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morceau du jour: Flattery – Quiet

Flattery here out of Chicago, Illinois, is quite possibly just what you were looking for around this time of the year: warm fuzzy riffs, washed out melodies, a healthy bit of reverb and a cool voice talking you through the misty first days of the new calendar.

Attached below is Quiet, her latest dreamy single and it could not be a smoother piece of music to crack on your speakers when it’s grey and cold outside. Although it probably also does the trick in warmer climes. The track comes off her fine debut record Other Essences, that she just self-released, 8 tracks strong, and that will be a joy in the heat of summer, too. The album has a great feel to it throughout, a common language and a great rhythm, like one of those Coen movies.

Quiet can also be found on the official, and frequently updated, Team Poule headquarters playlist Journal – naturally over at the Swedes of Spotify.