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Red hot new this one out of the Portuguese studios SINAH calls home these days. Ivy is of course a hat-tip to Godfather Frank Ocean and Vampire Weekend’s Rostam, who co-produced it in the first place, and boom, it’s a Team Poule exclusive.

Sinah then took this delicate piece of songwriting, stripped the crooning guitar, and morphed it into her own realms. Driven by soft layers of vast electronic beats and ultimately carried by her soothing vocals, the New Ivy is both Frank Ocean and Sinah at the same time, and a free download for those Zune fans out there.

Sinah, meanwhile, is busy tightening the screws on her upcoming album, which will be more reliant on samples, more personal, and more diverse, and is stamped with a delivery date for later this year. Stream on.

Photo credits go to Andreas Hornoff.

The French gentlemen of Papooz, half way through dinner here, are busy putting the wheels on their upcoming second album Night Sketches due March 8th via the awesome Half Awake Records in Paris. Below, they offer a little hat-tip to the March madness that awaits. You and I is their latest and an ultimately lovely and lush piece of indie pop, showcasing their many talents and heating up January quite nicely.

The track comes with striking visuals, too, directed by Victoria Lafaurie and filmed by Leo Schrepel. Fire away. [continue reading…]

Smooth and red hot new tunes coming in by way of Vancouver, Canada, where DIY HIFI just set up shop. The new project of an old mate is a trifecta of artist collective, production unit and record label and he just put forth it’s first single in Feels, earmarked DH001. The track comes with a lush and infectious b-side in Another Woman, attached below at your convenience. A nice breeze of summer and poolside adventures, lived through sunglasses. DH002 and Free are scheduled for arrival January 25.

January, 2019. Time to sit back and take a knowing look at the year gone by, the year done with, the year 2018. After consulting the likes of Pitchfork, Paste Magazine, Consequence of Sound, Gorilla vs. Bear, and a nice write-up by Brooklyn Vegan, including Barack Obama’s top list, and after considering the releases by household names including, but by no means being limited to, Beach House, Blood Orange, Kurt Vile, Robyn, Lykke Li, Janelle Monae, a Black-Panther-laden Kendrick Lamar, and Kamasi Washington, here goes Team Poule’s list of who steered the rusty old ship of 2018 through the muddy waters.

In no particular order, and alongside handy Spotify links, these are some of the kickers, that will keep shining in 2019. [continue reading…]

morceau du jour: Mayes – Icing

One last hoo-rah for 2018. It’s New Year’s Eve and this one deserves a special occasion. Hamburg’s own Mayes end the cake of a year in style, with their new single Icing. The track comes with a warm breeze of lo-fi indie vibe carried by precisely engineered riffs and welcoming vocals.

The group is working on putting together a string of live dates for Spring, and in the meantime cling to the visuals and vibes to Icing, directed by Niklas Zeiner, recorded and mixed by Eugen Koop and mastered by Philipp Welsing, attached below.

Walking by day, dancing by night. Aren’t we all? Main man Jai Piccone here from the little hub that is Byron Bay, Australia, is taking matters to another level though. Walking the runways of this world during his days, for names like Burberry and Lanvin, before getting straight down to business on the knobs and switches to produce a refreshing blend of dance music.

It all manifested itself in the form of Mover, his debut EP that came out last month. A collection of three highly polished yet organic tracks, breathing life, ready to tackle the challenges regular club nights throw at you. Attached below is his biting single Racer, and naturally a reason to catch up with Jai in his temporary studio and hear what the fuzz is all about.

How did it all start?
When I was about 11 I started playing music and learning from my older brother’s friends. I started with a guitar. After a few years of learning, I started working under a project called Tora, where I was (and still am) producing and writing, and it began to go well. Then after I turned 16, I dropped out of school to tour for 6 months in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Mexico. During this trip I was exposed to some incredible musical influences. This began to cultivate a further interest in dance music. From this influence, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do more than experiment with dance music.

What inspires you? [continue reading…]