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Reeperbahn Festival 2015: Fine Times

finetimesHere is another one not to miss at this week’s Reeperbahn Festival in good old Hamburg: Fine Times. Your new favorite happy go lucky duo out of the maple leaf country that is Canada. They are less than new though. The two of them have been going at it for the past five years and logically released their debut album three years ago. Singer Matthew is quoted saying he loves pop music and couldn’t imagine making any other type of music. Always a plus in Team Poule’s books.

Attached below is Not Dead off their upcoming new EP Bad::Better out October 9. Their new songs are tilted somewhat towards the new wave end of the musical spectrum and sport the type of easy-on-the-ears pop feeling that only the true talents manage to lay down.

Fine Tines are playing two shows on Thursday. First off at noon at kukuun, then at 9 at Pooca Bar.

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