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Photo-Interview #15: Sea Moya

Hold my beer, this one is on to something. The illustrious German ensemble that is Sea Moya recently emigrated to Montréal in Canada of all places, taking life by the horns. The group has a prestigious and professional history, and has just released its debut long player in Falmenta, via the great Majestic Casual.

On it, the talented trio showcases its mad handling of melodies and harmonies, a distinct sense for tempo and finding the right words at the right time. With most of the album having been written in Falmenta, nestled in Italy’s Piedmont, you can hear a natural sense for seclusion, and echoing trees and leaves right through. Truly, a wonderfully diverse piece of 12 tracks, emphasizing the concept of an album in times of streaming and shuffling.

Their latest single Purple Days is attached below, one of their slower numbers, with a pinch of electronic twists no less.

Reason enough for Team Poule to reach out, and see what the fuzz is about. The group really went the so called extra mile, with old mate Bruce packaging it all up in custom made gifs. So with no further ado, here is the photo-interview with Sea Moya. [continue reading…]

A pure and luscious breeze coming in by way of Los Angeles’ own Lost Beach. The good looking group formed around singer and all around professional Jonny Perdue. And having started in the more indie rock corners of the riffs and production lines, this new piece Shadows sees them stepping out and into the brighter, upbeat pop sphere, complete with a sunny washed out vibe and carried by a palmy Californian ease.

The single is out now, via the great Caveman Arts Society, and comes with a mad video, shot in Paris, and all that comes with it – directed by Freedom Fry’s Bruce Driscoll, who also produced this big bird of a song, attached below.

Photo credits go to the legend, Michelle Shiers.

With almost a decade of EPs and singles under his racks, America’s treasure that is Chrome Sparks squeezed out a self-titled debut album in April. The 43 minute synth-powered ride is the long-playing culmination of his works, a deep dive into the elements, surfing the waves of ones and zeros, alongside a handsome group of guest singers giving his production a voice.

And not only that, Chrome Sparks is taking this bad boy on a rather worldly tour, making a stop at Hamburg’s prestigious Waagenbau, Wednesday October 31st. Team Poule is up in the air in excitement, and managed to secure a bundle of two tickets for one lucky person. All you need to do is wire a gdpr-compliant email to music at pouledor.com and hope for the best. The winner will be selected, at random, Tuesday Oct. 30th, 12 pm sharp.

Further shows include Berlin, Cologne, London, Paris and more. All of them nicely listed, here. Chrome Sparks, the album, is out now via Ninja Tunes’ Counter Records, and the usual streaming outlets for the Millennials amongst yourselves.

Photo credits above go to Landon Speers and Landon Speers only.

Kicks and straight up 90s vibes coming in by way of Copenhagen’s most charming Shy Shy Shy. They play it cool, and they play it good. Drums and synths heating it up quite nicely, with their unison vocals swinging this one home. Home and in front of the TV, mind you, with this piece being exclusively written for and in collaboration with a yet unnamed Danish television series to be aired this winter all over Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Sober then, tells the struggling story of coming to terms with the shambles that life can look like at times. And it all sounds much less exhausting when sung and wrapped in juicy synths. Amen to that. The song is out now, and on the Spotify too.

In times like these, one needs to be ready to avert any disaster, at any time. Get your tinfoil hats, and stick to protocol. While not losing sight of the positive vibes, naturally. Enter Von Sell out of the creative hub that is New York City. His funky sunny dreamer Scene Of A Crime premiered over at Ones To Watch last week and calls to the good times to be had, especially at the dark times in history, with no beacon lighting up.

The song then arrives as a rather flawless disco track, carried by David’s precise vocals and guarded by a wall of synths, leaving you lifted up, into the sunset, on the roller coaster that is life. And as days get shorter and nights extend, the piece gets a visual counterpart, by way of the talented Cutsdatflo, exclusively attached below. All part of his upcoming EP Digital Sleep, due 2019.

The Franco American, steak frites turned humans duo of Freedom Fry let a new single fly last week in Yeah You, with this lovely gem titled Zombie Love b-siding along, just in time for the pumpkin season that is Halloween and the annual parades that come with it. The track is naturally attached below and serves as a timely reminder of late summer vibes, a breezy tease under the moonlight. Never gonna let go, they say, hey.

Their uplifting debut album Classic came out in June this year, via AWAL and Caveman Arts Society, and made it through the summer months alright, much like their billboard on Melrose. Have a piece of that pie, over at Spotify or elsewhere, for those inclined.