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When Doves Fly: a playlist to hold you aloft

It’s been a while, but here it goes. A selected playlist of joyful tunes, to hold you aloft, to take you through the nights. It all begins with lovely Swedes of Azure Blue and their driving steel drums, a perfect companion for your twilight summer rides. Track two comes from Andrew Goldring out of Salt Lake City, lush riffs, lo fi aesthetics, all you need really. Up next, Toledo Ohio duo Bliss Nova share a track off their new EP. Then, Coastal Clouds, a one-man-show from Los Angeles complete with thumping beat and an easy guitar drive. Old Swedish mates Karl X Johan share their banging comeback track after that.

Norway’s Carl Louis shares a track off his brand new debut album, warm beats all around. Moving on, just as warm with mellow riffs by People Flavor, a quartet out of LA. Find the track attached below. Next up, a smooth dreamy jam by Patchwork Guilt from Bristol. Stockholm’s garage popper Melby serve a driving track after that off their new EP that will be out tomorrow. Inca Maps, a trio from London, share a dreamy, vast vocals driven pop song after that, attached below. UK 4-piece Leyendekker share their kinetic new single. Next, quite leisurely, Italians HAN curves out a new one from his EP which is out world wide tomorrow.

The next one comes from main man VILDE, a new track on his road to an album. Swedish duo Evil Astronaut drop an outer space jam after that. Next up warm beats and dreamy vocals by SQRD from Sweden. Malmö producer Bam Spacey continues the playlist, with loads of reverb and shimmering synth pads, singing about who knows what. UK alt poppers Febueder share another dreamer next, strong vocals and a delicate production. The playlist takes a poppy turn after that, with Brighton’s Thyla sharing their latest track and Sweden’s Tape Machines and Los Angeles’ Blondfire sharing intense pieces of work.

And there we are. Kick back and pump it up, the playlist is up on Soundcloud and – with those track available – on Spotify. Team Poule says, what a mess.

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