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Walking by day, dancing by night. Aren’t we all? Main man Jai Piccone here from the little hub that is Byron Bay, Australia, is taking matters to another level though. Walking the runways of this world during his days, for names like Burberry and Lanvin, before getting straight down to business on the knobs and switches to produce a refreshing blend of dance music.

It all manifested itself in the form of Mover, his debut EP that came out last month. A collection of three highly polished yet organic tracks, breathing life, ready to tackle the challenges regular club nights throw at you. Attached below is his biting single Racer, and naturally a reason to catch up with Jai in his temporary studio and hear what the fuzz is all about.

How did it all start?
When I was about 11 I started playing music and learning from my older brother’s friends. I started with a guitar. After a few years of learning, I started working under a project called Tora, where I was (and still am) producing and writing, and it began to go well. Then after I turned 16, I dropped out of school to tour for 6 months in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Mexico. During this trip I was exposed to some incredible musical influences. This began to cultivate a further interest in dance music. From this influence, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do more than experiment with dance music.

What inspires you? [continue reading…]

An infectious vibe of road trip romance and the dream of freedom projected on the great plains coming in by way of Lou Z out of Copenhagen and the great Danish flatlands. Carried by luscious riffs, a driving beat and stirring visuals Fairyland Goodbye is his debut single and successfully manages to create a distinct atmosphere and longing to put some asphalt under those wheels. 3000 miles to Graceland.

The track is out now via Copenhagen’s handymen of Møs Møs and comes with a promise for more mullet-powered adventures next year.

All photo credits go to Petra Kleis of petrakleis.com.

Music critic turned musician going by the name of Zustra just released a new curve ball of a single, riding high on those Movember vibes. The Words starts off as a dark dream pop piece and develops into a full blown James Bond theme song aesthetic, a hazy fanfare of synths and dancing silhouettes.

And if you’re thinking, damn I wish I could see this being performed live and on a slightly elevated stage, you’re in luck. Zustra has scheduled one more gig for this old year, playing Berlin’s Privatclub Dec 16th, and a Sofar sounds set for January 11th of the shiny new 2019. Her latest piece is out today, and comes with striking visuals, too, filmed and edited by Christian Schneider at Haltdieklappe Filmproduktion.

Photo credits above go to main man Christian Schneider, again.

Time to slip into those oven gloves because this one comes in sizzling hot from the buzztown that is Aarhus. Bear With Me‘s latest single and prelude to his upcoming debut EP is titled Such A Thing and steams out of the starting gates like a Danish stallion, inducing fire and fury, brought to you as a Team Poule exclusive.

The 4 minute jam comes carried by on-point drums and a mad sense for melody and tempo, evolving into a breezy anthem of good times to be had. The EP then, comes with a promise and warm handshake for Spring 2019, just in time for the blooming cherries, via Copenhagen’s ecstatic Møs Møs.

morceau du jour: FEWS – Paradiso

Madness in the streets, madness in parliament, madness in the studios. London via Sweden’s own FEWS sizzled out a new screamer of a single today, worldly named Paradiso. An infectious, mesmerizing, reverb heavy, fuzzmeister of a track, and signpost for a sophomore album titled Into Red, complete with a release date for March 1st 2019 via the infamous Play It Again Sam Records.

And not only that, the shmoozers will take their new babies on a tour across the old continent, playing Rotterdam, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, and really a whole places more in March next year. Find it all nicely scheduled, here.

Britain’s very royal ensemble of Moscow Youth Cult have been on the forefront of versatile electronic music for the better part of the last decade. Last month they oligarched out a new long player going by the name of Brutalist – a mad 43 minute joy ride through 15 songs, changing pace, tone and colour every corner of the way, while staying straight on course. A fitting soundtrack to the dark evenings of November still.

Brutalist is out now, via London’s great Hello Thor Records and I Own You Records – with the 12 inch changing hands at a mere twelve pounds – and up for a streaming experience on Spotify. Attached below is the brute swinger Dream Console, a tropical gateway into the great twilight ride that is this album – comes with visuals too. They will be presenting their new machinery to the world in London at New River Studios, Friday Nov. 30.

All credits of this breezy shot above go to Louise Neervoort and Sabrina Weiss.