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Can’t you just feel Euro spring and an all new festival season is just around the corner? Has to be. First on the ticket should be Parisians and dreamy bloomers Papooz who just released their third LP titled None of This Matters Now via the charming Half Awake Records with cover art by the talented Victoria Lafaurie.

They do spread the love and ease and optimism of the 70s. The album is a lovely joyride through tinted guitar scapes and hazy vocals, check the romantic Bonnie Rock n’ Roll below. The team is just about to set off for a big tour that’s been in the making for a while, playing London on Friday, Apr 22, then Hamburg‘s Hebebühne Apr 26, Berlin‘s Badehaus Apr 27 and Brussels May 3 before hitting the US from California to Chicago, find all dates nicely scheduled, here.

Find this track and many more on our ever evolving Spotify playlist over here: pouledor.com/spotify

Just as the big old C seemed to be easing its grip on our social lives, that other thing happened. Really, identifying with the age cohort of Millennials kind of feels like constantly living in a post-xy world. What led up to this though, is nothing but Present Tense, which is also the latest and fourth marvelous album by New Zealand outfit Yumi Zouma. Located just on the lower right edge of the Euro globe, the dynamic quartet has been at it for probably a decade at least, constantly reimagining, moving themselves forward, while being firmly based in the timeless here and now.

Attached below is In The Eyes Of Our Love – a pure banger hitting right in the kisser, off the said new album, that is out now worldwide via Polyvinyl. The four of them are off to tour the most relevant parts of Europe right now, with Copenhagen (tonight, March 29th), Stockholm (March 31), Oslo (April 1), Berlin (April 3) and Warsaw (April 4) next up on the ticket before hitting basically every major city in the US and Canada in April, find all dates nicely listed here.

Find this track and many more on our ever evolving Spotify playlist over here: pouledor.com/spotify

Photo-Interview #22: Nalan

Nalan here out of Berlin released a rather marvellous debut album on the great Mansions and Millions label last year, going by the working title of I’m Good. The Crying Tape. What sounds like a log entry on day 426 of the pandemic, is actually a beautifully produced record of dreamy, dancey summer tunes that do cater to the siren songs of life as well as its sunny sides. Where there are downs, there are ups too.

The record is finally out on physical vinyl, just now, so grab one of those while they last, because they are selling like umbrellas on a rainy day in midtown. Meanwhile, Nalan recently went to Istanbul, Turkey for a few days and agreed to take part in a photo-interview – so here are her very personal photographic answers to a well crafted set of questions by Team Poule.

Hit play on her great single Rewind, and scroll on.

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Every now and then, a big new chonky chonker comes along. And just in time for the end of the winter olympics, Porij here out of Manchester dropped this spinning slider of a chonky new single titled Figure Skating – oh lawd he comin! The track has a pure grandiosity to it that makes you wish for those divey gig nights again – chances seem good though this time around, as they are set to take this piece (and more, presumably) on the grand tour soon, supporting no other than Metronomy throughout Europe in March and April.

Meanwhile, their presser stresses the point that Porij is to be pronounced like your favorite oatmeal. Rather more firm and solid, they released a dreamy video to go along with it, featuring all star Lynks. Naturally, you can find this track attached below – and alongside many more on our regularly updated Spotify playlist over here.

Poule d’Or is turning 12 years old these days and looking back at a past twelve months of musical releases feels ever more strange. The whole concept of a coherent album seems to be under growing pressure by the track-driven playlisting needs of the streaming industry. Also, the last full calendar year of pandemic life has led to this Poule d’Or business taking place largely online, which is a rather obvious statement for a website, but the best part of this endeavor has always been offline, seeing albums being toured, bands playing, festivals, people.

Naturally this isn’t a very special or unique experience during these awkward times but still a somewhat new one, while pandemic realities have of course been much worse than canceled gigs and conferences. Meanwhile, Poule d’Ors editorial highlights of 2021 included these two do-not-miss photo interviews with Faye Webster and John Moods.

Albums then. After consulting the professional outlets of Pitchfork, Gorilla vs. Bear, Stereogum, NME, Line of Best Fit, Paste Magazine, HighClouds and more, and largely agreeing with the best albums of 2021 being released somewhere between Little Simz, Arlo Parks, L’Rain, Mdou Moctar, Helado Negro, Efterklang and Dry Cleaning, here goes a list of 10 or so albums that Team Poule felt were somewhat overlooked but still very much ruffled the feathers of 2021 – and probably beyond. In no particular order, after John Glacier.. [continue reading…]

Hold on to your wigs and masks – Copenhagen’s Palace Winter squeezed out a new track! The piece is titled Slasher and comes with expected dynamics on and off court. Released just days after Halloween, the track draws on the horror visions of both orange pumpkin faces and pandemic precautions slash isolations. Singer Carl Coleman reflects on a killer on the run and the lonely dystopian experience of a Covid infection, a killer within. No escape, is there. Still, the track comes as a dance’y ode to 90s drum and bass, an era of great optimism characterized by a certain weightlessness.

Also, the group is about to tour the most relevant parts of Europe this week and next, with Hamburg on the ticket tomorrow, Monday Nov 15th at Häkken, Berlin on the 16th, then Amsterdam (canceled, UK proceeds though:), London, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow up after. All dates, nicely listed, here. Palace Winter have three excellent albums out on Tambourhinoceros, and find Slasher attached below – and also on our ever updated Poule d’Or Spotify playlist.

Photo credits (above) go to Dennis Morton, and him only.