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2021 is rolling in full steam – or is it? Brooklyn’s Ackerman meanwhile are ploughing through the greasy routines of living through a pandemic in their new piece Daily Life that just came out the other day. The track is hazy dreamer of a pop gem, surfing the blizzard waves of being stuck in one place quite effortlessly.

Live dates are rare these days, but the group has a new LP up their t-shirt sleeves to be released later this year. So, don’t head off too far, keep your eyes peeled, but really, where would you go.

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So, 2021 is off to a quite January start but let’s see what the fresh new year brings hey. Still, first, a quick gaze at some records that made it through the socially distanced extravaganza that was 2020. Popular mentions over at Pitchfork, Paste, NME, include Fiona Apple’s and Taylor Swift’s perfectly rated albums alongside trademark releases by Run The Jewels, SAULT, Tame Impala, Tan Cologne, Khruangbin, Phoebe Bridgers and Caribou.

Naturally, Team Poule’s focus lies off the beaten tracks, and despite the whole pandemic business, 2020 was marked by a good number of wonderful moments too. Here then goes Team Poule’s definitive list of ten or so albums that firmly stood out of the missed chances that 2020 felt like, in no particular order.

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If stretching time is what you are into these days, try snacking a piece of this poppy crooner of a song by the one and only M. Byrd that came out late September and whose flawless video shot under the open skies of Normandy just premiered over at Earmilk yesterday, attached below. Mountain is a floating piece of timeless pop production, breezing on top of well tempered riffs and vocals that know what they are talking about.

The track dates back to a hike in Denmark of all places, climbing a peak, putting things in perspective, while touring with Ilgen-Nur, when touring was still a thing. Mountain is his only piece out at this point in time, but anecdotal evidence suggest there will be more. In the meantime, catch this lovely track as part of our weekly updated spotify playlist Poule d’Or Journal over at www.pouledor.com/spotify.

Photo credits above go to the talented Niklas Zeiner, while the was video itself stars choreographer and dancer Nana Anine and was produced by the legendary Hannes Kuhr, directed by Marcel Izquierdo Torres and illustrated by Jan Buchczik.

Where there’s Euro winter there’s South American summer. And if it wasn’t for a global pandemic, chances are, we would all be somewhere else right now. Dirty Nice here serve an ice cold dreamer of a soundtrack to this in their latest single Montevideo, nourishing your need to escape the tight radius of lockdown habits and explore the unknown.

The duo has lined up a beautiful line of travel romance inspired singles and visuals too, and surely an LP is the making. So follow their confident vocals, vast sandy synths and coherent narrative and chances are we would all end up at a beach in Montevideo this very moment, with a dry pinot on hand.

Autumn is picking up full speed with another wave of ye old virus gaining momentum too. Time to socially distance yourself in style and pop in the best new music. Vienna’s Liz Metta here offers a timely banger in Dreaming, her latest single. The track has a great late-summer tempo and melody, and quite effortlessly floats on lush riffs and careful drums, pulled by her dreamy vocals.

Dreaming is her second single after June’s Vision. Both tracks are out on her own label Ursus Records, with an EP said to be in the making for release in the near future. So, tuck yourself in, pour a glass, and hit play. You can also find this track, along with other fine picks by Team Poule on the regularly updated Poule d’Or Spotify playlist over at www.pouledor.com/spotify.

Photo credit go to Thomas Steineder and him only.

2020 could well be the year of refocusing on the stuff that matters, the things that really make you tickle. S.F. Johnson from Newcastle upon Tyne, here lounging on the Marunouchi Line, recently relocated to Tokyo and comes sliding over with this bad boy of a soft rock banger. Woman comes flying in wrapped in warm riffs and drums, held together nicely by reassuring vocals with that trademark pinch of reverb – and as a Poule d’Or exclusive.

The track forms part of an upcoming EP titled Songs from an Empty Orchestra – with a hat-tip to Japanese culture. The EP will be preluded by two more singles, so look out for that. And as live dates are a bit scarce this year, his are limited to a secret gig at lovely Substore in Koenji. Meanwhile, Woman is attached below and also part of our regularly updated Spotify playlist Journal, over at www.pouledor.com/spotify.