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Main man Gundelach from Oslo has been spreading delight with his debut from last year, fusing a refreshing melange of 80s reverb, 90s glam and a very 2000s pop. Here now, in time for the release of his new single Garden, comes Gundelach in a segment called photo-interview. Because who really actually enjoys readying when you can have a few photos and gifs these days. And even in Ancient Rome they used to say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, without further ado, here is Gundelach: [click to continue…]

Indie hamsters and Energizer bunnies FEWS have put forth a new track last week. Metal of course is a cover of Gary Numan's epic 1979 new wave'y original and comes as a grinding, reverb-laden and perfectly harmonic piece of music. A first glimpse at their new stuff to follow up last years epic debut LP Means. FEWS have just been confirmed to support the mighty Pixies on a range of dates, get behind that. Team Poule says, banging.

Here we go for the month of July! A fine selection of 15 new and rising tracks in our little Bright Clouds series. Find the other ones here, they're all up on Soundcloud and Spotify. So, July is probably a month for the outdoorsy activities and one in desperate need of a soundtrack setting the mood, setting the scene. Here then come 15 contenders and 15 names for you to tangent off from. The list goes like this - and is out now on Soundcloud and Spotify[click to continue…]

Danish super group Luster is ready to take over the European summer and released this balearic hot ball of pop last week. You've Got The Heat has to be an hommage to the lush driver songs of the early 90s, windows down and let the left wheel touch the middle line. Got a very modern drum machine twist too though, perfect summer jam. Team Poule says, smooth as silk.

Get the b-side on Spotify, too.

Parisian power house Encore! returned with some fresh tunes. California tells the story of a lost soul, sticky sand and ocean water. "They are looking for him. The Man without a Name. The world is dissolving before his eyes. It is falling apart." Intense, and comes with a video too. Furthermore, California comes with a promise of a debut album to be out soon - a summer soundtrack waiting to happen. Team Poule says, let's go!

Danish gents and legends Bode and Brixen, more commonly known as Bodebrixen, are set to return with an all new album after five years of long play silence. The two started almost ten years ago as trained jazz musicians and have since broadened their fields of experience into the more poppy spheres. Here now comes their latest, and a Team Poule exclusive: Town Hall Square takes their sounds a bit back into the jazzy ends of the spectrum, with vast soundscapes and the force of a full-on orchestra while maintaining an infectious indie poppy vibe, a true hit.

Town Hall Square, they say, "is a song about innocence, and about Copenhagen. About how the new places we go are surrounded with a kind of magic - a magic that slowly deteriorates until the city is covered in memories, realizations and regret.". Poetry, right there. Town Hall Square then is out today on Copenhagen's Antiphonics - with their new album Ruins to follow next week, June 16th. Team Poule says, up top this.