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Brothertiger takes his lush tunes for a Grand Tour

In the early days of this website, chillwave was the genre of the moment and a co-founder and master of this movement is Brothertiger right here. With more than a decade of musical production experience under his drum pads and a Team Poule supporter from day one, it is great to learn that he and the fine folks over at Bandwerk Music have strung together an impressive line of shows in the UK and EU, starting at the end of January.

Brothertiger released a fine self-titled album at the end of 2022 that sounds both 2009 and 2024 at the same time. A smooth, timeless piece of recording that connects both old and new. Find the marvellous track Arizona attached below.

The tour will kick off in Edinburgh as he starts to make his way through London, Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin and many many more. Find all dates, nicely listed in order of appearance, here.