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morceau du jour: Faye Webster – Underdressed at the Symphony

Atlanta’s finest, the green and blue, the global phenomenon that is Faye Webster is ready to play a few dates in Europe and the UK this month! With her beautiful line of albums – and after an exclusive photo-interview with this website in 2021 – she has gained mainstream success and all the privileges and duties that come with it. Her distinct style and witty song writing have found new and broad audiences that are now eagerly awaiting her taking the actual center stage.

She is set to perform live in London tonight and tomorrow night, May 15/16. Next up are Brighton’s The Great Escape, Bristol, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Paris and finally Barcelona, all between now May 31, when she will head back into United States of America, for more shows. Some tickets are still available, check your local listings, or here.

Attached below is a breezy new track off her latest album Underdressed at the Symphony that came out in March, via Secretly Canadian. Go see her! If you want to.

Title photo by the one and only, by Michael Tyrone Delaney.