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morceau du jour: Kuoko – Worlds Apart

As October slowly draws to a close, long walks on the beach require more functional attire, and layers. Enter Hamburg’s very own Kuoko who just released her self-titled debut album and knows a fair share about either of those. After being a constant buzz in and around the city, her self-produced record features some of the finest synth pop melodies you will find. With a keen sense for tempo and a crisp voice with points to make, she created a pure album that is more than just a collection of songs but rather works quite neatly from first to last.

Kuoko the album is out now via the infamous Kabul Fire Records, and if you find yourself in Hamburg this Wednesday, Oct 27, go see her play the new tunes at Molotow – tickets are selling fast. In the meantime, check out the lovely Worlds Apart attached below and find this track and many more on the ever updated Poule d’Or playlist over on Spotify: www.pouledor.com/spotify

Photo credits above go to the swift Florian Thoss and him only.

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