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Jens Christiansen is a curious cat and for his solo project Rumpistol he has been driven by the search for beauty and new sounds. His new EP is entitled Drops and is set for release today, mind you, and continues his quest of almost three decades in music.

Drops then, evolves around the theme of water and puts an emphasis on the instrumental and more downtempo elements of his vast repertoire. Like the refreshing cool stream of a forest creek on a hot summer day. The track Forest Drops is attached below, reason enough for Team Poule to inquire and see what it's all about.

Photo credits go to Martin Bubandt.

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Very exciting new tunes coming in from Portland. BRAUN is the working title of Ben Braun's new solo endeavors, after Mackintosh Braun fame. Silent Science is his latest treat and comes off his debut album of the same name. A neat melange of on-point synths from the 1980s and a general dreaminess only the late 2000s managed to produce, a great companion for a sunny day under the skies, and out now on Diving Bell Recording Co. Team Poule says, so smooth.

Ever more delights coming in from Canada's own Men I Trust. The lush indie dancers have been going at it strong for the past years and after stints all over the worlds only recently relocated to their hometown of Montreal. Which is where this track connects the dots of a happy homecoming feel and the nostalgia of leaving life abroad behind. Tailwhip is out today and attached below at your convenience. Team Poule says, so smooth.

Fishbach again is it? The mighty lady of the North is one of the many attractions at Pop-Kultur Berlin next week. In between the puppies and kittens of the festivals third edition this year are many gems to be found in fact.

But first things first. Pop-Kultur Berlin takes place from August 23-25 at Kulturbrauerei in the heart of Germany's capital and serves a three course meal of art, workshops, and a fair bit of networking opportunities for those inclined. Now, for the art-part they really make sure you get your hard earned moneys worth because not only are there more than 70 concerts but also a number of films, talks, installations and the like. Pop-Kultur aspires to provide room for discourse, for reflection, for interdisciplinary discussions and for scientific dialogues.

On the ticket then are big letter names like Alexis Taylor, of Hot Chip fame, Young Fathers, Darkstar, Steven Warwick, La Femme, and many more. Like old mate Fishbach here from France. Her somewhat cool and distant but infectious pop music should be a great fit for the brick wall surroundings of former brewery Kulturbrauerei. Furthermore, she is set up for a Commissioned Work piece, which sees her collaborating with designer Augustin Teboul and her label Lou de Bètoly who will provide the stage outfits. Fishbach & Lou de Bètoly are scheduled for 23h20 on August 23rd at Maschinenhaus. Her latest is attached below. Team Poule says, bring on those interdisciplinary discussions.

Charming waves of professional groove coming in from palmy California. LA Story is the first single off Content, the debut solo EP by Jesse Kivel of Kisses and Mt. Si fame. LA Story came out yesterday and is attached below for your convenience - couldn't be a better companion for your average August afternoon.

Content has been in the making for the better part of the last three years, says Jesse, "I had a child, started a company, bought a home with a 2-car garage, and am in an ever-changing 11-year relationship. But am I content? My music has never taken longer to complete, but this new depth of time altered me. It slowed me. My mind calmed and my heart eased its pulse. I wanted to take snippets of jazz and fusion ("dad" music) and let the sounds inform my own songwriting. Playing and joking with the idea of what dads might listen to, in many ways, makes it easier to face my new reality. That I am not as young as I once was, and that the act of writing and recording is an endless process instead of one defined by the cycles of a tour or an album."

Jesse Kivel has been behind some of the smoothest tracks in what has been more than a decade, from the indie pop classics in Princeton, to the dreamy summer vibes in Kisses and lately the more electronically inclined Mt. Si. Him and his works have been a constant source of content at Poule headquarters. Content the EP then was made with the help of his close friends Jeff Brodsky (producing) and Andrew Maury (mastering). The EP is out October 6th on New Feelings/Rallye. Team Poule says, oh the joys of fatherhood.

Oh the joys of a few sunny days spent on the French coastline. Cabourg Mon Amour took over the small seaside resort that is Cabourg for three days and three nights, from July 28-30. For the most time of the year, Cabourg is a quiet little town in Normandy with mostly empty villas and hotels and a grand promenade clinging to the sea that comes and goes like clockwork. In summer though, the town's population rises from a good 4.000 to around 40.000 and the century old habitat comes to life.

For Cabourg Mon Amour then, a strip of about 800m on the beach is fenced off and two stages and a good handful of food stalls and bars are being set up in the sand. Now, with a grand total of 24 names over three days on the day time line-up, the festival does a proper job on the selecting end of things. So, Friday saw seven acts including two banging headline sets by local heroes Paradis and Jacques in the breezy late July air. [click to continue…]