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morceau du jour: Oddysseys – Body Heat

Do you ever ask yourself Why? What is everybody doing? Not in a kind of religious, quest for purpose type of way. But more in a What is everybody doing type? Minding their own businesses. Well, can’t help you there, but Chicago’s Oddysseys here slam one of the hottest serves of the year home in Body Heat, their latest single. The group showcases their full talent and repertoire on this brilliant piece of recording, with a mad sense for when to change pace, and when to change direction and find you wrong footed.

The quartet is busy working on a full length album, that, at this quality, should rank right up there in the post-punk post-quarantine top-10s of this awkward year that is 2020. So, maybe this is it, and this is the Why. In the meantime, find Body Heat, alongside other hot new tracks in our weekly updated Spotify playlist Poule d’Or Journal, over at www.pouledor.com/spotify.