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Photo-Interview #21: John Moods

Main man John Moods has been producing lush tunes and pleasing aesthetics for more than a decade with his band Fenster. His solo efforts took off in a debut album in 2018 and he just released a killer of a sophomore album slash Speakerboxxx/The Love Below-style double release in So Sweet So Nice, just out via Berlin’s fine Mansions and Millions. A mad collection of dreamy pop music swung home by his delicate vocals, the brilliant title track is attached below, at your convenience.

Meanwhile, John Moods is set to return to the major indie stages of Germany this week, playing Mainz tomorrow (Aug 26), then Halle (Aug 27) and Berlin’s fine Pop-Kultur festival on Saturday, Aug 28, so get behind that.

Now this is all fun and games but at Poule d’Or, as you well know, we stand for thorough research and pointed questions which is why we are beyond excited that John Moods took some time out of his day to reply in spectacular fashion in an all new edition of our prized photo-interview series. So hit play below on this sweet steamer and scroll through his visual answers to life’s most urgent questions.


Where did it all start?

Where do you want to go?

Where are you now?

What’s your routine?

What are you obsessing over right now?

Where do you draw energy from?

What‘s next?

What a ride hey?

Check John Moods’s new album So Sweet So Nice on your desired platform and don’t miss his upcoming live shows in Mainz tomorrow (Aug 26), Halle (Aug 27) and Berlin’s fine Pop-Kultur festival on Saturday, Aug 28.

Further dates include Copenhagen (Sept 11), Paris (Sept 12), Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival (Sept 22-25) and Krakow (Oct 2) with dates in Barcelona and Madrid lined up for March 2022.

If you enjoyed this, check the other photo-interviews in the series and do follow our Spotify playlist for the hottest tunes out right now.


All photos provided by John Moods personally, with credits for the title image going to the talented Andie Riekstina.

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