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morceau du jour: A Thousand Vows – So Old

a-thousand-vowsDid you know, that if Micheal Phelps was a country, he would rank number 35 on the all-time olympic gold medal list, ahead of 97 other nations. However, in no other discipline could one athlete accumulate as many medals in a single Olympic tournament. Try winning 23 gold medals running Olympic marathons. Still, what a guy. Swimmers, eh. And cheers to post-Olympic traumas, turning on the TV waiting for equestrian, table tennis or rhythmic gymnastics to come on.

Anyway, where were we. Ah yes, legendary German producer A Thousand Vows – who by the way ranks between Uruguay, Chile and Panama in terms of medals won at the Rio 2016 Olympic games – has a new single out. So Old was produced while he travelled Europe, then sent across the pond for vocals by Californian duo Dos Feeliz and finally mastered by Mr. Nick Carden. So Old is out now on a transparent 7 inch via Gold Robot. Team Poule says, never gets old.

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