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morceau du jour: Roller Derby – Something True

As the year enters its darker periods in this part of the world, a desperately awaited concert season is picking up some nice momentum. Hamburg’s Roller Derby here have got a perfect set of cards up their elegantly patterned sleeves to deal with both. The dreamy trio offers some of the smoothest and perfectly produced indie pop seen this side of the river in a long time, catering both to the dark’ish days and the local stages.

They will be playing their lush tunes at Ottensen’s Hebebühne this Friday, Nov 12th – their headline debut and tickets are selling fast, so get behind that pronto. And not just that, as they have just confirmed their trip to next year’s SXSW 2022 in Austin, full-on parade and all.

In the meantime, find their new single Something True attached below, at your convenience. Also find the track, and many more, on the ever updated Poule d’Or playlist over on Spotify at www.pouledor.com/spotify.

Photo credits go to the great Martha Wurmus and her only.