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2020 is here and we are off to yet another happy new year, a year older, a year wiser too. Texan dvd here arrives in time, serving just the right soundtrack for the gloomy beginning of January and those looking for answers.

Fingers Crossed is a steamy ballad driven by his hazy vocals, a luring lo-fi aesthetic and a curious view on life and its many avenues.

As smooth as they come this one. Fake Crush is the latest stellar single by Norwegian outfit Remington Super 60. The group centers around songwriter Christoffer Schou and has had changing members ever since their humble Casio beginnings, all the way back when Cher released her twenty-second studio album, the year when Brandy and Monica dominated the Billboard charts fighting over a boy, and when Geri Halliway left the Spice Girls, in 1998.

Christoffer and his band though have moved on to release a healthy number of albums and EPs. Fake Crush then is equally driven by lovely vocals and an acoustic guitar and a neat sense for melody and tempo. Truly a floral arrangement of a song, like a scene from an urban 60s tiki bar, caught on tape. The track is off their upcoming EP with a release date set for January 24, 2020.

Festive vibes coming in from the sunny winter wonderland that is México. Yellow Dudes here sport a very smooth sense for grooves and harmonies, one that comes in handy every time of the year.

The group of five found each other quite naturally, frequenting the same bars and parties in and around their hometown of Tepic and progressed to record music together. Attached below is the surfy dreamer Parking Spot, a shiny lo-fi banger of a song beautifully developing around lush riffs and luring vocals. The track is part of their latest EP which came out in October.

The holiday season is quickly approaching and what better way to get in the mood than with a carefully assembled group of bells. Enter the divine Cathedral Bells out of Cassadaga in the Christmas state that is Florida.

Ephemeral just came out via Brooklyn’s Good Eye Records and aims at a debut LP that will be out early next year, by the name of Velvet Spirit. Ephemeral has a classic smooth shoegazey’ness to it, developing under thick layers of reverb. It doesn’t sound entirely unfamiliar and yet lures you right in, precisely because of this. A cool tribute to this genre and sound, and at the same time one of it’s kind.

Photo credits go to Sydney Allmendinger and her only.

Hazy delights come flying in by way of Tropic Harbour and the salty shorelines of British Columbia, Canada. Dusty Light is his latest gem and a cool Poule d’Or premiere today. The track tells the story of long shadows, orange rays of light, and empty bottles, neatly circling around the tired days and nights of November in the Northern hemisphere. It all comes carried by his soothing voice and wrapped in palmy riffs and a dreamy melody, gently taking this beaut of a song off like a sea plane disconnecting from the water surface, elegantly defying gravity.

Q4 is well under way and while the European nights get colder still, it’s just another reason to ask Alexa on that Danish mid-century sideboard to play some groovey Whitney on your Sonos speakers. The Chicago duo squeezed out a lush new album in the final days of summer heat via the fine folks over at Secretly Canadian and now that the leaves have fallen, it sounds even better.

Attached below is their brilliant though somewhat of an interlude track Rhododendron, complete with the horns and nice build up and all, really hugging that infinite Lake Michigan coastline.

And as luck would have it, the group is currently touring Europe. With Munich’s Strom on the ticket this Thursday, 14 Nov, before hitting and Berlin (Friday), Hamburg (Saturday) and Copenhagen (Sunday) next. Amsterdam, Paris, London and whole lot more UK are still to come in November, too. Find it all nicely listed here.

Photo credits go to the talented Olivia Bee and her only. Check her stuff.