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morceau du jour: Palace Winter – Slasher

Hold on to your wigs and masks – Copenhagen’s Palace Winter squeezed out a new track! The piece is titled Slasher and comes with expected dynamics on and off court. Released just days after Halloween, the track draws on the horror visions of both orange pumpkin faces and pandemic precautions slash isolations. Singer Carl Coleman reflects on a killer on the run and the lonely dystopian experience of a Covid infection, a killer within. No escape, is there. Still, the track comes as a dance’y ode to 90s drum and bass, an era of great optimism characterized by a certain weightlessness.

Also, the group is about to tour the most relevant parts of Europe this week and next, with Hamburg on the ticket tomorrow, Monday Nov 15th at Häkken, Berlin on the 16th, then Amsterdam (canceled, UK proceeds though:), London, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow up after. All dates, nicely listed, here. Palace Winter have three excellent albums out on Tambourhinoceros, and find Slasher attached below – and also on our ever updated Poule d’Or Spotify playlist.

Photo credits (above) go to Dennis Morton, and him only.