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Emma Jensen just can't remember whether she turned off the stove or not. No reason to be irritated though. Attached below is her latest, and hit single Closer. Good Emma sports not only an exciting voice, it comes wrapped around mellow and on-point production, a smooth harmony, a warm melody, and all this coming in from Norway. What is it, they put in their drinking waters up there? Closer is out now on Majestic Casual Records. Team Poule says, spot on this.

Sunday night and the moon shines bright - London's Hunck serve a soundtrack just in time. Their latest track comes moments after Tony Blair resurfaced in British politics. Little Woman though does not seem to carry a particular message to the Brexits of life, rather saluting the female person of interest in your day, in all days. Only complete with a Hunck grain of salt, naturally.

Furthermore, they have lined up shows in London and Bournemouth next week, find key facts here. Little Woman is officially out Feb 24th on Rex Records. Team Poule says, right down the fairway this one.

Danish power forward Carsten Sherpa has been hiding in the woods for a while. Now though, he is breaking loose and he returns as a duo, having brought in Tore from Oh Land's ensemble. The two of them have been busy hitting the studios and dropped this star slinger of a dark and dreamy pop song below. Fornever is out now, and if you call Copenhagen home, give them a round of applause at their debut show at Loppen, March 16th. Team Poule says, a homerun this.

Photo credits go to Marie Alkestrup, cover art courtesy of Grethe Dam.

Smooth talkers and Canadian sweethears Mellt curled up a new ball of delight last month. Fool Of You neatly follows their dreamy endeavors of Glow, which featured in Team Poule's Bright Clouds series. Borderless vocals, driving drums, distinct riffs and a dreamy atmosphere that wraps you right in, Mellt have it all. Both tracks come off their EP Visions which is out here and will give you big joy for little money. On February 27th they will be opening up for The Octopus Project at The Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver. Team Poule says, gimme.

Stockholm's VILDE - pictured above underneath your average commuter's highway, minding but his own business - has set himself an ambitious target. Starting last October, he set out to release a new track each month, to arrive at his debut album twelve months on. Weathered below then, is the fifth track and his latest monthly treat. A beautiful blend of dreamy electronics and analog instrumentation, topped with his delicate vocals.

Weathered, he explains, is about "harbouring a fascination for a person and feeling completely inadequate in comparison”. The song is out Thursday Feb 16th, catch January's release over at Line Of Best Fit. Team Poule says, easy there, March will be here in no time.

Photo above by Liam Warton.

Did you know, that when a male penguin falls in love with a female penguin, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect pebble to present to her. And that group of cats is called a clowder. Who knew. It's the little facts that spice up your life, even Victoria Beckham knows as much. So from the grand scheme of things back to the small, the real issues. New Mystics is a new project by Josh Onstott, of Other Lives fame, taking it back to the streets. Modern is his latest single and attached below, a folky edge of indie pop, with a debut album said be in the works too. It came out yesterday via TH3RD BRAIN Records, and a debut show is scheduled for February 21st at The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles. Team Poule says, time to grab life by the horns.