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morceau du jour: Daniel Amedee – Life (video)

The folk music usually isn’t served as a main course here at the Poule headquarters but there is something to Daniel Amedee’s music that is both intriguing and a bit wild. It has a uniquely real and honest feel to it, an unpretentious warmth. Something that a lot of folk doesn’t really have, at least to Team Poule’s ear. Well, Daniel Amedee has now announced the release of an all new record, going by the name of Life and with a release date set for August.

Attached above is the new video for the title track. It was shot by Meg Williams in Chico, California over course of a day and had Daniel being covered in paint for seven hours straight at some point. Him and Meg Williams met when she was making a documentary for a band on the road and when Daniel went to Chico, “she rallied a good little group and we filmed it in a day”, as he puts it. What a day, caught on tape, above. Team Poule says, seven hours in paint huh.

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