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premiere du jour: Twin River – Settle Down (video)

twin_riverWHO is up for some new visuals raise your hands. The charming Twin River have put forth a new single with a video attached and Team Poule has been chosen to be the host of the (german) premiere for this one. In a market of 80+ million viewers, this is quite the honour!

Now, Twin River are a duo and sometimes a group of five people, evidence above. They just released their second studio album by the name of Passing Shade on Light Organ Records. If you are into the driving riffs and banging pop melodies, this is something I could see you being interested in. Their new album is a fine collection of ten catchy, warm rock songs with a strong pop handling, what more could you ask for really? The video for Settle Down was shot by Anthem Jackson and produced by Tim Kubbinga and features a fair amount of tulips, road trip freedom and popcorn. Team Poule says, these kids know how to have fun.

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