be drawn at random, on Wednesday noon, 12am sharp.

Attached below then, find exhibit A in your decision process to walk over to Häkken this Thursday. BWW off Kalaha's phenomenal debut album Masala that came out about a year ago on Rump Recordings. Team Poule says, takes you right off your seat.

Who doesn't enjoy a fair bit of reverb and sunny riffs around this time of the year. Good thing then that the Surf Rock Is Dead stepped forward with a healthy new single entitled As If. A jangly little gem of indie surf (sic) rock that warm your cold heart right up.

The track comes off the duos EP We Have No Friends which is out now on both digital outlets and good old fashioned vinyl via Native Sound, twelve inch, light blue, dreams. Team Poule says, bull's eye.

All photo credits go to Mr. Michael Cooper, smooth.

The dark eyed dreamers of Ten Fé started as brotherly duo and have since taken on their live band as permanent members of their creative process. Exhibit A then comes attached below in the form of the five-tets new single (sic), Single, No Return.

Nothing final about the group though, they are just getting started. Their debut album has been out since February, and further tunes are said to be in the making with top shelf label PIAS. Also, the team has just confirmed their biggest headline show yet for November 23rd at London's Dingwalls. Team Poule says, flawless.

Photo credit above go to the talented Abi Raymaker.

The dapper gentlemen above are going by the name of Milano Sun, do not let the formal attire lure you in though. The Swedish pop quartet has its systems running in full steam today, with heir stellar single Eldorado being released as we speak on the great Vårø Records - a pure and dreamy piece of good vibes, some might say golden even.

The really wonderful single is attached below, and word on the street has it that a full length album is in production for a Spring release date. Team Poule says, don't leave em hanging.

Photo credits go to the amazing Petorovsky in Stockholm, dashing.