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morceau du jour: Daniel Amedee – Don’t Want To Do It Again

daniel-amedeeSo, I just had a bit of an intellectual attack and read Kerouac’s On The Road. Like, the whole book. Feeling vewy vewy sophisticated now. And just when I had finished the book, Daniel Amedee sent over an update with his new album. So then, in this Kerouac beat mindset, I hit play on it and the first listen couldn’t have been better. Although the book does more swing to the jazzy end of the music spectrum, I feel like Daniel’s husky voice and folk’ish tunes do fit the overall atmosphere of Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty quite well. Being from New Orleans certainly adds to that vibe.

Daniel Amedee’s new album Climbing has ten all new tracks, driven by his husky crooning vocals and energetic production. I reckon he is quite enjoying to catch live too. Daniel will embark on a larger tour towards the east coast, find all dates here. Climbing will be out tomorrow, July 9th.

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