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morceau du jour: Miro Shot – Are We Closer

The genre crossing and technology bending ensemble Miro Shot sports a very unique approach to all things Miro. With a heavy industrial fused electronic production on the musical side, and a fully immersive VR/AR style live set to get lost in, the group is breaking traditional boundaries, both stylistically and between audiences and performers.

Their latest piece is Are We Closer, originally premiering over at Clash, and is attached below with its official visuals, best viewed vertically on the device you are quite probably holding right now. The song then tells the story of modern technology bringing people and topics together, creating weird and wonderful connections at times, or as they phrase it: “an attempt to capture the feeling of what being alive in a world with streaming walls of content and images that we are saturated with, and the way it is all thrown together, a cat gif next to rioters, a photo of someone’s lunch next to a devastated rainforest.” Their debut will be titled Servers, and is due for release on June 28.

Miro Shot’s live sets then come as a rather mesmeric experience, coming into full force through VR headsets, controlled by the band itself while playing. Miro Shot are scheduled to perform at Hamburg’s Oberhafen this weekend for VRHAM, with a line of shows from Friday June 7 through Monday June 10. After that the team is off to Paris, June 19, and London, June 25.

Keep a keen eye on it all because there are three Easter eggs hidden in the video forming a question which – if answered correctly – will get you a free ticket to the upcoming Miro Shot VR shows in either London or Paris.

The video was realized by members of the Miro Shot Collective: Vincent Brak, 3D Concept Artist
, Tomoko Fujiwara, Japanese graphic designer and filmmaker
, Matt Wash, British Photographer and filmmaker
, Charles Awedia, artist and roboticist in California who programs industrial robots to create artworks, primarily using Kuka industrial robots from Germany, Oliver Harud, illustrator/artist whose book “Dan and Sam” has just been bought by Stephen Spielberg to be made into a full-length film. Harud has also been documenting the Miro Shot project in a graphic novel with Tomoko Fujiwara, prints available.
Haz Dullul – Christopher Nolan’s VFX supervisor and a feature film director in his own right
Alex Ford – Graphic designer
Liz Morrison – Motion graphics
Loic Fouquet – Production/Performance
Xavier Cordonnier – Director of Photography
Alex Groover – Cinematographer/Drone Pilot
Matias Reisch – Production Miro Shot Argentina

Tomas Etchevers – Cinematographer/Drone Pilot
Directed by Matt Wash & Roman Rappak