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Reeperbahn Festival 2016: Palace Winter

palace-winterOne of Team Poule's favorites this year at Hamburg's Reeperbahn Festival are Danish rock poppers Palace Winter. The duo of producer Caspar Hesselager and singer Carl Coleman is finally making a stop in Hamburg. The driving force of Carl's distinct vocals and Caspar's on-point production has made them a brand name in the past year. Waiting For The World To Turn is the name of their debut full length and surely one of your year-end-lists, out on Tambourhinoceros. The two of them alongside a full-on live band will be playing Indra on Friday, 22h45.

And, psst, if you just can't get enough of them, catch them on their head line European tour this fall at Hamburg's Häkken for a full set on October 30th - presented by Poule d'Or. Attached below is their stellar single H.W. Running, an hommage to the movie There Will Be Blood. Team Poule says, #RBF16 and Palace Winter - a match made in heaven.

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