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Photo-Interview #28: VILDE

VILDE here is about to release his 8th studio album in the form of a collection of songs wrapped under the mantle of Hope. Across its 8 tracks his songwriting and electronic production neatly light the different angles of the flakey subject. Reason enough for Team Poule to inquire in a new edition of our prized photo-interview series capturing the visual hope if you will of Thomas Savage, the man behind the moniker.

Having moved countries eight times in the past 12 years, taking him from Australia as far as Sweden, Germany, England, and lately Scotland, his musical style nicely keeps evolving, too. His latest album is a clean cut anthem that was more than two years in the making. And if you picture the green hills of Scotland, and the North Sea steadily fighting its way with the rocky cliffs, you can hear the rhythm of the waves crashing on almost every song. Something very secluded but warm and optimistic about his music shines right through.

Time has been always played a crucial part in his works, for example with a lovely project that saw him write, produce and release a song every month for a full year, culminating the album Study / Dance in September 2017. About his new album Hope he said: “As an impatient person with no attention span, I gave it patience and attention. When I couldn’t do so, I walked away.” Glad he did not walk away from this photo interview – so hit play on the latest single Piñata below and enjoy! Hope is out August 18, planet wide.

Where did it all begin?

Where are you now?

How did you get here?

What’s your process?

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Where do you want to go?

What‘s next?


Thanks Thomas!

If you like his music, make sure to follow our playlist over on Spotify and never miss the hottest tunes this side of the sun: http://www.pouledor.com/spotify

Hope is out August 18, on Bandcamp, Spotify and elsewhere.

All photos courtesy of Thomas Vilde. Title image by Elin Ghersinich and Elin Ghersinich only.