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Reeperbahn Festival 2021: La Festa – Italy’s Finest

It’s September hey and you can feel summer waving so long with autumn lurking just underneath the longer shadows. Well, then it’s usually time for Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg – and time for a trip down south to the vast Italian coastline to soak up some of that Mediterranean light. You’re in luck this year, because the rising Better Things from Berlin have teamed up with Italia Music Export and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Amburgo and put together an all-Italian showcase in Hamburg, Sept. 23rd, as part of the rather exclusive 2021 Reeperbahn Festival.

They bring with them warm riffs and lush aperitivo vibes in the form of Bee Bee Sea out of Lombardy’s Castel Goffredo and their raw rocking and rolling vibe, HÅN and her dreamy scapes from the shores of Lago di Garda as well as regular Genoa All Stars Eugenia Post Meridiem. The latter produce a fine blend of dreamy pop songs and determined precision of singer songwriters.

The three of them get together for a La Festa evening in Hamburg’s Uwe location right on Reeperbahn on Thursday September 23rd, 7pm. Sign up here.

Eugenia Post Meridiem’s latest piece of bliss is titled Willpower and is attached below at your convenience – and also added to the ever updated Poule d’Or Spotify playlist, don’t miss.