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morceau du jour: Yumi Zouma – In The Eyes Of Our Love

Just as the big old C seemed to be easing its grip on our social lives, that other thing happened. Really, identifying with the age cohort of Millennials kind of feels like constantly living in a post-xy world. What led up to this though, is nothing but Present Tense, which is also the latest and fourth marvelous album by New Zealand outfit Yumi Zouma. Located just on the lower right edge of the Euro globe, the dynamic quartet has been at it for probably a decade at least, constantly reimagining, moving themselves forward, while being firmly based in the timeless here and now.

Attached below is In The Eyes Of Our Love – a pure banger hitting right in the kisser, off the said new album, that is out now worldwide via Polyvinyl. The four of them are off to tour the most relevant parts of Europe right now, with Copenhagen (tonight, March 29th), Stockholm (March 31), Oslo (April 1), Berlin (April 3) and Warsaw (April 4) next up on the ticket before hitting basically every major city in the US and Canada in April, find all dates nicely listed here.

Find this track and many more on our ever evolving Spotify playlist over here: pouledor.com/spotify