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morceau du jour: Resavoir – Inside Minds

Resavoir is the creative well of Chicago based producer, trained jazz trumpeter and member of Smith Western / Unknown Mortal Orchestra adjacent power band Whitney Will Miller, pictured above, cooling off in the shade. His music neatly combines the ease of a jazz record with the catchy melodies of a pop music production. On his second and somewhat confusingly yet again self-titled album, he creates a magnificent soundscape with the help of a whole range of guests, including but not limited to guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Matt Gold, Lane Beckstrom and Macie Stewart (famously of Chicago’s Kids These Days – these days being more than a decade ago at pixel time), Chicago’s hardest working drummer Eddie Burns as well as Brooklyn’s hardest working drummer Peter Manheim.

Deeply rooted in the ideas of collaboration and the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, the ensemble aristotles their way across eleven songs, taking you on a sonic journey and dropping you off in a better place. Resavoir (the man) alongside his group of friends will be playing Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, on Friday, Dec 1st on a double bill with Makaya McCraven, before heading back to Chicago to play Constellation on Saturday, Dec 9.

Meanwhile, Resavoir (the album, #2) is out worldwide via International Anthem, now. Find the crips Inside Minds attached below at your convenience.

Title photo by Alexa Viscius and Alexa Viscius only.