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morceau du jour: a playlist for your roof top jacuzzi needs

It’s July and it’s the time of the year that calls for extensive days and nights spent on the roof of buildings. Now, your subscription to Poule d’Or entitles you to a fully serviced musical soundtrack to such activities. Attached below, thus, you can find a hot new selection of songs and tracks that will make you all bubbly. A Soundcloud collection to serve all your roof top jacuzzi needs. On the ticket are Danish super producer My Heart The Brave, Swedish poppers Death In The Afternoon and Sameblod along side US heavy weights Work Drugs, Men I Trust and Bear Mountain.

The list also includes a whole range of shiny new names, like Yabil, Taught Abroad or trending Closely and their vast smoothness, UK duo P O L O, the ecstatic Ourselves On TV, Canadian rock band Skytone, bon vivants Pacific Waves or Danish newcomers Masasolo. And many more, it really is a twilight ride waiting to happen. Hit play, sip that Martini and let yourself glide off into that beach mode. Team Poule says, let go, there is no shame.

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