Trailerpark Festival 2015: Emil Germ

by poule on July 28, 2015

emilgermUuuh - Trailerpark Festival is so close you can almost feel its breath up your neck. Another absolutely stellar gem in the great line-up is yet another Danish native: Emil Germ. Denmark is producing one hit at a time, it must be something in the drinking water up there or how they know their ways around a bicycle. Emil Germ's disco-infused dream pop is among the most catchy sounds you will hear all year. Attached is the phenomenal track Tease And Burn off his debut album Adult Party which came out earlier this year. Get your hand on that.

Emil Germ is playing the Royal Stage, Thursday 18h15.


Trailerpark Festival 2015: Shadow Age

by poule on July 27, 2015

shadow_ageTrailerpark Festival is going down hard in Copenhagen this week, opening doors on Thursday July 30 for three days and nights on Danish extravaganzas. A band you should check no matter if you are on scene or not is local Danish hero Shadow Age. He is releasing his debut EP today of all days, just in time for you to get hooked up before getting in line for his show. It really is a great piece of work, four tracks that are nicely set somewhere in the lighter ambient soundscape. Attached below is his latest single Vexed featuring a slow piano start and absolutely banging drums unfolding. Ice cold.

Shadow Age is playing Soundvenue on Thursday, 17h30.


daniel_amedeeBased in New Orleans, folk singer Daniel Amedee usually spends his days on tour playing little towns and big cities across the United States and Canada. For Team Poule, folk music often feels very pretentious and dominated by false, pseudo-depressive crooning. But Daniel Amedee's music has a certain "real" feel to it. The way his voice and music blend into each other is genuinely beautiful and it gives you a very reflective yet positive and warm feeling. Like you can hear the Mississippi, this great uniting river of the States, right through.

Attached below is Everything Will Change, the first single on his brand new EP of the same name. A thoughtful, yet forward looking and energetic track. Daniel Amedee is currently on tour, playing just about everywhere from Arkansas to Colorado, from Idaho to Washington. Find all dates, nicely listed, here.


oslo_parksHot new summer waves coming in from Brighton producers Bob and Ian. After having played in several bands together they decided to join forces in Oslo Parks. It is unclear whether this decision was made on Norwegian meadows. Nevertheless on Slipping Away, they produce a spheric pop track that, having tried to watch David Duchovny's new show Aquarius, takes you right back into the California communities of the 1970s. Hit play, if you feel like it.


Trailerpark Festival 2015: Waitress

by poule on July 22, 2015

HelenaLundquist_03.08.13_WhenSaintsGoMachine1Festivals: mud, rain dripping through leaky tent roofs and endless walks to a shuttle bus. Not too far up the Team Poule alley. Luckily there are alternatives. Like Trailerpark Festival which is held from 30 July to 1 August in the heart of Copenhagen, in a skate park, on solid ground. And the musical line-up is a carefully selected range of high yielding Danish and pan-European talents: head liners include Rangleklods, Roosevelt, Oh Land, Kwamie Liv, Antonio Gram, Silvana Imam and many more. Three days, three stages, all nicely set in one of Europe's most livable capitals.

And it's not just music. Art Rebels, the people behind Trailerpark, have their hearts in anything from Design and Graphics to Photography. Around the festival compound will be a number of installations and exhibitions by 18 international artists. And it wouldn't be Trailerpark Festival without the trailers - transformed into colourful delights on wheels by the artists and Art Rebels. Trailerpark Festival has it all.

One of the many Danish bands on the line-up is Waitress. The trio plays a catchy dancy mix of indie pop. They released their debut album titled Bilbao along with great artwork in March this year. Attached is Beneath Our Feet off Bilbao. Waitress are playing Soundvenue on Friday, 17h00.


work_drugsFew bands manage to deliver a distinct style consistently over years while still developing and reinventing themselves. What may sound contradictory is exactly what makes Work Drugs one of the greatest groups of musicians. Lost count on the number of albums they put out the past years but they just announced their new collection titled Louisa will be out on infamous Bobby Cahn Records on August 7th. Attached below is their new single True Romance which is just what you need while boating, yachting, whatevering. They will be on an extended US tour starting late August, check the dates.


morceau du jour: BLVTH – Suicidal Ice

by poule on July 21, 2015

blvth_2Eeeek - main man Blvth is taking business to a whole new level with his new gem. Suicidal Ice is taking timeless classics by Biggie and ice cold 21st century synths, turning something very familiar into something altogether new and ultimately breath taking. So smooth.


Photo-Interview #10: Mainland

by poule on July 20, 2015


Team Poule loves a good indie rock vibe with a poppy edge to it. Casually marching above are Mainland out of Brooklyn. The quartet has been around since 2013, mostly spending their days on tour supporting a couple of big names and releasing no less than three EPs. Here now comes their latest single that will be nicely stuck in your head all day titled Outcast along with the promise of a debut album to be released in early 2016.

That's that. And because everyone loves a nice photo, it is a great pleasure to do the tenth photo-interview of an ongoing series with these guys above. It is unclear whether Corey, Alex and Dylan here are escorting Jordan to his motorcycle or if Jordan is the only one wearing a helmet on his bike. One will never know for sure. We do know however that they went the extra mile and took some great photos, take it away Mainland.

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