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Only a matter of days now until Cabourg Mon Amour launches for a 2017 edition in the cozy hub that is the Normandy beach town of Cabourg. July 28-30 will see a whole range of talents taking the sandy stages under skies. From your rather enjoyable Parisian techno to very pop and ambient electro, really a remarkable selection of people making music. The days kick off as a day at the beach should with a bit of a day party and from the afternoon the stages will host their artists. Really, a perfect excuse to spend some time in the North of France, and reason enough for Team Poule to peer through the line-up and produce a little playlist for the occasion. Stream away. Team Poule says, so ready for a bit of a splash.

Sexy summer vibes coming in from Copenhagen's J. Bruno - a group of five, mind you. Believe In Love is their latest lovely jam, just in time for the hot months of the year. Dreamy guitars, synths and melodies, the Danes have it all. Catch them live at Summer In The City Festival (July 27) and Uhoert Festival (August 18) in Copenhagen, and witness the sounds they describe themselves as late-70s wedding music. Believe In Love is out now on Møs Møs. Team Poule says, summer summer summer tiiime.

Photo credit go to Niels Vogensen Biasevich.

North of France. Glam 1900s beach town. Two stages, three days. It's about all you need to know about Cabourg Mon Amour, your perfect excuse to head to Normandy from July 28 to 30. The line-up features a whole range of household names from the French and international scene as well as some promising talents. One of them would have to be SÔNGE out of Paris. Attached below is What Happened, a banging mix of Parisian electronics and classic RnB feats. She had an EP out earlier this year, and looks set to leave her mark in the sands of Cabourg. Team Poule says, fasten your seatbelts.

Charming indie label Sinnbus and Listenhamburg are teaming up for a little summer party at Hamburg's mighty and prestigious Astra Stube this Thursday, July 20. They come packing heavy, with Sinnbus graduates Odd Beholder and Yeah But No on the line-up. The first, an ensemble out of Switzerland and fusing a very enjoyable and spheric type of electronic pop. Find their great new video below, shot in no other place than suburban Azerbaijan.

The latter, Yeah But No pair quite nicely next to the Swiss group, with a bit of a larger emphasis on the binary ones and zeros of musical production, no surprise given their history as techno producers. All info on Sinnbus Signale right there on the facebook.

And Team Poule once again reached out and managed to secure 2x2 tickets for the occasion. All you need to do to take them home (and to Astra Stube) is hit the comment section below and throw your name into hat. Winners will be picked Wednesday, July 19th, at 6pm CET sharp. Team Poule says, pace yourselves.

Photo credits above go to Christian Neuenschwander.

Cabourg is a small beach town in the North of France, only a quick 2 hour drive from Paris. And in two weeks time, a rather fantastic selection of French and international artist will be taking the stages at Cabourg Mon Amour: a three day celebration of music, summer, France and life itself, really.

On the line-up are some very major names, among them: Fishbach and her tropically fused French way of pop. Should be a banger under the skies of Calvados. Attached below is the title track Un Autre Que Moi off her debut EP of the same name that came out in May this year. Team Poule says, drinks on you, Cabourg.

Old mate Brothertiger hops on board Anoraak's new and unconstrained project Outblack here. A lush electronica piece of music and a match made in heaven. Outblack already has an EP under his name, Void came out in May and nicely takes the synthy 80s pop vibes of Anoraak into more spheric and electronic waters. Attached below are both visuals and audio streams available for your consumption. Team Poule says, these two get along nicely.