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premiere du jour: Me Succeeds – Hurt You (video)

me_succeedsDid you know that about 60% of the human brain is made of fat making it the fattest organ of the body? And that when you’re asleep, your body produces a hormone that virtually paralyzes your muscles, preventing you from acting on your dreams. Surreal. And enter: Me Succeeds. The lovely duo out of Hamburg is about to drop the curtain on their second album Into Randomness on May 20th, via Ki Records. And if you are into dreamy vocals and lush electronic beats, Me Succeeds will be positioned firmly up your alley.

Hurt You now, is their second single of the new album and with great pleasure a Poule d’Or exclusive. Attached below, at your utmost convenience. The video was edited by Me Succeeds themselves, using nothing but an iPad, PhotoBooth and some software to visualize fiber track data from diffusion MR imaging tractography. MR imaging tractography you might say? Yes, magically, the two worked together with Dr. Saskia Steinmann from the local Hamburg University Hospital to make MRT scans of their own brains, visualizing their neural pathways in the process. A picture of which, you can see here. I mean, a photo of their brains, and thoughts, and dreams. How about that. Team Poule says, stay true to yourself, and follow your dreams.

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