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What a time to be alive. Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival just keeps growing and getting ever more diverse and multi-faceted. This year’s edition saw more than 45.000 people trying to get into big and small venues around the former (mostly) red light district on and around Reeperbahn street. Venues ranging from your average concert halls to centuries old churches, coffee shops, travel agencies, and river boats. And it was all a labour of love, after all, with France being partner country this year, sending well over 50 bands and musicians over to Hamburg. [click to continue…]

Reeperbahn Festival: Black Midi

Four days of music and art, in and around Hamburg’s famous Reeperbahn road, at the heart of the nightlife and red light district, is what Reeperbahn Festival will be, scheduled Sept. 19-22. An absolute no-brainer on the rich 500 names line-up are British newcomers and latest hype Black Midi.

The group out of South London doesn’t share too much on the old internet, but a live studio piece can give you an idea of why they have acquired a live-name for themselves and why their UK shows sell out in a couple of minutes. They had a single and b-side out on Dan Carey’s great Speedy Wunderground label, famously recording in one single day, and mixing the next. Find the mad b-side Savage Gary’s DbDbDb attached below. Just pure and real. Black Midi are scheduled to take the stage at Molotow Sky Bar on Wednesday, 21h40.

Reeperbahn Festival: 2nd Blood

Just days until Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival invites you to four days of international music and arts. Over 500 bands are scheduled to play, in more than 40 venues on and around the heart of the red light district that is Reeperbahn road. A gem in the rich line-up is Danish heavy hitter 2nd Blood.

He was one half in the duo Howl Baby Howl, and successfully versed the globe as a backing musician for bands like Trentemøller, The Raveonettes, Jacob Bellens and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. His solo works neatly combine a distinct sense for electronic beats and rhythm with a punk rock angle for what works on stage. The debut EP Running Blind, is out now, via Trentemøller’s label In My Room. Find the stellar Turn It Back attached below. 2nd Blood is scheduled to play St. Pauli Museum on Friday, 20h30, for what will be his first ever live set.

Hamburg’s history laden Reeperbahn street is playing host to the international music scene again, for four days of concerts, arts and education. September 19-22 will see the thirteenth edition of this ever growing spectacle that is Reeperbahn Festival. Over 500 bands are scheduled to play a total exceeding 600 concerts in over 40 venues on and around Reeperbahn, from world war bunkers and medieval churches to river boats and the shiny hall of the Elbphilharmonie opera.

France is being the partner country of this year’s events and sent over more almost 50 musicians and bands to celebrate La Grande Nation’s musical output. If you only manage to see one of the neighbours, make it the curlers that are L’Impératrice. The energetic group has a handful of releases under their belts, and are bursting with anticipation. Find evidence in Là-haut, off their EP Dreaming Of You from March this year, attached below. They will be playing Häkken on Wednesday, 19h20, and Molotow Sky Bar on Thursday, 22h20.

All photo credits above go to the one and only, Chloé Nicosia.

Reeperbahn Festival 2018: Hope

The spherical wunderkinder that are Berlin’s Hope produce a dark mix of percussion and synths and decisive vocals. They are beasts on stage, and have rightly earned an Anchor nomination, Reeperbahn Festival’s music award.

They are thus scheduled to play a range of shows at Reeperbahn Festival next week, Sept 19-22, with Sommersalon on Wednesday, 20h00, and Nochtspeicher on Friday, 20h00. Attached below is their latest video, Drop Your Knives, from June and off their self-titled debut album that is out now.

The good looking ensemble that is London’s Ten Fé return with a new on-point single, just in time for the September days of the year. Not Tonight is a dreamy track that neatly transports that orange sunset feeling, putting a glass of white in your hand, and rolling itself around you, like a warming blanket. Word on the street is, they are just laying final touches on a new album, due later this year.

Meanwhile, the group scheduled a mini tour for November, taking them to Islington Assembly, Nov. 13, Birmingham, Nov. 27 and Manchester Nov. 28. You have been warned.