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Reeperbahn Festival 2017: Pabst

Hamburg’s own Reeperbahn Festival started out more than a decade ago with a handful of clubs along the famous red light district getting together for a weekend of music and concerts. Over the years it has developed into one of Europe’s largest industry meetings and this year sports North of 500 concerts, alongside over 50 art programs and more than 250 keynotes, talks, panels, and workshops. It all goes down next week, September 20 – 23 in no less than 70 venues, all around Hamburg’s St. Pauli area and it’s main attraction, Reeperbahn road.

The four days hold a number of very interesting names on the musical line-up. One of them is Berlin’s own Pabst. A healthy indie rock trio out of Berlin, a group of people that actually does seem to get things rolling and done. Attached below is their pure and neatly mixed, psychedelic single Skinwalker off their EP of the same name. The group will be playing Prinzenbar on Wednesday as part of the German Music Talent showcase that night. They are on at 21h20. Team Poule says, bring it on Reeperbahn.

Photo credits above go to Nora Aron.

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