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morceau du jour: Miro Shot – I Used To Say Things To Strangers

Miro Shot here couldn’t have asked for a more late-modern dystopian setting to release their debut album, rather technically titled Content. Over the course of ten tracks they create a whirlwind of pop cultural anthems, bottomless synths and a mean drive for knowing exactly where to go.

Behind this map of life and times that are Miro Shot is a global collective of musicians, filmmakers, designers and coders, making traditional boundaries of physics blur like a glitch in the matrix.  The group has created a brand new kind of live music experience which features small audiences on swivel chairs and a whole lot of VR glasses. As the musicians perform live, the audience gets thrown into a virtual 360 degrees of alternative reality created and controlled by the collective, taking everyone on a mind boggling ride through the dimensions. Miro Shot aim high but hit the target spot on – sort of like Baggio’s second reality since ’94.

Attached below is their latest single I Used To Say Things To Strangers – which feels awfully familiar these days – along with stirring visuals. Meanwhile, Content is out now via French/British independent label AllPoints.