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Rad & New: Kirrin Island – Telescope

kirrin_island_telescopeGerman duo Kirrin Island apparently spent the summer busily sniffing through their vast collection of recorded samples, layering them with a fresh line of synths and vocals, finally deriving their sophomore album. Telescope turned out equally poppy and experimental, grooving from a danceable collection of beats and looped melodies to original vocals that flush right in, next to the samples. At 11 songs the album ranges from more electronic, almost psychedelic tracks like Clouds and the Billion One feature Time Slips Away, to sort of tropical interludes as Die Kinder and Die Tiere, and playful songs like Perpetuum Mobile. All in all a total joyride of blips and layers and drums making the album both rad and new.

Telescope is out now digitally on Bandcamp and in a limited run of handmade CDs, alongside a great animated teaser video by Kevin Kunstler here. Attached below then is Slow Beast, a drifting exhibit of the Kirrin Island sound. Team Poule says, a proper beast this album.

The photo above of Kirrin Island in action was shot by talented photographer Sebastian Weiß. All rights lie with Sebastian Weiß, and Sebastian Weiß only.

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