groundersIf you are anything like Team Poule - which I hope you are not - you will have a thing for 60s infused pop music with a dreamy edge to it. Luckily Team Poule has you covered here and this one attached below is the latest offering by Toronto's Grounders. Drawing Space is a great spring song with happy drums and tingling guitars. And more good news: after years of extended plays and tours their self-titled debut album is out now on bandcamp and about to be released in Europe June 15th. Summer soundtrack anyone?

They are playing New York and Philadelphia this week and range of dates in Canada next month - which is next week, so click here for a nice list of times, places and venues.


morceau du jour: Moglebaum – Erde

by poule on May 26, 2015

moglebaumEver wondered what forest-techno sounded like? Moglebaum came up with just that and while the techno part is quite self-explanatory the forest comes in form of a violin and saxophone. Now before get all violin mixed with electronic sounds, ugh, been there done that, wait a minute and give this one a proper listen. It's actually quite amazing and unlike anything.

And this is just the recorded sounds. Wait til they get up on a stage. I reckon that is where the magic happens. Luckily, Moglebaum play Hamburg's Volt June 3rd, and Lunatic Festival in Lüneburg June 5th before they are off to play a festival in Bulgaria, June 13th. Hit that.


scenic-route-to-alaskaWhoa whoa whoa here comes a BIG one. Canadian pop machines Scenic Route To Alaska have been bathing in praise by their local press and rightly so. They sound like a camping trip, like river-winds, like pine trees and like long shadows and orange air. Their album Warrington came out last summer and won a whole lot of awards over in Canada. Europeans however are in luck now because the trio is in the middle of a grand tour playing a number of gigs in Germany right now and three dates in London in June before heading back to Canada. If you are in Hamburg tomorrow, May 20th, come out to Astra Stube. After that they are off to Leipzig, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt a whole range of smaller cities, so look out for that Darmstadtians and Hildesheimers, all dates are nicely listed here.

Meanwhile, the brilliant album Warrington is up on bandcamp, and the opening track Paris is attached below for your convenience.


morceau du jour: Kotomi – Swimming

by poule on May 18, 2015

kotomiCan't wait to get those summer vibes going eh? Here is your musical companion to soundtrack that journey: Kotomi out of Los Angeles California dropped a hot one last month. Swimming is all you need right now. The track comes with a promise of an EP to follow, so look out for that.


man-without-countryWelsh electronic cowboys Man Without Country are taking their second album Maximum Entropy on a trip around Europe, playing Hamburg's Nochtspeicher 21 May. Now, and Team Poule has no less than two tickets waiting for one lucky winner. All you have to do is comment on this post and tell us your favorite country in the world. The winner will be picked Wednesday, 6pm CET sharp.

Attached below is their latest gem Romanek - a vast 6 minute atmospheric number. A track that allegedly is based upon UFO enthusiast Stan Romanek.


1410_MattSav_SanCisco_12Regional premieres are a bit of a weird thing in times of the internet and proxy servers. However, here we go and it's an immense pleasure to host the latest visual musings of Australian lolli pop poppers San Cisco: Too Much Time Together. The summer tune wraps too much of a good thing into happy sing along lyrics.

The track comes off their great new album Gracetown which came out earlier this year and the accompanying video below is like a double rainbow spanning between two fruit salads. Pure joy, but in careful doses. San Cisco can be seen performing live in North America next month, playing just about every relevant stage from June 12.


morceau du jour: PINES – All You Need

by poule on May 12, 2015

pinesMore summer vibes coming in from Australia. Adelaide based PINES shared their track All You Need with the general public last month. A beautifully produced feel good summer jam, right in those electro poppy trails that make the Poule's plumage tickle tickle tickle. Actually all you need.


SPOT Festival 2015 – The Debrief

by poule on May 6, 2015

SPOT_1Danish royal SPOT Festival went down rather smoothly last weekend - and wasn't short of extraordinary newcomers and hungry yet reserved Scandinavian audiences. The amount of talent that Spot Festival manages to bring together year after year is actually incredible while at the same time the line up is at least two thirds Danish. Among the obvious great performances were Norwegian singer Aurora with a breath taking set, Asbjørn and his great poppy parade, and Rangleklods who played a few of their new songs along with their trademark lights show. Really, good lighting makes all the difference. Regardless, their new album Straitjacket is fantastic and so was their gig. However, Team Poule of course has a knack for checking out those smaller and new names on the line-up.  Read what’s good and what’s not