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xtra lush tunes come gliding in by way of the original John Bax here rocking his finest denim on denim. He is usually going by every duty-free shoppers dream Paradise in Toblerone and lacking a microphone to record lyrics, going all in with the instrumentals on Roses, attached below at your convenience.

The track is off his upcoming EP Carnival. Should be a steamy summer banger this one, vocals or not. In the meantime, find this track and more on Poule d’Or Journal, the Spotify playlist with nothing but the latest musings straight from the headquarters.

Hazy tunes for the longest days of the year coming in by way of Kekeno and the UK’s city of lights that is Nottingham. Light Pools is his latest and quite a timeless piece, like Sherwood forest’s Major Oak.

While combining lush electronics and a smooth lo-fi feel with carefully thrown in riffs as he goes along, Light Pools lets the blinding rays of the East Midlands’ June sun shine right through. The track is out now, with more to come.

Bristol’s Dick Dent here dropped a rather lovely debut solo album back in March, moments before most of Europe went into hibernation. Life’s Hard is a healthy collection of dreamy pop songs that make even more sense in the heat of June and careful attempts to be social again. Attached below is Juliet, a beautiful hazy ode to chances missed and points being made.

His solo debut came after a decade-spanning indie career being part of Yoofs and The Death of Pop, among others and only just last week, he released a new EP titled Dick Dent Goes Pop that does just that and comes packed with four intense cover versions from She’s The One to Come Into My World (Spotify). Furthermore, he will start a monthly radio programme over at Camp Fr, the artist residency project in the French Pyrenees, next week, Monday, June 29.

Photo credits go to Laura Eley and her only.

Odd trying to write about music these days. Times look bleak and yet what else is there to do then do your part, stay positive, go high or go low, be kind, be real. Los Angeles sweethearts Freedom Fry then arrived just in time with their altogether uplifting sophomore album, regionally titled Songs From The West Coast. The duo set out to make a record that feels “like the sunshine and the breeze blowing through your hair” – which couldn’t read more desirable right now.

The album comes eleven tracks strong and is carried by an effortless ease and warmth in their riffs and vocals, while echoing the folky aesthetics of love and opportunity of the nineteen-sixties. Music was a vital driver for social progress back then and can do its part today as well. But even at face value, Songs From The West Coast is a stunningly beautiful piece of recording that feels oddly timeless and transcending. Attached below is the striking new single Not With A Bullet.

Photo credits go to the talented Nicole Spencer and Mikey Spencer.

Miro Shot here couldn’t have asked for a more late-modern dystopian setting to release their debut album, rather technically titled Content. Over the course of ten tracks they create a whirlwind of pop cultural anthems, bottomless synths and a mean drive for knowing exactly where to go.

Behind this map of life and times that are Miro Shot is a global collective of musicians, filmmakers, designers and coders, making traditional boundaries of physics blur like a glitch in the matrix.  The group has created a brand new kind of live music experience which features small audiences on swivel chairs and a whole lot of VR glasses. As the musicians perform live, the audience gets thrown into a virtual 360 degrees of alternative reality created and controlled by the collective, taking everyone on a mind boggling ride through the dimensions. Miro Shot aim high but hit the target spot on – sort of like Baggio’s second reality since ’94.

Attached below is their latest single I Used To Say Things To Strangers – which feels awfully familiar these days – along with stirring visuals. Meanwhile, Content is out now via French/British independent label AllPoints.

Swagging German duo Krakow Loves Adana here have been making music for the better part of this century and are experts in the hows and whens of setting the mood, racing the line and touching the apex. So it only felt like the most natural fit that living legend Johnny Jewel went ahead and signed them to his acclaimed Italians Do It Better family last summer.

Young Again then is their second single on the new roster and comes driven by Deniz’ trademark lyrics and vocals, both determined and somber, like the ultimate scorpion behind the steering wheel. They sport an impeccable sense for story telling, and the details and fine print that really count. Like a Hemingway poem with a little bit of reverb.

Their latest single comes with a briliant video shot in South Sweden’s Malmö and directed by Ebba G. Ågren, attached below at your convenience. No looking back.