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The musical year is picking up speed nicely and next week the one and only John Moods is set to play some fine stages across the old Bundesrepublik of Germany. He will be busy celebrating the release of his new album The Great Design from November, via the cool Mansions and Millions.

The record is a clean cut throughout, neatly combining his keen touch for vast electronic soundscapes, cool vocals and crisp harmonies. A firm statement after a line of smooth EPs and pleasing aesthetics, too. Exhibit A is attached below, in the great single Such A Thrill.

On his journey through Europe‘s heartland, him and his phenomenal live band will stop in Hamburg Feb 9, Kiel on the 10th, Mainz on Valentine’s Day (no brainer), Düsseldorf Feb 15. Also on the itinerary are Zürich, Munich, Leipzig, Erfurt and a whole lot more. Find them all nicely listed in order of appearance, here.

Title image by Julia Perkuhn and her only.

Australian professional Cool Sounds is heading northward, into the heart of European winter, with a new album attached. Like That came out last year via the slick Chapter Music out of Melbourne. The LP is a stellar listen and features his trademark sense for smooth electronic production and a keen eye for funky melodies and when to throw the handbrake on, drifting on the inner lane.

From next week on, him and his six piece live ensemble will embark on a European tour that will see them stop in Germany, Denmark, England, France and Belgium – with Berlin‘s Schokoladen on January 25th, Hamburg‘s Aalhaus on the 26 and Copenhagen‘s Loppen on the 27th before heading over to Sebright Arms in London, Jan 30th. Further dates include Aalborg, Paris, Amiens, Lille, Rennes, and many more. Find them nice listed in order of appearance, here on Instagram.

All credits for the cool title image go to James Morris, and James Morris only.

It’s another twelve months unlocked, and it’s the year numbered 2023. All-new Danish duo No Project One is kicking off this round of calendar events with the release of their debut single Connected, today. The two gents above are stressing that while this is their first public endeavor, they have been at it (making music) for some time.

First on the chill Baltic Sea island of Bornholm, and then lately in Copenhagen, Denmark’s centre of gravity. And really, if you think about it, jamming around and finally releasing something into the judgy outside world can be quite a thrilling step, and one some might never do in fact.

So attached below you will find their product, Connected. A brilliant fuzzy piece of recording with a healthy dose of bass and guitar and clear cut sense for melody. More to come!

It’s never too early to take a firm and confident look into the future. Next year in spring, Takeshi’s Cashew, on film above, catching their breath, will be taking their talents across the limitless obstacles Europe has to offer. The German-speaking leg of the tour will be co-presented by your favorites down here at Poule headquarters, alongside the charming folks over at Musikblog.de, a music blog, and the mighty string-pullers in Berlin at pøj pøj.

The dates will nicely flank their upcoming second album Enter J’s Chamber which will add further layers to their 70s psychedelic, global sounds fused and all around modern spin of folk music. Out sometime in April 2023 via the wonderful Laut und Luise. Their current single Serpentines as well as their carefully booked dates and venues are comfortably listed below. Get your ticket while they’re hot and steamy.

April 10 – Munich, Milla
April 11 – Mainz, schon schön
April 12 – Cologne, Bumann & Sohn
April 13 – Hamburg, Hafenklang
April 14 – Berlin, Urban Spree
April 16 – Vienna, Fluc Wanne

Photo credits go to Zoe Kursawe.

The calendar month of December is in full swing and we here at Poule headquarters could not be enjoying this season more as we got our delicate feathers caught up in a red hot exclusive to premiere today: Danish delight Bear With Me produced a lovely video for his new track, and pose struck above, Please Don’t Look Back, that is attached below at your convenience and exclusively so.

The song showcases his trademark sense for melodies and harmonies and a clear idea of what really counts and what surely does not. The video features some handy acting techniques as well as keen camera work, courtesy of Peer Jon. Please Don’t Look Back opens up his new EP titled Sun that came out last week via the professionals of Møs Møs in Copenhagen.

Title photo courtesy of the man himself, Bear With Me.

A certain Eastern European automobile salesman left a firm mark after Reeperbahn Festival almost two months ago, with his personal and unique tunes. The man above, the legend Bulgarian Cartrader is now set to release his awesome debut album this week on Friday, Nov 11th along with a special release show in Berlin at FluxBau, Thursday Nov 10th.

The LP titled Motor Songs is one of those fine and somewhat traditional records that try and achieve to maintain a dramatic and narrative arch throughout the track listing making it a truly wonderful listen. Carried by his soft voice and an exciting selection of instruments you can feel his clear sense for the twists and turns of climb and descent. Reason enough for Team Poule to try and gain a better view of the situation and inquire in another edition in the photo-interview series.

His latest hit single LAB is attached below at your convenience and you can also find it on Poule d’Or Journal – our rolling Spotify playlist with pure hits only. So hit play, and here we go.

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