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Reeperbahn Festival 2016 – The Debrief

reeperbahn_sunsetThe sun has set over 2016s Reeperbahn Festival, which went down smooth as silk last weekend in the St. Pauli district of Hamburg. The festival is a celebration of young talents and as such, a favorite playground for Team Poule. Over 400 bands playing their little hearts out in clubs and venues of all sizes alongside the Reeperbahn street. More 38.000 people attended Reeperbahn Festival which lasted four days this year. 

A clear winner in Team Poule’s books was British indie rock outfit Telegram. They played a heated set in the new Molotow venue, and brought up memories from their old, prestigious stage. Lovely. Attached below alongside photographic evidence is their latest gem, You Said You Saw Us. Pure indie rock vibes, just what you needed.


Another gem to remember was delivered by German stallions Sea Moya. The gentlemen secured a prime slot at the lovely Prinzenbar, one of the finest venues. What is also most lovely about Reeperbahn Festival, is that most band only play shorter sets of 30 to 45 minutes, a dense showcase of their bests then giving you, watching, the opportunity to see their selection and giving the bands the leverage to leave you hungry for more. And Sea Moya really put their backs into it, with drums out of this world. Attached is their newest offer, Photographs. Good luck then, that they will be back on tour in November. They will be back in Hamburg, playing Häkken 29 November.

The secret kings of #RBF16 though dominated in the form of German ensemble Oum Shatt. Their “radically pure and minimal form of rock’n’roll, with arabic references” not only sounds quite hectic, but was also delivered hot and fresh on stage. A great time for everyone involved in cozy Grüner Jäger – and also Prinzenbar. What a threat. Under this link, find the video to their stellar single Power to the Women of the Morning Shift. They have a record out on Snowhite – divine.


And it didn’t stop just there. Other memorable performance included a reformed Rangleklods now as Blondage, Cologne’s Woman, New Zealand poppers Yumi Zouma, Denmark’s Palace Winter, an out of control Dutch singer Sevdaliza (pictured above), Norway’s mad professor Gundelach, and tons more really. The beauty of Reeperbahn Festival is its continued growth in attendance, venues and program, while every year managing to bring together a giant new rainbow of newcomers and raw talents. The only time of the year really when it is refreshing to take a twilight stroll down Reeperbahn.

That said, Reeperbahn Festival 2017 will be held 20 to 23 September, tickets are on sale now. If you will have us Reeperbahn, we will be back next year for a well set line up of good music. Team Poule says, loving your angle, Reeperbahn Festival.

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