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Prenzlauer Berg: a playlist for your late summer vibes

Time for some new tunes to sweeten your average late summer evening! Team Poule went out its way for this one and collected a wide ranging melange of styles and influences for this one. From dancing funky to dreamy sun-drenched riffs, an intriguing kaleidoscope of what's hot this side of the Atlantic.

The playlist is out for your mobile pleasures on Spotify and SoundCloud. Team Poule says, at your convenience.

#1 The Last Origin - Your Car. Fresh new sounds, warm riffs and vocals on the trio's new single, off their upcoming debut. Bardstown, Kentucky.

#2 Beach For Tiger - Something Good. Banging sun-drenched single by the psychedelic five-piece. London, United Kingdom.

#3 Surf Rock Is Dead - Everything They Said. Driving riffs and a healthy dose of reverb on their third single from their EP We Have No Friends out next month. Chicago, Illinois.

#4 Inner Springs - Lights. Driving dream pop on this demo, their third song as a band. Lima, Peru.

#5 Freedom Fry - Party Down. Upbeat second track from their new EP Strange Attractions that is out now. Los Angeles, California.

#6 Shy Shy Shy - Beautiful Boys & Girls. Powerful new single and first track of the duo's upcoming debut album. Copenhagen, Denmark.

#7 Worlds - Good Shit. Great dreamy pop by this new duo out of Antoine Diligent and Blondfire, a match made in heaven. First single, more to come. Los Angeles, California

#8 Emmecosta - Heavy Heart. Marvelous new single of the trio's Velour EP that came out last month, dreamy, vast, just what you need. Göteborg, Sweden.

#9 Wy - You & I. Floating new single off their debut album that will be out next month, worldwide. Malmö, Sweden.

#10 Kaz Moon - Stars In The Pool. Hazy first track off his new album Anomie, due later this year. Dallas, Texas.

#11 Floral Couches - Ketamine Dreaming. Dark and driving second track of his new album Electric Fever, lo-fi drive at its best. Chicago, Illinois.

#12 Gone Deville & Kizaba - Tangu. Latest single by producer and DJ Gone Deville, a collaboration with congolese artist Kizaba. Great blend of Afro house and an indie electronic feel. Montreal, Canada.

#13 Cherry Pop - New York. Dreamy dancey funk, straight forward, off their self-titled debut album from July. Paris, France.

#14 Norma - Spectacular Bid. Equestrian single off the trio's third album to be released soon. Stockholm, Sweden.

#15 iamalex - Summer Goes By. Orange new track, a true disco vibe for the last nights of summer. Copenhagen, Denmark.

And there you go, take it away, on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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