British smooth talkers Ten Fé seem to have around for ages but only last week released what is said to be their debut album. Hit The Light is out on PIAS and carries eleven songs, showcasing the duo's floating abilities to produce synthy drives, guitar moods and salty hooks. Attached below is Another Way, their latest single.

And if you call Europe home, look out for their tour dates taking them through the old continent in February and March, from the Netherlands to Denmark, from Germany to Spain, from France to the UK, I hope your city has been selected. Find them all nice listed here. Team Poule says, go get em.


Times can become a bit depressing lately. So without further ado, a quick collection of bright new talents out there, a curated playlist by Team Poule. This one is out on Soundcloud and Spotify, at your convenience.

First off come the fuzzy lo fi neo-psych vibes by Yusuf Siddiquee, really kicking this list off. The man has just released his debut EP titled Softee and this track is a warm reminder of the origins of this music era. Smooth as. London quartet White Kite share their second single after that, a grooving indie pop gem driven by a distinct sense for changes in rhythm and tempo. They'll be on tour in the UK next month, check their dates. Right next, the dreamy self-proclaimed cloud poppers of POKAL from Sweden and Norway make an appearance. Their drive is unpretentious and straight forward, a real treat. Up next, LA's B.Miles share an ecstatic single off their upcoming debut EP which will be out in March.

Vancouver's smooth poppers Mellt produce a warm alternative spin of indie, this track comes off their brand new EP. In the same vein, UK's power poppers ISLAND drop a hot ball after that. This one is off their second EP and they are set for a whole range of UK and EU dates this month and the next. After that, Sydney's dreamy indie rockers Crystal Cities share a round track, mild melodies for the long nights of February. Then, San Francisco's Macajey contributes a single off his new EP which only came out last month. A glistering electronic track with soulful vocals by Elle Leatham.

PIAS' own Cut_ (underscore) out of Amsterdam make a contribution in form of their catchy new single. They have lined up an impressive list of festivals for the year. Next, London dream popping five piece Swimming Tapes share their banging single, a track taken from their debut which will be out at the end of February. Look out for their headline debut in London in April. French duo and full time Prague residents Overland Inn share a psychedelic single after that. The track is off their third album. Next, UK producer CallumDr shares his latest offering, a dreamy Japanese inspired track. And finally, a dreamy outro, provided by Belgian singer Marie Reiter. It's the opening track of her debut album ad she is on tour in Germany and Belgium as we speak.

So, there it goes, a hot ball of talents from the American West Coast all the way across the States and the pond through the West Midlands and London into Belgium. Team Poule says, who came up with borders anyway.

The list is up on Soundcloud and Spotify, with the opener by Brooklyn's Yusuf Siddiquee and Sweden's POKAL attached below.

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A perfectly shaped, round ball of delight this one. Producer Handsome Chest put his Californian touch on Blonde Summer's dreamy banger. The latter, sun-drenched slack rockers just had a release out before Christmas on Dangerbird Records that is well worth your Northern hemisphere February playlists. Reason enough then for handyman Handsome Chest to take them up on it, and put a dreamy zinger on it. It's a digital exclusive, out now, and comes after his remake of Solai's Islands In The Sun last year. Team Poule says, looking gooood!


Up North, winters can become a damn dark and depressing time of the year. But also very productive months in terms of creative output and innovation. Here then steps in Frost Festival which takes place this month in Copenhagen. From February 4 - 26 the festival presents a series of concerts and light installations at selected and improbable locations around Copenhagen, striving to form new unique synergies through the collaboration of music, venues and light.

The previous years included concerts at the bottom of empty swimming pools, in abandoned aquariums, in the botanical gardens and in a number of museums, churches and historical buildings. This year they will set up concerts in parking lots, old royal pheasantries, ancient warehouses and more.

Efterklang offspring Liima will play in the newly opened underground parking lot below Ofelia Plads on Feb 4th (sold out) in a five band setup alongside The Entrepreneurs, WeLikeWe, Pede B. & DJ Noize and Katinka while ex-Rangleklods duo Blondage will play in a light filled RGB White show at Lille Vega, Feb 8th (few tickets left).

And the list continues. Sekuoia, Av Av Av, Kentaur and IRAH are on the ticket too. The latter trio will play at Fasangården in Frederiksberg Have on Feb 22nd. Until now, the old royal pheasantry has never been opened for the public and this event will be the first sneak peak into the house, where they are gonna play in a living room with a special stripped-down orchestration.

Danish duo Cancer then have lined up no less than three shows. They will perform with a full band at Hofteateret, Denmarks oldest theatre and located in Christiansborg castle, on Feb 10th. On Feb 9th they will play a duo concert in banquet hall at Designmuseum Danmark, while the show at Carlsberg Academy’s Pompejisalen will be a special grand piano concert on February 21st. Attached below is their latest treat Esca, off their album Totem which came out on Tambourhinoceros just days ago.

Now, while a lot of the individual shows are already sold out, there a still a few golden ones available and some concerts are even free to attend, check the events section and don't be shy. Team Poule says, I put a boogie dollar down for that!


The unsuspicious group of people above are Denmark's CHINAH and they have been a hit last year and now gear it up for 2017. Attached is their latest smooth train Even Love, out last week. Along with that, a promise to release a new EP Hints on the lovely Humming Records in March.

They lined up a healthy list of live dates through the Kingdom just in time, including Aarhus, March 23rd and Copenhagen, April 14th, and whole lot of Øs and Æs in between. And not only that, they will be playing Hamburgs Häkken April 18th, Berlin, London, Paris, and selected UK dates after that. Find them all here, and their balanced jam below. Team Poule says, coming in nicely.


Holding On To Summer, is what indie poppers Pool are proudly proclaiming in their turtlenecks and knitwear. Attached is their latest single from just before Christmas. If you are one for the catchy riffs and those embracing vocals, you are in luck! The group has a new release lined up for this year, and a grand tour, taking over relevant parts of Germany, as we speak. They play Berlin tonight actually, January 20th, and after that are off to Lüneburg, Cologne, Munich, Karlsruhe and loads more, all of which nicely listed right here.

Their final destination - for now at least - comes at Hamburgs Uebel & Gefährlich where they will set up gear on March 10th. Now, if you say, yeah I can see myself attending this gig, just paste your high fives in the comment section below and you might see yourself ending up with two tickets for the gig. The winners will be drawn Wednesday next week, January 25th at 6pm CET sharp. Team Poule says, fingers crossed!

Photo above by Mr Jan Weber.


Did you know that in the US, one out of eight people have been employed by McDonalds at some point in their lives? And that in Montana, cows outnumber people by three to one? Connect the dots. Meanwhile, over in London, which is a city in the European Union, JW Ridley dropped a wonder of a track earlier. Everything is phenomenal indie pop track, with a stellar driving beat and vocals that are coming in perfectly. Should be a scene to see live too, so luckily you can catch them in the UK in March supporting Ten Fé in London, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool and a ton more. Really, it's hard not to be on the aye side of this one. PIAS and UK powerhouse Speedy Wunderground certainly are, putting this one out on a limited run vinyl release, now. Team Poule says, right on point.


A handful of dreamy fuzzy riffs, that bedroom lo-fi aesthetic and Team Poule is SOLD. Attached below is Group Photos' latest offering Pilot, a wonderfully dreamy, guitar-driven pop song. A follow up then of the San Bernadino native's debut EP from just over a year ago. Team Poule says, a proper way to kick off 2017. And a special shout out to BOP Café in Porto, pictured above.