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Eternal vagabond and visual artist Toro Y Moi has been a constant in the greater indie spheres for a decade at this point. On his new album Outer Peace he neatly combines his unique sense for melody and tempo changes with a psychedelic view of the here and now, creating a mesmerizing soundtrack to our times, carried by pounding beats and drums.

The LP is his sixth release with DC’s Carpark Records since signing with them in 2009 for his striking debut Causers Of This. Looking back at his collected works with them over the years, his catalogue does bear a certain resemblance to Kanye’s (early) efforts – before becoming all Ye – in its versatility, innovation, and ultimately character. Let Outer Peace be Toro’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy then, with the banging single Ordinary Pleasure attached below.

Toro Y Moi is taking his works on tour, literally across the globe, right now, making a stop in Hamburg this Friday, May 31st, with Paris, San Francisco and LA following in June, and a ton of Asian dates after that. Quite the itinerary.

Photo credits above go to the talented Jack Bool, and Jack Bool only.

Photo-Interview #18: Praa

French sensation Praa, pictured above waiting for a boiling dinner to be served, has been fusing grand pop tracks that make 1980s Madonna blush for some time. Her self-titled debut EP came out last month via the glam Elephant & Castle and grooves along as a swagging collection of enthusiastic singles.

Hailing from the south of France, by the banks of the river Rhône, you can hear her feet on the ground attitude and aspiration for the stars right through. Her latest and Coca Cola commercial channeling single is attached below, Won’t Forget ‘Bout You.

Reason enough for Team Poule to get to the bottom of this, and let Praa do the talking, naturally, in moving images.

How did it all start?


What happened so far? [continue reading…]

Good news coming out of Austria! Haven’t read that in a while have we. Old mate Wolfgang here going by his stage name of Mile Me Deaf, is up to something though. With a number of releases under his belt and highly decorated production work for Voodoo Jürgens and others, he produces a unique mix of fuzzy electronics and booming bass lines on his new tracks, only to unleash a raw math rock type of gazing rave.

Ultimately lush and luring then, and with striking visuals too. His latest piece Holodeck just came out via the grand Siluh Records and is attached below. The accompanying video is well worth a visit, shot entirely on S-VHS and synthesized afterwards, all directed by the talented Kevin Pham, who is also currently touring with him. Their glitch heaven is scheduled to arrive in Eindhoven, May 23, Rotterdam, May 24, Göttingen May 25 and finally Linz May 28. Mile Me Deaf’s new album ECCO is penciled for delivery in spring 2020.

Photo credits go to the incredible Beate Ponsold.

The grooving piece pasted below is This GameCarolina‘s latest single. The track comes off her 90s inspired debut EP Everything that come out in the cold months of winter. Channeling her inner self through vocals and vast electronic soundscapes, Carolina manages to wrap vintage RnB flavours into a three-decades-later aesthetic. Team Poule says, flawless.

Downtempo master mind and regular philosophy PhD Tristan de Liège has spent the long Los Angeles winter in the studio, producing fresh new pieces of music. Building on his characteristic electronic sound, he took on a more diverse view of life and times on his new album, relying more on jazz influences and a fine selection of guest vocalists.

Exhibit A comes in the form of Hawa, a striking Poule d’Or exclusive and a carefully layered track combining Tristan’s full range of instrumental talents with the soothing vocals of Carly Barnette, of funk pop duo KiSMiT fame who themselves had a debut out last year.

Tristan de Liège’s new album Maisha is set to be released on May 31st via Manchester’s brilliant label and visual arts platform first light.

Denmark’s city of Aarhus played host to SPOT Festival last weekend, May 2-4th, an event, like the birthday of Justin Bieber, being celebrated for the 25th time this year. What’s most beautiful about the former rather than the latter then, is the range and depth of musical styles on display. Because in times of abundant information and pretty much unlimited access to music, it is rather refreshing to hand your fate to the group of very talented people curating the various showcases over the course of the two festival days. The musical selection included local heroes Liss playing a packed concert hall, the uncompromising soul and funk vibes of D/Troit, as well as Danish grandmasters Efterklang and their newest writings, pasted below.

One of the talented curators is a Danish collective putting together a stage called Roots & Hybrid, celebrating international variations of jazz and funk, creating a truly global sound. They invited Belgian group Black Flower who played their beautiful melding of Ethiopian jazz and more traditional afro-beat, carried by an all-encompassing brass pairing. Their driving single Maqam Tizita Saba is attached right here.

Another fine moment in Roots & Hybrid booking came in the form of [continue reading…]