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What’s most beautiful about SPOT Festival in Aarhus this week is the sheer range of different styles and sounds they keep adding each year. Dutch producer duo YĪN YĪN here sport a very fine sense for rhythms and vibes that they curated and refined when recording songs in a ballet school in a remote village at the foot of the Plateau of Doenrade near Alpaca Mountain, about an hour outside hilly Maastricht, by bike.

The festival pitches them as “a modern take on the Thai-funk of 60s and 70s, easy Thai-riffs fusing in a sound that stretches towards the South East Asian trance party through disco, funk and rock.” Point made. Their trademark single Dis Ko Dis Ko that came out via Bongo Joe Records as a 7inch last year, is smoothly embedded below. With their live setup including a double-neck guitar, their gig will be one not to miss. They are scheduled to play Friday May 3rd, 22h30 at Den Rå Hal, Godsbanen.

Denmark is a land of the seas and as such a land of the ports and commerce. Copenhagen’s trio Ecstasy In Order then call a very industrial and busy sound their own. They have got a handful of singles under their belt dating all the way back to 2015 and now dished up an all new and wavey offering in the form of an EP titled Girls Boys & Brothers.

The on-point opener Material Girls is attached below, and bursts with g-force. They are scheduled to take the stage at SPOT Festival in Aarhus this Saturday May 4th, 20h40 at A-Huset, in a show presented by the brilliant Limbo Collective.

Photo credits go to Ljubov Dzhuzhynska.

SPOT Festival 2019: Mayes

If you want to stay ahead of the curve in all things new music related for the coming summer, there really is only one place you need to be swinging yourself to: SPOT Festival in Aarhus has always been on the forefront of taste. More than 150 of Scandinavia’s and Europe’s hottest talents are tapped to play on a number of stages throughout Denmark’s second biggest city over the course of 3 days and nights from May 2nd to 4th for the festival’s 25th edition. With dedicated styles ranging from the hottest new music out of Greenland – climate change pun very much intended – to the international jazz and funk fusions curated by Roots&Hybrid, to an evening all about metal.

One name on the line-up and very much on your summer schedule should be Mayes out of Germany’s second city, Hamburg. The singing and songwriting quartet is no stranger to the airs up North, and to avid followers of Poule d’Or in Photo-Interview #16 back in February. The group has just released an exciting live session the other week, something to look forward to in Aarhus. They are set to play Saturday May 4th, 16:00 at HeadQuarters, presented by Music Cities Network.

Photo-Interview #17: Buvette

Switzerland is not only a place of cheese, chocolate and international tax havens, the country also produces a fine amount of innovative pop music. Buvette here is exhibit A and just released a new EP, rather existentially titled Life, for which he teamed up with French producer Rémi Sauzedde of Apollo Noir fame. The result is a carefully orchestrated, synth fused round trip of the world, with its cosmic departure materializing in The Maze attached below.

Reason enough to hear what Mr. Buvette is all about, and what better way to share a drink paint a picture of this man’s many talents than by unleashing the full strenghts of the GIPHY. The new EP is out now, via Pan European Recordings.

How did it all start?
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Swedish producer and guitarist Alec Baker is offering a nice little banger to enter the public eye. Sunslide is his debut single and neatly combines the producing tour de force of Malmö’s Summer Heart and elevating words by London’s Tony Jian. The resulting 2 minutes 56 seconds are almost too short to soundtrack your sunset beverages or for you to get lost in the words, snap it’s over. Information on further day dreams out of Alec Baker’s home cooked studio is sparse but Sunslide is real and here to hold on to.

The illustrious group of Swedes above goes by the name of Two Year Vacation and just celebrated the release of their debut LP, energetically titled Slacker Island. The album serves a refreshing spin of indie pop, bursting with rich drums, sunny warmth and tip-toed pizza-themed entendres. Their latest bouncy exhibit is attached below in the form of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

The group has successfully lined up a string of German dates to celebrate the occasion. Hamburg is penciled in with Monday, Apr 22nd, with Dresden, Munich, Berlin and more immediately after. Find all dates nicely listed here. Slacker Island is out now via the great Clouds Hill.

Photo credits go to Sweden’s talented Emil Daniel.