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Photo-Interview #24: Malady

UK outfit Malady are predestined to feature in a Poule d’Or photo-interview so here we go! The charming group is keen on their visuals and not afraid to showcase their media and genre    spanning talents. They are just about to get on stage in Brighton’s The Great Escape and luckily found the time to answer Team Poule’s clever questions beforehand.

They have lined up a respectable amount of singles over the past years of this pandemic and released a wonderful track titled Round The Bend back in March via Nice Swan Records. The piece has a mad sense for tempo and melody, gliding along the curbs, knowing when to put the foot down, like Michael Schumacher in 1990s Monte Carlo, iconic. Round The Bend is attached below, as is the interview. Hit it.

Where did it all begin?

Where are you now?

What’s your routine?

What are you obsessing over right now?

Where do you draw energy from?

What‘s next?


That’s about it then! Original stuff, as are Malady.