Photo-Interview #9: Still Parade

by poule on April 16, 2014

still-paradeIn a neat tradition we keep up and running here at Poule d'Or headquarters, the amazing yet mysterious Still Parade agreed to share some very personal insights into his inner feelings and workings. The photo-interview is a very established form of interview here at Poule d'Or, emphasizing the visual message.

Still Parade is the solo project of Berlin native Niklas. After playing numerous festivals last year, he is now readying the release of his new EP Fields. Nicely set in a dreamy pop cove between Bon Iver and Wild Nothing. Four tracks that give you the feeling of a spring camping tour in the Californian mountains, waking up in the cold nature, making a fire, climbing stone after stone. Fields is out May 6th on Serve & Volley records, celebrated at Comet in Berlin the same day, then playing The Great Escape in Brighton May 8-10.

Hit play on the lead-single Fields - this is STILL PARADE.



SPOT Festival 2014: Iberia

by poule on April 15, 2014

iberia_press2_Moa_KaremyrHere is another Grand for SPOT Festival in Aarhus next month, May 1-4: Iberia - who are contrary to widespread beliefs not from Spain but Sweden by way of Berlin and Göteborg. A duo, Alexander Palmestål and Maja Milner who is also the songwriter and vocalist of Makthaverskan, if that rings a bell. The two just viennent de releasing their self-titled debut album back in March. A great collection of atmospheric, sort of hip-hip infused electronic music. Attached is Swansea, which is also available as a free download. Who doesn't enjoy that.

Iberia are playing SCC, Saturday night 1am (so that's Sunday, technically.)


morceau du jour: Matthias Grübel – CLOSE

by poule on April 14, 2014

GrübelThis is Matthias Grübel. He lives in Berlin, and by day he is writing music for films and theatre. By night however, his dark passenger takes over and he composes his own music and this right here, this is one his tracks. Close is attached below and the first single off his debut release which is supposed to come out this summer. Something, to set your alarm to. Close also, is a free download, over at german über-blog trndmsk.


SPOT Festival 2014: My Heart The Brave

by poule on April 10, 2014

Spot-Festival-640pxSo this year a long time dream of Team Poule finally becomes reality when we will pack our little blog van and drive up to Aarhus for SPOT Festival. One of the most prestigious indie festivals there are in Europe I reckon, taking place around Aarhus' Musikhallen May 1-4. It really is a shame to admit that Team Poule has never been there before as it really only is a 3,5-hour drive from our Hamburg headquarters.

So this year then! One band we totally cannot wait to see perform out of this almost exclusively Danish line-up is My Heart The Brave from Copenhagen. Who have been releasing pleasant little electropop treasures for the past 12 months. Among them the great Keep Me From It which they shared for the 12th Poule d'Or Compilation back in January - still up as a free download. Their latest single Meditation One is attached below and they have an EP out of iTunes, Spotify, etc. Snag that. I haven't been able to get my hands on a time table, but these guys WILL play and Team Poule cannot waittt.

My Heart The Brave are playing SCC on Saturday afternoon, 17h15.


morceau du jour: DENA – Flashed

by poule on April 9, 2014

DENANot red hot new but DENA's debut album Flash is just too good not to give it a proper shout-out. 10 tracks that neatly follow the great sound she showed off on her trademark song Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools - dubbed avant-garde pop, if you will. A personal favorite probably is the opener Thin Rope - also a past single. But really, the newer songs are even more DENA. It's quite difficult picking one out of the ten, they are all great. An exciting mix of 90s dance music, RnB influences and the frantic rhythm of a summer in the city.

Attached is Flashed which was produced by no other than Erlend Øye. Who, it seems, wanted to return the favour after Dena featured on both Whitest Boy Alive album back then. Flash is out now.


morceau du jour: Waylayers – Medicine

by poule on April 7, 2014

waylayersHold on to your wigs and keys Germany! London's own Waylayers are coming to town. The trio has just returned from playing this little SXSW thing in Austin and are now ready to pop on European soil again. The lads will play Magnet in Berlin this Friday 11th, then Uebel & Gefährlich in Hamburg on Saturday 12th and on to Denmark, Copenhagen on the 16th of April. All dates nicely organized here.

Watch their video for Magnets. Their set something you do not want to miss. Be there, fruity pants. Attached is one of their quieter, saxed-up songs Medicine. Also catch them on Poule d'Or Compilation 9 and 11.



Been a massive fan of Disaster In The Universe for a very long time - and now they finally unleashed a collection of their fine art to the masses. Their debut Coconut Message came out mid-March and it is just a charm listening to their fun beats and catchy feel-good melodies. On your way to the bakery on a sunny Sunday. On the subway. On a Friday night out. Things are better with their music playing.

But they only deliver their full potential when you give them a stage - neon body colours, palm trees, custom drapes. It really is unlike anything you have experienced before. It will be very interesting to see their summer festival plans. Attached is the opening song Sunlight.


morceau du jour: Tower – Can’t Vibe

by poule on April 3, 2014

TOWERRed hot new band crush. TOWER hail from the San Fernando Valley California and chose to take the mysterious-keep-information-to-a-minimum approach. They follow Van Halen and Nicki Minaj on twitter - and no one else. That's all you need to know. Can't Vibe however does sound awfully familiar - but maybe it's just because it's stuckkk in your head.