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grmnygrmnyVancouver’s own Germany Germany just added another gem to his decades-spanning repertoire of good music. Someone New is a great testament to his ever progressing songwriting and production skills. The track is nicely building up around layers of synths, magically stacking up against each other like the foggy clouds perfectly hugging Grouse Mountain, and held together by his confiding voice, flawlessly narrating the story.

The track is a first taster of his upcoming new album Harvest which is due December 1st. Someone New is out today, on your usual digital outlets. Sign up for the album through bandcamp.

Raw Baltic vibes coming in by Latvia’s Carnival Youth. Nicely wedged in the center of the Baltics, Carnival Youth break out with an electrifying spin of indie pop and a neat touch for catchy melodies, putting the love in lv. Their new album titled Good Luck just came out via the sweethearts of Backseat, and find their latest cosmic single Only The Moon Can See The Sun pasted below.

The group has a reputation for energetic live shows and have scheduled a few Euro dates in the meantime. They will be playing Bern tomorrow, before heading to Zurich, Hamburg, Berlin, London and a whole lot more cities, all nicely listed right here.

In our algorithmic times of singles and tracks being upvoted and downvoted it is refreshing to see some human curation taking the wheel. Enter Tür zum Kosmos – a brand new event series that aims to open the door to the microcosmic beauty of independent publishing. Each event will be booked around one particular label and for the first edition they invited Cologne’s KAME HOUSE.

The young label was founded by the DJ duo of the same name and has since put out a remarkable range of electronic productions. Scheduled for the first Tür zum Kosmos in Hamburg on Friday, Sept 27, are Conny Frischauf, label co-head Infuso Giallo and Hamburg super stars Love-Songs while second co-head Uomo di Carne will be on the turntables throughout the night.

The whole party goes down at Frappant’s new space SLOT with doors at 8. For a taster, hit play on Love-Songs’ immersive Endlich Satellit attached below. All you need to know, right here.

Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival is just about to begin and this year sees a fine selection of Italian music making its way North. Four bands are on the ticket for an exclusive showcase held on Thursday, Sept 19th at Sommersalon, from 14h00.

I’m Not A Blonde will be opening with a colorful spin of electro pop. Next up is Andrea Poggio who might just be the most exciting name of this year’s festival. He produces a great palmy mix of 80s pop spritz and the grande bellezza of the Italian riviera. He had a debut album out in 2017 on La Tempesta Dischi that is aging like fine wine. Find his brilliant track Miraggi Metropoliani pasted below.

Synth heavy Julielle will take the stage next with a great blend of dark electronics and mesmerizing vocals. Finally, shoegaze’y outfit Be Forest is set to play. The quartet successfully manages to merge post-punk and a healthy dose of reverb into fresh and new 2019 sounds.

La Festa – The Italian showcase really has it all. RSVP here.

August is dealt and done with, time to get September rolling in and rolling in it does in the form of all Peruvian outfit Laikamorí. The group showcases a dreamy and precise type of psychedelic mélange of electronics, analog drums and riffs on their monumental second album Persōna that came out late last year via Madrid’s epic Plastilina Records.

The whole piece truly is a visual as well as audio piece of art and well worth a visit, with exhibit A Masken attached below. The track takes you on a silent journey through the Andes and onto the Pacific shores, changing pace and taking turns in a Eric Serra-type groove that nicely floats on any given day of the week.

Philadelphia’s hot shots Work Drugs have been supplying the world with lush driver songs for actually more than a decade. The ensemble takes a dreamy look West and to the allegedly peaceful life down there on their newest issue LA Looks. Hop aboard and set sail, team Work Drugs are ready to do the hard lifting for you.

The track marvels down the palmy hills and boulevards and forms part of their 16th (!) studio album, if our intern counted correctly, an LP titled Fantasy File. The heavy hitters still got the swag and punch, what a ride.

Uncredited photo, dated 2016.