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morceau du jour: Palace Winter drive across Europe

palace_winter_Danish pop sensations Palace Winter have had a stellar year already, as pictured above, ecstatic. Tons of coverage and airplay, an EP, a debut  album, shows at a number of high ranking festivals, crucially including Roskilde. So, for the final months of 2016 the duo is about to embark on a larger European tour. Key dates include at gig in Hamburg – where on 30 October they will be playing a Team Poule presented show at shiny Häkken, how about that. Update: after a sold out in gig in London the Hamburg show has been moved to Astra Stube, as shiny. 

The full tour starts 19 October in Belgian hub Ghent and goes on to take them to Paris, London, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton Cardiff’s infamous Swn Festival, Eindhoven and Berlin, among others. Find all dates, nicely listed here.

Attached below is their evergreen Menton – named after a city in the south of France, home of Hôtel Winter-Palace, mind you. A perfect driver song, just picture yourself in the Maritime Alps, turn after turn, after turn, riff after riff, after riff. Team Poule says, sign me up!

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