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Photo-Interview #12: Gundelach

Main man Gundelach from Oslo has been spreading delight with his debut from last year, fusing a refreshing melange of 80s reverb, 90s glam and a very 2000s pop. Here now, in time for the release of his new single Garden, comes Gundelach in a segment called photo-interview. Because who really actually enjoys readying when you can have a few photos and gifs these days. And even in Ancient Rome they used to say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, without further ado, here is Gundelach:

Where did it all begin?


What does your composing process look like?


What feeling do you want to carry to the listener?


What inspired you in the making of Garden?


A favorite last night snack?


A Spotify code to recommend?


So, there you have him: Gundelach. His new single titled Garden is out now and attached below, alongside the warm promise of a new album this year. Team Poule says, got me on the edge this.

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