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morceau du jour: Freedom Fry – Not With A Bullet

Odd trying to write about music these days. Times look bleak and yet what else is there to do then do your part, stay positive, go high or go low, be kind, be real. Los Angeles sweethearts Freedom Fry then arrived just in time with their altogether uplifting sophomore album, regionally titled Songs From The West Coast. The duo set out to make a record that feels “like the sunshine and the breeze blowing through your hair” – which couldn’t read more desirable right now.

The album comes eleven tracks strong and is carried by an effortless ease and warmth in their riffs and vocals, while echoing the folky aesthetics of love and opportunity of the nineteen-sixties. Music was a vital driver for social progress back then and can do its part today as well. But even at face value, Songs From The West Coast is a stunningly beautiful piece of recording that feels oddly timeless and transcending. Attached below is the striking new single Not With A Bullet.

Photo credits go to the talented Nicole Spencer and Mikey Spencer.