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Glasgow sensation and firm remainer Joesef has had the continent eating out of his hands ever since his irresistible debut Play Me Something Nice came out last year via Bold Cut. Building on a sincere approach to songwriting and a fine understanding of the grand structures of life and love and pop songs, his music is both personal and dance’y. His latest roaring single Think That I Don’t Need Your Love is attached below and perfectly layers horns and strings, connected flawlessly by his cool voice.

And as luck would have it, Joesef is set to take a couple of new songs on a tour across Europe, making a stop in Berlin this Sunday, March 1st. Team Poule scored two tickets for his gig at Berghain Kantine which can be yours if you send through your name to music@pouledor.com before Friday, Feb 28, 12pm sharp, and the pair could be yours, setting the stage for a rather special Sunday night with your loved one.

Furthermore, Joesef will be cruising through Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London and loads more UK dates in March, find them all nice listed here.

The whirling L’Éclair out of the jazzy hot bed that is Geneva, Switzerland, have been mesmerizing audiences on both sides of the Alps for the past few years. The handy group released their third record last spring, the brilliant Sauropoda on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond. Weighing in at five tracks, Sauropoda may look like a feather but its 37 minutes strike like a pounding round of haymakers. Attached below is the 12 minute steamer Endless Dave, a funky multi-layered dancer of a track, part bee part butterfly, spilling with a fine sense for melodies and harmonies and one thing leading to the next.

Needless to say that this exciting group of people is best to be seen on a slightly elevated stage. As luck would have it, the team is currently touring relevant parts of Europe, making a stop in Hamburg’s Turmzimmer on Thursday, February 27. Team Poule managed to secure a pair of tickets for the occasion which can be yours if you send an email to music@pouledor.com stating your name and hope for the best. The lucky winner will be picked at random on Tuesday, Feb 25, 12pm CET sharp – and be notified immediately.

In the meantime, do enjoy the dreamy track that is Endless Dave and if you are based elsewhere in Europe, be advised that L’Éclair will be playing Düsseldorf (Feb 26), Copenhagen (Feb 28), Dresden (Feb 29!) and Berlin (March 1) and loads more too.

Floating vibes coming in by way of Berlin’s Ariana Zustra who has released a fine selection of singles over the past months and is said to be busy putting together a full length album. Her latest piece The Twinkling Of An Eye just came out and spreads easily over vast synths bringing to mind the dancing shapes and determined scapes created by Dalí or Miró. Moustaches and surreal perspectives included.

As luck would have it, Zustra and her flying circus are currently on tour across relevant parts of Europe, making a stop in Hamburg on Monday Feb 17th when she will take the stage at the one and only Fabrique at Gängeviertel. Her latest track is attached below at your convenience, and comes with an animated video, too.

Photo credits go to Christian Schneider and Christian Schneider only.

Seattle’s finest Hibou has been producing a fine blend of dreamy pop and shoegaze for the better part of this century. After acclaimed success with other projects like Craft Spells, he put out his solo debut in 2015, setting the stage. Last year, he released his third record Halve on Barsuk Records, a bad boy of an album, complete with lush riffs, lots of reverb and a general haziness that is hard to resist be it on a palmy Sunday afternoon or your average coastline commute.

To celebrate the occasion, he is currently spending his days touring the larger metropolises of old Europe with support of German rockers Drew Blank. This flying circus is set to play Hamburg tonight (Feb 13), Brussels next (Feb 14), then hitting Cologne (Feb 15) and Rotterdam (Feb 16).

Team Poule managed to get its rusty feathers on 2×2 tickets for the Hamburg gig (tonight!) – pop an email to music@pouledor.com for your chance to call them yours, by 4pm CET. Terms and conditions apply.

Photo credits go to George Baker and him only.

The elusive group of people above that seem to be Pam Risourié have been dipping their hazy toes into the hot waters of the public late last year with an exciting self-released debut EP titled Rituals. The bunch quickly followed up that package of fuzz with a dreamy new single going by the name of Night Flowers.

This misty piece of recording saw the light of day in the early days of 2020 and if you have a thing for the early birds, tune in to the accompanying video produced by the group themselves alongside Gwendal Péron. Night Flowers is out now and equal parts getaway-driving Ryan Gosling aesthetic and breezy summer sunrise on the rooftops, a real steamer in the grey days of post Academy Award February.

Photo credits above go to the flawless and talented Juliette Delivertoux.

morceau du jour: DRAMA – Years

Tonight’s musical guests, are two of Chicago’s finest musicians: DRAMA. The thrilling duo of producer Na’el Shehade und singer Via Rosa has been genre creating on the fine line where R&B and dance pop meet – and just announced their debut album to be released next week, Feb 14th via the elusive Ghostly International. The LP titled Without Me will be a breezy collection of pop songs, serving as a perfect companion for your average Saturday night, the following Sunday afternoon, or even Monday morning commute.

Attached below is Years, their latest output and exhibit A to warm up to them and their wealthy repertoire. As luck would have it, the shiny Americans are touring fair old Europe these days, with Cologne (Feb 5), Berlin (Feb 6, sold out), Amsterdam (Feb 7, sold out) and Rotterdam (Feb 8) on the menu, before hitting the roads of the United States, from Phoenix through California all the way up to Canada and along further East. Find all dates nicely listed on their website.

Photo credits above go to the talented Zoe Rain, while the video to Years here was directed by the one and only Adam Chitayat.