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Cabourg, the little vacay hub in the North of France, is playing host to three days of music, beach life and general ecstasy this month, when Cabourg Mon Amour will be setting camp sur la plage, June 29-July 1. The festival is in its seventh year which arguably can be a sweet spot for any serious endeavor or relationship. On the ticket this year are household names like Caballero and Jean Jass, Mall Grab, L’Impératrice, Juliette Armanet and many more.

Naturally, there is a rich list of up and coming names squeezed into the dense line-up too. One of them is the rising Vendredi sur Mer out of, mind you, Switzerland. Her music is driven by lush electronic production, decisive vocals and a unique sense for melody and tempo. She released a rather fabulous album titled Marée Basse via Profil de Face last year, co-written and mixed by fellow Cabourg 2018 booking Lewis OfMan, and find attached below her single La Femme à la Peau Bleue from 2016 which may or may not be more than it promises. Gonna be a hit for sure when she plays Saturday afternoon.

And not only that, check out the Team Poule selection for your uplifting dose of French vibes, live via the exclusive Spotify playlist.

Photo credits above to the man, the legend Simon Gosselin.

Here come Bruised Orange, a vicious trio out of London and Brighton. So It Goes is the entry piece to their growing catalogue, effortlessly pairing poppy vocals and a deep dreamy sandwich of psychedelic riffs that is hard to resist.

Word needs to go out to Fabienne Thomas for the smooth artwork for the track. Further than that, the group isn’t to transparent on their plans for the future, except that a full on debut EP is set to the recorded for release in late summer.

If jangly guitars, a sandy atmosphere and rays of sunlight are what triggers your mojo these days, Sweden’s Delsbo Beach Club may have just what you need. Talking In My Head is the groups latest offering and summer shines right through. The track is out now via the great Rama Lama Records, and they will be playing London’s Sebright Arms next month, June 5th, alongside fellow Swedes Melby and Chez Ali.

Denmark’s Bear With Me is a master of the instruments, and after playing in a number of other bands now released his probably first solo track. After Me is pure and real, carried by his airy vocals and meandering synths, all beautifully layered, as light and elegant as ivy in a summer breeze.

The man is set to play Frichstival, a sleek one-day event in Aarhus, June 16th, alongside a carefully selected line-up. If you are in Aarhus, this is where you want to be.

Tiger Lion are a French trio based in London, deeply rooted in the French countryside and its lures and desires though. Their latest EP entitled Beyond The Mountains came out in April on L’Aurore & Republic Of Music, and inspired by painters like Turner the release seeks to “represent wilderness as a force overpowering humans, that we are only fragile creatures when on the edge of the precipice.”

The EP itself then is a sound and image-based project exploring the power of landscapes on human beings through personal experiences – love, presence & absence, childhood. And not only that, field recordings of waterfalls, bells and nature’s whistles and swishes collected during an Alpine trip were used in its production, too.

Beyond The Mountains then, is a delicately curated ode to human life and emotions, carried by singer Clementine’s crisp vocals and on-point drums and chords. For the single Prayers Against The Sun the group retreated to Exeter Cathedral, built 1112-1400, a momentous stage, visualizing the history the weight of the theme, all attached below at your convenience.

Now, if you think, I want that. You are in luck! The group is about to go on tour in the UK, playing Bristol tomorrow, May 27th, at Rough Trade, Manchester on Tuesday, 29th at the The Castle Hotel, then off to Brighton on Wednesday 30th at The Prince Albert, and finally Margate in the south east of England, June 1st.

The EP is out now and comes with a visual book, yours over at bandcamp.

Kentucky’s The Last Origin are no group to chicken around with. Twelve Thirtyfour is their latest single and if you are one for the folky vibes, poppy riffs and warm vocals, the team has you covered quite well. 12:34 is a dreamy soundtrack to being in the moment, of letting the fomo-angst fade for once, wrapped in jangly guitars and a unique feel for tempo and songwriting. The piece comes off their second album All We Have is Rock and Roll and then We Die which came out in March, and sounds great in the summer sun.