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morceau du jour: a playlist for your Sunday-needs

DSCF1081A sunny day in most relevant parts of Europe and one that makes you feel the warmth of the sun light again and the power of the nature underneath, tip toeing, ready for spring. Time then, for another installment of Team Poule’s Sunday playlists. A nifty selection of the best tracks that saw the day of light in the past weeks or so, new music with a twist, curated by Team Poule.

This one features new gems by Sweden’s Summer Heart, Vancouver’s Hazing, Wangel from Copenhagen, Armando Garibay out of Denver, Boston’s Sports Coach, Sego from Utah, Britain’s JFLE and Tuska, Beauty Sleep from Belfast and Denmark’s hottest commodity Masasolo and a whole many more coming in at 15 tracks and 55 minutes worth discovering. Team Poule says, 15 tracks, curated just for you.

Find the last one, right here.

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