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Rad & New: Kirrin Island – Cassette

kirrinIllustrator and businessman by day, sound collector and DJ by night. Seemingly restless, Kirrin Island is a man of many facets. Some say that he never sleeps and that his seasonal sweaters give him all the energy he needs. And some say that by pure choice he prefers to stand and never sits down. All we know is that after a handful of shorter releases, he now unleashed his debut full-length titled Cassette.

Kirrin Island started a couple of years ago as merely a sampling project, using all sorts of recorded noises and clicks and clacks to create something worthwhile listening to. Over the course of the last two years then, it developed into something genuinely unique and new with Kirrin Island steadily finding his sound and purpose. The Hamburg-based beat wizard’s debut album Cassette then is the pinnacle of two years in the making. With a keen eye for detail, Cassette is a masterful blend of all sorts of instruments, samples and abstract recordings into a yet harmonic electro ambient sound.

Coming in at 13 tracks, Cassette has a clear story line despite the multitude of influences. Mr. Kirrin Island engineered a homogenous sound throughout the whole track list. Attached is the catchy opener I Love This. Cassette is out now through Bloody Handy Ltd, available on bandcamp. Make no mistake though, Kirrin Island is best to be consumed live in front of his video screen. Catch him at Dockville Festival in Hamburg and Thalia Gardens Festival in Dresden. There are more dates, all here.

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