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morceau du jour: Caddy, Lone Ranger – Time

Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. Always do. Enter, this effortless sunny mid-August summer vibe coming in by way of Los Angeles studio head and producer Caddy, Lone Ranger, caught on film, above. The track is Time, floating smoothly on jangly riffs, a very healthy dose of reverb and dreamy palmy air.

As he puts it, music to listen to sitting alone outside at someplace important to your younger self. Brilliant. He just released his senior debut EP titled Lone Ranger I on his own label, four tracks wrapped up and sounding just as good as this single, with a warm handshake and promise of live shows, more tracks and collaborations up his sleeve, ready to go. The quick and sleek piece Time then is attached below at your convenience and also added to the ever updated Poule d’Or Spotify playlist, don’t miss.