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Mighty SPOT Festival is juuust around the corner and the City of Aarhus is busy getting ready for the hordes of music industry natives. Another rich gem in the wealthy line-up are Copenhagen duo Sherpa. They will showcase their smooth pop melodies and driving vocals on two occasions: Atlas on Saturday afternoon as part of the talent-laden Karrierekanonen series, and later that night at Aarhus Volume. For a glimpse of what is to come, try this. And if you think, well it would be so nice if they played in Copenhagen, you are in luck! Sherpa are going to play support for Wangel at Lille Vega, May 20th.

Another piece of Danish pop'ness comes in the form of Mantua. The trio is somewhat of a supergroup by Shakespearean dimension with members of Turboweekend, Veto and Duné. Lush indie pop, after all. Sherpa and Mantua, Team Poule says, get behind that.

This weekend, Aarhus, SPOT Festival. 3 days of action packed and talent infused concerts and shows. In a mad line up of newcomers and household names, Team Poule would like to point you in the direction of THANKS, a duo of former Alphabeat members Anders Bønløkke and Anders Stig Ghert. They are going to play Friday night, 90s inspired and energetic. Attached below is Dizzy, their banging single from last summer. Team Poule says, we have a liftoff.

SPOT Festival 2017: Kalaha

SPOT Festival in Aarhus is drawing closer and closer. May 4 to 7 will see Denmark's second biggest city play host to the hottest mostly Danish and Scandinavian musical talents, sharing the stages around the music school. A ripe blueberry on the line-up comes in the form of Kalaha, a team of four, connecting producers Rumpistol and Spejderrobot with drummer Emil de Waal and guitarist Niclas Knudsen. The catching result is a refreshing blend of electronics and jazz. They have an absolutely mad album out called Masala, get behind this. And one to be enjoyed live, they play Ridehuset on Friday night. Team Poule says, gonna be heavy weight this one.

Can you feel the cool blossoms of springs lurking underneath the breezy April airs? It's that time of the year again and SPOT Festival in Denmark's second biggest city Aarhus will be opening the flood gates to a steady stream of new music from May 4 to 7. This year of course will be a very special festival as Aarhus is one of two European Capitals of Culture, how about that.

Major names on the ticket include Blondage, playing Saturday night, local heroes Lowly, who will be playing the opening concert on Thursday, main man Wangel who secured a prime slot on Friday night, as well as old mates Sgrow who play Saturday afternoon.

A show not to be missed will be Copenhagen's First Hate. The duo has been twisting and turning the knobs on their tracks and live set and have already lined up a healthy line of shows for summer. They play Friday night at the lovely Congress Center. Attached below are Saint Best who are scheduled to take the stage at Radar on Satuday night and have been described by the festival as a Danish version of Friendly Fires - which is fair to say. Team Poule says, gonna be a home run this year.

Get out your oven gloves because this one comes in sizzling: lush vocals, on point electronic production and a spheric vibe that raises the roof. All this paired up with flawless looks and a seemingly unlimited supply of cables and devices and you got yourself Muutes. Attached below is Fever, b-side to their single Tush from last year. Still fresh as.

Naturally, it would be advisable to experience their chillwaves in the intimate setting of a concert. You're in luck then because the duo has lined up a bit of mini tour, seeing them play Hamburg's Barbarabar on May 3rd alongside Ducks for a Clubkinder Klanglabor session. After that, they will play the hot bed that is Oldenburg for Polyestival, May 26th. Also on the ticket for the occasion: Kirrin Island, A Thousand Vows and Billion One. Team Poule says, what a time to be alive.

Photo credits go to trigger man Gerhard Kühne.

Everybody's favorite Los Angeles duo Freedom Fry have squeezed out a new little gem, a Wild Child. Marie and Bruce are really bringing their folk-fused spin of indie pop to perfection with this one. Driving riffs, hazy vocals and that spring time warmth of the Los Angeles skies. Team Poule says, right on the spot.