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Melt! 2013: Glass Animals


So we are right in the festival season of the year. Exciting times. Melt! is one of the biggest German festivals, opening its gates next week for the intro party on Thursday and the regular extravaganzas starting on Friday July 19th. Four days packed with good music. It really is a brilliant line-up the lads put together this year. Besides the obvious headliners there are loads of wonderful bands to be found throughout the schedule. This tips of a series of bands you should not miss.

First off, Glass Animals. Saw these chaps last fall and it was hands-down one of the top-10 gigs of the year. And Team Poule saw a fair amount of bands last year. Attached is Exxus – b-side to the Brits’ last single Black Mambo.

Glass Animals play Intro Zelt on Thursday, 20h30.

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