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Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival is just about to begin and this year sees a fine selection of Italian music making its way North. Four bands are on the ticket for an exclusive showcase held on Thursday, Sept 19th at Sommersalon, from 14h00.

I’m Not A Blonde will be opening with a colorful spin of electro pop. Next up is Andrea Poggio who might just be the most exciting name of this year’s festival. He produces a great palmy mix of 80s pop spritz and the grande bellezza of the Italian riviera. He had a debut album out in 2017 on La Tempesta Dischi that is aging like fine wine. Find his brilliant track Miraggi Metropoliani pasted below.

Synth heavy Julielle will take the stage next with a great blend of dark electronics and mesmerizing vocals. Finally, shoegaze’y outfit Be Forest is set to play. The quartet successfully manages to merge post-punk and a healthy dose of reverb into fresh and new 2019 sounds.

La Festa – The Italian showcase really has it all. RSVP here.

August is dealt and done with, time to get September rolling in and rolling in it does in the form of all Peruvian outfit Laikamorí. The group showcases a dreamy and precise type of psychedelic mélange of electronics, analog drums and riffs on their monumental second album Persōna that came out late last year via Madrid’s epic Plastilina Records.

The whole piece truly is a visual as well as audio piece of art and well worth a visit, with exhibit A Masken attached below. The track takes you on a silent journey through the Andes and onto the Pacific shores, changing pace and taking turns in a Eric Serra-type groove that nicely floats on any given day of the week.

Philadelphia’s hot shots Work Drugs have been supplying the world with lush driver songs for actually more than a decade. The ensemble takes a dreamy look West and to the allegedly peaceful life down there on their newest issue LA Looks. Hop aboard and set sail, team Work Drugs are ready to do the hard lifting for you.

The track marvels down the palmy hills and boulevards and forms part of their 16th (!) studio album, if our intern counted correctly, an LP titled Fantasy File. The heavy hitters still got the swag and punch, what a ride.

Uncredited photo, dated 2016.

Denmark’s royal groover Bear With Me has spent the first half of the year snagging cigarettes, driving, and writing new songs, the next exhibit of his output is attached below in the form of Life In Stereo. A lovely slightly melancholic ode to the duality of life and its relationships, in and of itself, carried by his crisp vocals and a melody that knows just were it wants to take you.

With the first week of the US Open is full swing, this one serves as perfect soundtrack to slow-motion Federer highlight reels and the thought of his career ever coming to a close. Bear With Me though, is just getting his ball spinning. This piece comes as prelude to his debut EP that is penciled in for release in early October. We need you, Roger.

Great news coming out of Buenos Aires’ cultural hot spots in the form of Basual, a refreshing indie pop outfit of four – pictured above, fleeing the scene. Attached is Hueco, a lush riviera jam that dips the sun into the ocean. Hit play, and doze off. The group just had this dreamy piece followed up with a debut EP titled Beach Pop, out now.

They have also scheduled two live shows in Buenos Aires too, with Aug 23 at Rabia Bar and Sep 21 at La Confitería. Look out.

Photo credits go to the one and only Julia Granda.

In less than two weeks time, Berlin will play host to the ever expanding, the ever maturing Pop-Kultur festival, celebrating music, film, art and all sorts of performances 21 – 23. August. It all goes down at the mighty brick castle of Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg. On the musical ballot for this fifth edition are heavy hitters like Mykki BlancoCocoRosieJenny WilsonAnna Calvi and Planningtorock as well as rising stars such as ÄTNA or Oum Shatt.

This year’s line-up also includes a healthy dose of commissioned works. Hamburg’s own Ilgen-Nur will be looking to answer questions of fame, feminism and post-internet identity in Live Through This on Friday. Identity then will also be the topic of Janto Djassi Roessner’s piece Picture Me Different. In an hour-long live-set that includes music, multilingual interviews, audiovisual media and painting, he will be deconstructing traditional ideas of affiliation and preconceived notions of belonging.

Followers of this fair Poule d’Or endeavor are once again in luck as we have secured a pair of tickets for Thursday’s action at the festival, waiting for one lucky winner. All you need to do, is scribble a GDPR-compliant email to music at pouledor.com and keep your fingers crossed on Aug. 16th, 6pm CET sharp, when the lucky winner will be picked at random – and be notified immediately. Good luck.

In the meantime, lose yourself in ÄTNA’s trademark piece Walls attached down low. They will be taking the stages on Thursday at 22h00.