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Iceland’s restless electro dreamers of Vök have added a second album to their discography on March 1st. In The Dark is a smooth and mature piece of recording that nicely builds on their delicate sense for songwriting and when to put your foot down. The album was written and recorded in between Reykjavik (spelling!) and Notting Hill, and if you listen closely you can hear a small time book store aesthetic right through. The current single and title track is attached below, easily accessible.

Now, the trio are taking this beaut on a European tour as we speak, making a stop in Hamburg’s Knust on April 2nd. Team Poule is happy to report that we managed to get our oily feathers on a pair of tickets for the occasion which are sitting here at the headquarters, awaiting a lucky winner. All you need to do to capitalize on this, is send a GDPR-compliant email to music@pouledor.com indicating your name and, if you will, a quick word of wisdom. The winner will be picked at random on April 1st, 6pm CET sharp, and be notified immediately.

Photo credits above go to the very talented Sigga Ella.

The magic of outer space appliances and the rigidity of very terrestrial, existential problems are being neatly combined on Julia Rakel‘s debut EP titled indie fEElz, that is out today, March 15th, via Sweden’s infamous Rama Lama Records.

Her new single People arrives as a smooth ode to the oddities of human interactions and animosities, carried by Julia’s golden vocals and wrapped in a cozy lo-fi vibe of exploratory synths extending deep into the dark wonders of the unknown.

Photo credits go the talented Emma Karlsmark Elfstrand.

If you are into bored girls and grown men wrestling in slow motion, all soundtracked by luscious, luring pop music, Shy Shy Shy have just what you need. Their new single Neon comes with stirring visuals and a daring vibe. The new track is off their all new EP titled Glass that just came out last week, aggregating two new songs and the three tracks they produced for the Danish tv hit show Doggystyle, including the program’s title track.

Neon then tells the story of the ups and downs a friendship can take, of people growing apart, all wrapped in moving pictures by filmmakers Dennis Morton & Mathias Strømfeldt, attached below.

Stealth bit of musical production coming in from Lucas Stern here out of New York. The track goes by the name of Watashitoisshoni, according to Google translate at least, which is said to say With Me. A nice piano driven piece of recording, with elegant electronic layers, creating a sort of Viennese coffee house meets Wes Anderson type of vibe. Smooth.

Lush pop vibes celebrating the social media powered rebirth of the very analog 90s coming in by way of Sweden’s Majro. Talk is the first single off her upcoming EP that will be out in May and is nothing less than a grand pop anthem and booming intro to the life and times of Majro.

The EP is scheduled to arrive five songs strong, each evolving around a very personal history of Majro, and will be produced by the talented Joakim Buddee of Foreverandever-fame, creating a Tim-Burton-type vibe of melancholy and beautiful emotions. Talk is attached below, for the full electro pop experience.

Photo credits go to Tobias Fagerström.

Sinah, here enjoying the remoteness of the Portuguese countryside, served another grand anthem last month, paving the way to her second solo album due later this year. None Of Us is a delicately produced piece recording, neatly layering deep synths, pounding drums and her distinct, cool voice and vocals.

It is being reported that what you hear was put together from self recorded drum samples of a huge fan she found in an abandoned barn, just half way between Porto and Lisbon. Talk about taking life by its horns. Don’t miss her rad cover of Frank Ocean’s Ivy, too.