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The banging Summer Heart has put forth the second track on his year long quest of releasing a song every month to arrive at #12songsofsummer - a new album. It does seem like a very economical thing to do, and on the back of a handful of SXSW shows it surely doesn't lack inspiration.

Yeah You then tells the story of no regrets, of living in the present, of looking ahead not back. Produced by Summer Heart alongside mastermind Joakim Buddee, the storyline comes wrapped in an uplifting poppy anthem, electrified, gorgeously changing pace like Agassi from the baseline. Team Poule says, going up up up up.

Dutch producers Elleodin and LeVirya founded Aviary Bridge Records two years ago, creating a home and community for musicians active in the fields of trip hop, electronica and chillout. Every other month they challenge their roster to create a seasonal track. The Winter compilation features no less than 14 tracks inspired by the northern lights.

The great Irish producer Phásin came up with the spheric layers of ambient beats and hazy vocals titled Coma, attaced below. Pure grooves. The whole compilation is out on Bandcamp, and even though it's technically Spring it can serve as a good companion during this time of the year, too.

The ice has faded, the sun is finding its power again. It's time then, for some hot new tunes for your take-away pleasures. The following ten have been selected and made available via both Soundcloud and Spotify. Stream away you do.

Palace Winter - Empire, the powerful duo is throwing their full weight into Empire, the latest single of their new album Nowadays that will be out May 4 on the infamous Tambourhinoceros. Meanwhile, the group is on European this month, playing Amsterdam, London, and many great places more. Copenhagen, Denmark

Thanks - Good Thing, the former member of Alphabeat are going at in full steam on this one, the newest single of their upcoming album Mind Expansion that is due Friday, March 16. Drawing on the likes of Jungle, Fatboy Slim and Mark Ronson, this one has you on the edge. Copenhagen, Denmark. [click to continue…]

California's sunshine is coming right through on Freedom Fry's latest offering. Classic is just that, a lovely folky ode to days spent under the skies minding but your own business. Ah, the pleasures of life on the west coast. Classic then, is also the name of their debut album, after no less than 22 singles and 6 EPs under their belts. That LP comes with a release date for June 1.

In the meantime, they have annouced two SXSW shows. Palm Door on Sabine, March 15, 11pm - and Icenhauer's on Rainey, March 16, 3 pm. With those new tunes ready and a reputation for live shows, those promise to be fun fun fun. Team Poule, what beats a day at the beach.

Great new single by Los Angeles' Antoine Diligent. He had a phenomenal debut album out two years ago, and now really gets 2018 going with Be My Guest, attached below. A poppy piece of delight, a clear look at the insecurities and freedom in every day life. Also one that caught Kitsuné's attention. The Japanese-Parisian powerhouse featured Mr. Diligent on their latest America compilation.

With almost a decade of making music under his short sleeved wings, Canada's own Germany Germany is set to release his new album Juneau tomorrow, March 6th. Confident on the vocals, and precise and miles deep on the synth work, Juneau promises to be his most mature piece of recording yet.

Attached below is exhibit A, the latest single Ghost. A carefully constructed master piece evolving around laser sharp synths and banging drums, constantly changing pace and direction, talking about looking and finding, about life itself really. The track premiered over at Surviving the Golden Age last weekend. Super smooth.

Photo credits go to main man Tyson Elder.