morceau du jour: Heart/Dancer – Hallucination

by poule on November 21, 2014

heart-dancerSweden's hottest label Sommarhjärta has lined up yet another great release: Heart/Dancer are Linnéa and Joakim from Stockholm and they just premiered this badboy of indietronica bliss over at - just the right vibezies to get the weekend going. Hallucination is as sweet and innocent as pop music gets while having the unleashing dance blood right underneath and a dark'ish layer on top. Living is a hallucination.

In case you are thinking, wow, these guys sound really interesting, I wish there was some way to find out more about them. Good news! Linnéa and Joakim sat down with Poule d'Or back in June to tackle the big questions of online and offline life, read the interview here. Hallucination is out on Sommarhjärta this Monday.


morceau du jour: Gala Drop – Sun Gun

by poule on November 20, 2014

Gala-Drop-07-by-Marta-PinaPortuguese group Gala Drop has been a favorite for some time. The dreamy funkmasters have now lined up their second album for release November 24 and it is one of those albums that you can listen to all day and it never gets old. A great production meandering between funk and electronic, eight tracks that induce a sort of lightness in your doings. Perfect layers of synths, strings and a sorts of drums. Gala Drop II is out next week and attached below is the magnificent Sun Gun.


morceau du jour: Matthias Grübel – Sing

by poule on November 18, 2014

matthias_grübelBerlin's super producer Matthias Grübel usually goes his ways writing and composing for plays and moving pictures as well as playing in bands with friends. And Team Poule always likes to take a sort of holistic approach to music, not only listening but also letting the artwork and song titles, etc have a say. Here now comes his solo debut EP going by the brilliant name of The Longest Year In History and over course of four tracks Matthias creates a wonderful, smooth sort of ambient, synth joyride that could well be the soundtrack to something while at the same time very much speaking for itself.

Attached is Sing, the second track on the EP, building up slowly to end as a total banger. Paired with this beaut of a collage on the EP artwork below, this is a release you do not want to miss. The Longest Year In History along with four remixes is out now on Audiobulb Records, stream it here.


morceau du jour: Billion One – Lyrebird

by poule on November 12, 2014

Billion_OneFantastic electronic tunes coming in from Germany little artistic hub Oldenburg. Billion One is a drummer by day or at least part of the night and you can really feel that sixth sense for beats and rhythms on his great songs. Attached is Lyrebird off his latest collection. Find loads more on Soundcloud. Look out for his upcoming EP Minerva. Sweetness.


morceau du jour: Jet Setter – Dippin’ Toes

by poule on November 6, 2014

jet_setter_bananaWith a genre like indie rock you would expect to at some point reach a stage where you have heard it all and nothing excites you anymore. And then come around bands like Jet Setter. The Irish quartet released this phenomenal song on Soundcloud and as soon as you hit play it's there. A two minute seven second feel good ride. And there is more to come. Jet Setter are busy recording an EP right this second.


naomi.pilgrimNaomi Pilgrim is back and she is here and there is no need in the world to worry about. The curly delight of Swedish electronic production and pop music vibes has a new single out and if all days started like this all would in fact be good. One can only hope there is an album in the pipeline waiting to be released. This is her first single since April - so chances are Naomi Pilgrim did spend some precious Swedish summer days in the studio recordings. And all will be good forever.


CircusHouseIt's that Denver time of the year and fittingly Denver-based beat machines The Circus House released a new package of bliss. What A Feeling is their new single and first track off their upcoming album Graceful Jungle which should be out in time for spring next year. The Circus House actually is a group of artists all related to The Blackout Beat - the label slash artistic playground of production duo and brothers Armando and Marcos Garibay. Beautiful songs to be found on there.

Make sure to also snack their all time great Tasteless Kisses for free on the 12th Poule d'Or Compilation.


germany_germanyThe man, the legend, Germany Germany. A name that always manages to tickle the Poule's plumage. Like Deutsche cars, Drew keeps going and going and going, seemingly effortlessly producing hits. He now released a new self-titled album containing some old songs and some new, however no less than all of them recorded with the help of a full band of friends. A great energy throughout the whole tracklist - and out on bandcamp.

Attached is Love and Science Fiction, a trademark Germany Germany track. Indie electronica at its absolute finest. Keep going Drew.