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Poule d’Or is turning 12 years old these days and looking back at a past twelve months of musical releases feels ever more strange. The whole concept of a coherent album seems to be under growing pressure by the track-driven playlisting needs of the streaming industry. Also, the last full calendar year of pandemic life has led to this Poule d’Or business taking place largely online, which is a rather obvious statement for a website, but the best part of this endeavor has always been offline, seeing albums being toured, bands playing, festivals, people.

Naturally this isn’t a very special or unique experience during these awkward times but still a somewhat new one, while pandemic realities have of course been much worse than canceled gigs and conferences. Meanwhile, Poule d’Ors editorial highlights of 2021 included these two do-not-miss photo interviews with Faye Webster and John Moods.

Albums then. After consulting the professional outlets of Pitchfork, Gorilla vs. Bear, Stereogum, NME, Line of Best Fit, Paste Magazine, HighClouds and more, and largely agreeing with the best albums of 2021 being released somewhere between Little Simz, Arlo Parks, L’Rain, Mdou Moctar, Helado Negro, Efterklang and Dry Cleaning, here goes a list of 10 or so albums that Team Poule felt were somewhat overlooked but still very much ruffled the feathers of 2021 – and probably beyond. In no particular order, after John Glacier.. [continue reading…]

Hold on to your wigs and masks – Copenhagen’s Palace Winter squeezed out a new track! The piece is titled Slasher and comes with expected dynamics on and off court. Released just days after Halloween, the track draws on the horror visions of both orange pumpkin faces and pandemic precautions slash isolations. Singer Carl Coleman reflects on a killer on the run and the lonely dystopian experience of a Covid infection, a killer within. No escape, is there. Still, the track comes as a dance’y ode to 90s drum and bass, an era of great optimism characterized by a certain weightlessness.

Also, the group is about to tour the most relevant parts of Europe this week and next, with Hamburg on the ticket tomorrow, Monday Nov 15th at Häkken, Berlin on the 16th, then Amsterdam (canceled, UK proceeds though:), London, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow up after. All dates, nicely listed, here. Palace Winter have three excellent albums out on Tambourhinoceros, and find Slasher attached below – and also on our ever updated Poule d’Or Spotify playlist.

Photo credits (above) go to Dennis Morton, and him only.

As the year enters its darker periods in this part of the world, a desperately awaited concert season is picking up some nice momentum. Hamburg’s Roller Derby here have got a perfect set of cards up their elegantly patterned sleeves to deal with both. The dreamy trio offers some of the smoothest and perfectly produced indie pop seen this side of the river in a long time, catering both to the dark’ish days and the local stages.

They will be playing their lush tunes at Ottensen’s Hebebühne this Friday, Nov 12th – their headline debut and tickets are selling fast, so get behind that pronto. And not just that, as they have just confirmed their trip to next year’s SXSW 2022 in Austin, full-on parade and all.

In the meantime, find their new single Something True attached below, at your convenience. Also find the track, and many more, on the ever updated Poule d’Or playlist over on Spotify at www.pouledor.com/spotify.

Photo credits go to the great Martha Wurmus and her only.

As October slowly draws to a close, long walks on the beach require more functional attire, and layers. Enter Hamburg’s very own Kuoko who just released her self-titled debut album and knows a fair share about either of those. After being a constant buzz in and around the city, her self-produced record features some of the finest synth pop melodies you will find. With a keen sense for tempo and a crisp voice with points to make, she created a pure album that is more than just a collection of songs but rather works quite neatly from first to last.

Kuoko the album is out now via the infamous Kabul Fire Records, and if you find yourself in Hamburg this Wednesday, Oct 27, go see her play the new tunes at Molotow – tickets are selling fast. In the meantime, check out the lovely Worlds Apart attached below and find this track and many more on the ever updated Poule d’Or playlist over on Spotify: www.pouledor.com/spotify

Photo credits above go to the swift Florian Thoss and him only.

Time for a red hot exclusive straight out of Camp Poule! Better Days is the latest single by Swedish sunglasses CYAMO out of coastal Göteborg. The duo has dropped some sharp and shiny singles throughout the last couple of months but this one is off their debut album coming sometime in 2022 -next year that is.

Better Days neatly pursues a pure indie-disco vibe, carried by a funky bass-line and channeling the grand shadows of final summer days in the French capital, sometime in the late 2000s, when the cool breeze is already lurking but the light is just perfect.

Better Days is out today, and available practically worldwide and you can find the track handily attached below but also on the ever updated Poule d’Or Spotify playlist with nothing but the best tunes out there right now, so don’t miss

It’s September hey and you can feel summer waving so long with autumn lurking just underneath the longer shadows. Well, then it’s usually time for Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg – and time for a trip down south to the vast Italian coastline to soak up some of that Mediterranean light. You’re in luck this year, because the rising Better Things from Berlin have teamed up with Italia Music Export and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Amburgo and put together an all-Italian showcase in Hamburg, Sept. 23rd, as part of the rather exclusive 2021 Reeperbahn Festival.

They bring with them warm riffs and lush aperitivo vibes in the form of Bee Bee Sea out of Lombardy’s Castel Goffredo and their raw rocking and rolling vibe, HÅN and her dreamy scapes from the shores of Lago di Garda as well as regular Genoa All Stars Eugenia Post Meridiem. The latter produce a fine blend of dreamy pop songs and determined precision of singer songwriters.

The three of them get together for a La Festa evening in Hamburg’s Uwe location right on Reeperbahn on Thursday September 23rd, 7pm. Sign up here.

Eugenia Post Meridiem’s latest piece of bliss is titled Willpower and is attached below at your convenience – and also added to the ever updated Poule d’Or Spotify playlist, don’t miss.