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morceau du jour: Honeymoan – Pickup, Don’t Pickup

London and Cape Town’s Honeymoan here fuse one of the finest renderings of dreamy alternative music heard this side of the 2010s. The group has been at it for some time, gathering around their common interests and desires to produce something unique. For their new album they neatly combine funky jazzy elements with their keen eye for pop melodies and acceleration. Good things happen to those who stay true to themselves, so the group is now getting to play their prized tunes for audiences across the globe, enjoying the ride.

Next week, the team will be packing their little minivan and start touring relevant parts of Europe, with Glasgow, Manchester, London, Hamburg, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and many more on the itinerary. Find all dates through the end of the month, nicely listed here, in order of appearance.

Attached below is their steaming single Pickup, Don’t Pickup that came out last week as the opening track of their new self-released album titled Sorry Like You Mean It. Get it.