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morceau du jour: Papooz – Bonnie Rock n’ Roll

Can’t you just feel Euro spring and an all new festival season is just around the corner? Has to be. First on the ticket should be Parisians and dreamy bloomers Papooz who just released their third LP titled None of This Matters Now via the charming Half Awake Records with cover art by the talented Victoria Lafaurie.

They do spread the love and ease and optimism of the 70s. The album is a lovely joyride through tinted guitar scapes and hazy vocals, check the romantic Bonnie Rock n’ Roll below. The team is just about to set off for a big tour that’s been in the making for a while, playing London on Friday, Apr 22, then Hamburg‘s Hebebühne Apr 26, Berlin‘s Badehaus Apr 27 and Brussels May 3 before hitting the US from California to Chicago, find all dates nicely scheduled, here.

Find this track and many more on our ever evolving Spotify playlist over here: pouledor.com/spotify