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premiere du jour: S.F. Johnson – Woman

2020 could well be the year of refocusing on the stuff that matters, the things that really make you tickle. S.F. Johnson from Newcastle upon Tyne, here lounging on the Marunouchi Line, recently relocated to Tokyo and comes sliding over with this bad boy of a soft rock banger. Woman comes flying in wrapped in warm riffs and drums, held together nicely by reassuring vocals with that trademark pinch of reverb – and as a Poule d’Or exclusive.

The track forms part of an upcoming EP titled Songs from an Empty Orchestra – with a hat-tip to Japanese culture. The EP will be preluded by two more singles, so look out for that. And as live dates are a bit scarce this year, his are limited to a secret gig at lovely Substore in Koenji. Meanwhile, Woman is attached below and also part of our regularly updated Spotify playlist Journal, over at www.pouledor.com/spotify.

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