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morceau du jour: Liz Metta – Dreaming

Autumn is picking up full speed with another wave of ye old virus gaining momentum too. Time to socially distance yourself in style and pop in the best new music. Vienna’s Liz Metta here offers a timely banger in Dreaming, her latest single. The track has a great late-summer tempo and melody, and quite effortlessly floats on lush riffs and careful drums, pulled by her dreamy vocals.

Dreaming is her second single after June’s Vision. Both tracks are out on her own label Ursus Records, with an EP said to be in the making for release in the near future. So, tuck yourself in, pour a glass, and hit play. You can also find this track, along with other fine picks by Team Poule on the regularly updated Poule d’Or Spotify playlist over at www.pouledor.com/spotify.

Photo credit go to Thomas Steineder and him only.