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morceau du jour: Dick Dent – Juliet

Bristol’s Dick Dent here dropped a rather lovely debut solo album back in March, moments before most of Europe went into hibernation. Life’s Hard is a healthy collection of dreamy pop songs that make even more sense in the heat of June and careful attempts to be social again. Attached below is Juliet, a beautiful hazy ode to chances missed and points being made.

His solo debut came after a decade-spanning indie career being part of Yoofs and The Death of Pop, among others and only just last week, he released a new EP titled Dick Dent Goes Pop that does just that and comes packed with four intense cover versions from She’s The One to Come Into My World (Spotify). Furthermore, he will start a monthly radio programme over at Camp Fr, the artist residency project in the French Pyrenees, next week, Monday, June 29.

Photo credits go to Laura Eley and her only.