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Photo-Interview #23: ViVii

Swedish outfit ViVii here have two albums under their little belts already, and are gearing up for the next punch in an EP titled Mavidavilon to be released in June via Dumont Dumont / IDOL. Their latest single is titled Vegas and is attached below at your convenience.

The track emerges like its namesake in between vast horizons and palmy air, stripping along nicely, carried by pure vocals and a sense for melody and songwriting only to be found North of the border – find this track and many more on our ever evolving Spotify playlist over here: pouledor.com/spotify

ViVii played SXSW last month and are just about to set off to tour relevant parts of Germany in support of no other that the heavy hitting Shout Out Louds. Before the three of them are popping their dreamy hazy spin of pop music into their little carry-ons, they took the time for a special Poule d’Or photo-interview.

Where did it all begin?
What does your process like?
Where do you want to go?
How was SXSW?
Where are you now?
What are you obsessing over right now?
Where do we go from here?


So, there you have it. ViVii at it. They will be playing Hamburg, June 19, Berlin June 20, Cologne June 21, then Darmstadt, München, Vienna, Dresden and Hannover all in the space eight days. Professionals! Get your tickets, here.


Title photo by the legendary Alexander Antser, all other photos courtesy of ViVii and them only. Cheers.