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morceau du jour: Dorvin Borman – Feel You, Feel Me

dorvin borman

Remember back in March, when everybody started counting the days? How many masks can one possibly need? Those were the days eh. Dorvin Borman here out of Los Angeles has fared quite well since then it seems, putting out one sweet song after another, dreamy banger after dreamy banger. Feel You, Feel Me is his latest and a timely reminder of looking left and right, and focusing on other people’s problems for once, to solve your own in the end. Break the empire.

Feel Me, Feel You is a lovely hazy piece of recording, just in time for the September days of the year when light and leaves turn orange and everything slows down a bit. The track is only one of the selected songs you can find on our weekly curated playlist Poule d’Or Journal over at the Spotify www.pouledor.com/spotify.