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YĪN YĪN bring their multiverse of sound to Germany

At some point in your extended lifetime as a music blog, you think you have heard it all, you are Neo in the Matrix, you know what’s coming next. And then boom a group like YĪN YĪN came along, in 2019, by way of Maastricht in the Netherlands, and challenge your very point of view, showing you how little and small your perceived window into the world really is.

The quartet produces a wild and juicy mix of all sorts of influences across the globe, from Japanese folk to Indonesian psychedelic, East African percussion and Tuareg guitars. They pick up whatever they can use, and prism it together into a fresh, new chunk of original sounds. YĪN YĪN just released their brilliant third studio album Mount Matsu and are currently touring the most relevant parts of Europe.

This week they pass through Germany, playing Leipzig on Tuesday March 12, Berlin on Wednesday March 13, Hamburg on Thursday March 14 before closing it all in Cologne (15) and Mannheim (16). Attached below is the phenomenal single Tokyo Disko. The album Mount Matsu is out on Glitterbeat Records, now.

Title photo by Jonas Loelmann, and Jonas Loelmann only.