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morceau du jour: Toro de Oro – Paco el Pez

Man, this year is really trying to get to you isn’t it? Luckily the stream of good music never ebbs and exhibit A in the struggle to stay positive and stay on the right side of history here comes floating in by way of Toro de Oro out of Mexico City of all places, looking for nothing but love.

Paco el Pez here is the groups latest piece and comes in preparation of their new and yet untitled EP. The team has been together for a debut album that came out last year. They strike a great tone and find neat balance between indie pop and the more dreamy ends of the spectrum, all eloquently told in Spanish.

Look out for their EP and in the meantime catch Paco el Pez as part of the ever updated Poule d’Or Journal, our little playlist over at Spotify: www.pouledor.com/spotify.