my_heart_the_braveTime to get out those oven gloves again. This one by Danish master mind My Heart The Brave is less than half a day old at pixel time. Talk about music blogs being dead - if this isn't timely information, what is. My Heart The Brave of course, is the moniker of Danish producer Caspar Hesselager, who manages to create a sound that is deeply familiar and yet unlike anything else out there.

His latest gem Dark Black is no exception. The way piano and electronics complement each other, then taking in the vocals, is simply breath taking. Dark Black is the second single off his upcoming debut album, eagerly awaited to be out this autumn. Team Poule says, GOAT, possibly.


fragranceDid you know that in France, it is illegal to kiss on the platform of a train station in order to avoid any train delay? And that in France it is illegal to drink alcohol at your workplace - with the exception of beer, wine, cidre and poiré? Liberté you might say. In the meantime, all around Frenchman and Parisian Fragrance has a new video out which is proudly premiered right here, on the Poule d'Or.

Fragrance produces a wonderfully light and high-flying tilt of the dreamy electronic pop music spectrum. And what better day to send this beauty with the title Lust For Lights into vast world wide webs than on June 21st, the light-richtest day of the Northern hemisphere's year. Team Poule says, Allez Les Bleus!


Legend Jack Tatum released his third album this year, going by the lovely name of Life Of Pause on which - for the first - he didn't play all instruments himself. By adding a drummer, saxophone player, a guitar player even, he tried to create a whole new world of sounds, full of details, structure and dimensions. Well, if you say, I wish I knew how it turned out, you will be pleased to know that Team Poule has your back as we managed to get our curly feathers on a copy of Life Of Pause, coming in the handy format of a compact disc.

And not only that, Wild Nothing is on a grand world tour at the moment, making a stop at Hamburg's Knust next Wednesday June 22nd and under these feather are also lurking two tickets for one lucky winner. So, if you hit the comment box below and leave a word of wisdom, the tickets AND the CD will be yours. Surreal, innit? The lucky winner will be drawn June 21st at 6pm CEST sharp. As always, the Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen. Team Poule says, what are you waiting for?


chainwalletIt's June and lovers of the bright nights will really get their monies worth on June 21st when mother nature is showing off with the longest day and the shortest night, marking the turn of the Earth's arch and the beginning of summer.

Equally exciting is the prospect of celebrating the occasion with some human pleasures, coming in the form of alcoholic beverages and music being played live on a stage. On Friday next week, June 24th, experts in anything north of the Baltic waters, Nordic by Nature, are going to host the official Berlin Midsommar party for the fifth time. The area at Friedrichshain's Urban Spree will be seeing the traditional floral crowns, midsommar games and the Små Grodorna as well as modern food trucks and a carefully selected group of Scandinavian musicians.

On the ticket this year are Gnučči from Sweden, Lisa Alma and Wangel from Denmark, Chain Wallet from Norway und Iceland's Lord Pusswhip. Oh Mamma! While the two Danes should be ringing bells, the latter two might not. Attached above, thus, are Chain Wallet. Shade is their single from late last year, a perfect guitar driven dreamy pop gem with just the right amount of reverb, attached below, at your convenience. Summer, here we come, at Urban Spree. And there will be a Finnish sauna, too. Team Poule says, let's go!


tourist-dollarsDid you know that former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke set a world record for sculling 2,5 pints of beer in 11 seconds? And that he later suggested that this was the reason for his great political success? Australia huh, those overachievers. Also hailing from this magical country are the phenomenal Tourist Dollars who are pictured about and just popped the cork on their debut EP - and it's a really refreshing one behind that cork. Coming self titled and with smooth artwork, the four songs on the EP are nothing short of pure summer bliss, with driving riffs, reverb vocals and a sun drenched depth. Bliss.

Attached below then is the opening track Ageless, a stellar summer night track. Tourist Dollar's debut is out now on Deaf Ambitions. Team Poule says, chapeau, you really dropped the ball on this one.


DSC08642-EditWho doesn't enjoy a fair amount of European national football on a June weekend? Team Poule certainly does. There are more things in life though than 22 men chasing a ball for 90 minutes, and the Germans always winning at the end: Blurred Edges is "a festival for a wide field of music, including new music, improvisation, soundart, electronic music and avantgarde-DJing". Yea, they mean business. And this year it is taking place from June 3 to 19th in different locations in Hamburg, Germany.

The man, the legend Felix Kubin took to the occasion and put together a fresh new mix, featuring a whole range of internationals, attached below. He will be showcasing his talents on Thursday, June 16th during Blurred Edges. Photo evidence by mad photographer Janto Rößner, above. Team Poule says, nice touch Felix.


foreverandever_3Here is something you haven't heard before - because it's yet again a Poule d'Or exclusive! Swedish band foreverandever went the extra mile on this one and remixed the already smooth as silk single Waterfall by fellow Swedes Post Pines, a duo out of lovely Linköping.

Foreverandever then, took the spheric and mellow Post Pines track and banged it up a notch, taking it downstairs, dimming the lights. A rhythmic twist and dance piece, like moist air on a cold morning in September, appearing to hover over the cold forest floor. The remix is out tomorrow, May 30th - with Waterfalls, the real thing, being out now on Swedish label Meraki Force. Team Poule says, Swedish forests eh, take care out there.


hersRead somewhere the other day that sloths are increasingly being domesticated. Wasn't sure what to do with that piece of information but it stuck. Anyway, here is a track that is straight forward. Her's is a duo out of Liverpool and they got their guitars in order. Dorothy is their debut gem and out on a 7inch on Heist or Hit, comes with a stellar b-side too. Team Poule says, it's a sloth's world.